Build Border Wall

By Chris Freind

The humanitarian crisis engulfing the United States — tens of thousands of parentless Central American children pouring across the southern border — will surely increase in scope. And the reason is simple: America continues to send the message that we welcome illegal immigrants with open arms, even young ones traveling alone.

That’s not just insane, but downright cruel.

It’s one thing if illegal immigrant advocates lobby for amnesty and open borders, but openly encouraging parents to send their children on a perilous journey is heartless. And make no mistake: That’s exactly the message being sent. Not surprisingly, the biggest advocate of all is the U.S. government.

The influx of these children has taken the immigration issue to a whole new level. And here’s the underlying short-term problem: While most are eventually designated for deportation (the key word being “eventually”), it often takes years to get a hearing in immigration court. In the meantime, the children are left in a scary, isolated limbo, not living a productive life, and, worst of all, remain far away from where they belong: at home, with their parents and families.

The parents, not seeing their children return home a short time after sending them off, assume deportations are not taking place, and that their kids have been officially accepted into American society as part of an open amnesty program. As the old shampoo commercial said, those parents tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on, to the point where it becomes widely perceived that sending more children to America is the right thing to do.

But it’s not.

With so many dangers confronting these defenseless children during their trek to America, from sickness to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous adults in a host of horrible ways, we should be doing everything in our power to stop this exodus from Central America. Now. That would be the humanitarian thing to do.

Instead, as is the case for every major issue we face, we look to tactics, not strategies, to solve the crisis, amounting to Band-Aids on hemorrhaging wounds. America has lost its gift of foresight, becoming reactive instead of proactive and jettisoning its ability to eliminate problems before they start, or, at the least, confronting them head-on with the iron will to solve them.

A glaring example of this is the clamor, on both sides of the aisle, to better fund and staff our immigration courts as a way of alleviating the massive backlog of cases, now exponentially higher given the influx of children. (There are 243 immigration judges, an average of one to every 1,545 pending cases).

Nice idea, but it misses the whole point. Ramping up the immigration courts will never solve the problem, because it doesn’t address it. More courts, judges and hearings may slightly alleviate the supply side of illegal immigration, but does nothing to cut down the demand. Until we get serious about reforming a broken immigration system, which neither party has any interest in doing, things will only deteriorate, and more people will attempt to cross the order for the perceived amnesty. Tensions will continue to escalate between citizens and illegal immigrants they see as threatening their physical and economic security, and the situation will become measurably uglier. And when that occurs, no one wins.

Here are some common sense solutions, which, if articulated correctly, would be reasonable to the vast majority of Americans, while providing compassion to people who yearn for the better life America provides:

1. Build the border wall. This is the single most important step to fixing the problem, as a formidable barrier will instantly send the message that America has gotten serious about stopping illegal border crossings. When families in Central America understand this, they will stop sending their children into harm’s way, saving countless lives. Since we have a $17 trillion debt, funding the wall won’t be an issue (what’s a few billion more?), but costs could be controlled by utilizing nonviolent prisoners and illegal immigrants to construct it. If we were smart, we would also stop giving foreign aid to any nation that encourages illegal immigration, and that refuses to accept their citizens whom we deport. That funding alone would be enough to build the wall.

Common sense tells us that a secure border wall would absolutely cut down the “supply” side of not just illegal immigrants, but drug traffickers and terrorists. Protecting our children and eliminating al-Qaeda’s free pass (possibly with a nuclear weapon) should be top priorities. For proof of effectiveness, look at Israel’s success with its wall. Walls work. Build it. Now.

2. There is no need to militarize the border, as some advocate. The smart utilization of current resources (and a secure wall) would be more than adequate. The numbers tell the story: The southern border is 2,000 miles long. As of 2012, there were over 21,000 Border Patrol agents. Even if we take 3,000 agents out of the equation (more than enough to patrol the Florida shores and those sneaky Canucks), that leaves nine agents per mile, which is an extraordinarily high staffing level. Making America into a military state is anathema to what we stand for and totally unnecessary.

3. Marketing America’s legal immigration policies in Central American nations is not mutually exclusive to instituting “self-deportation” policies for illegal immigrants. America is the most generous nation on Earth regarding legal immigration, and immigrants have always made America stronger. But the emphasis must be on entering the country legally.

One easy and cost-effective way to cut down on undocumented workers skirting the law is to mandate that all employers utilize the free E-Verify system, which quickly determines the legal status of a potential hire. Companies that do not comply should face stiff penalties. This is a win-win, as stringent law enforcement measures on businesses would also serve to eliminate lavish public benefits enjoyed by illegal immigrants — the mammoth costs of which are borne by taxpayers.

4. We must place partisan politics aside and reasonably deal with illegals already here. Failure to do so will only exacerbate an already bad situation.

We can document the workers already here by issuing long-term or lifetime work visas (after they pass a criminal background check), while permanently denying them citizenship and possibly levying fines. In doing so, they would begin paying their “fair share” through taxes and lessen the financial burden on U.S. citizens.

That’s not amnesty, but the only realistic approach to finally solving a huge, decades-old problem. It penalizes lawbreakers, documents millions (bringing them out of the shadowy underworld) and makes them, and Americans, considerably safer. It would increase tax revenue and make formerly illegal workers pay into benefits programs.

Solving America’s illegal immigration crisis amicably and reasonably, while protecting the most vulnerable of any society — the children — can be summed up by the quote, “The solutions are simple; they’re just not easy.”

For everyone’s sake — Americans, immigrants, and especially the youngest generation — it’s time to finally roll up our sleeves and get the job done.


Build Border Wall

Border Crisis Rally At I-95

Border Crisis Rally At I-95

About 35 concerned citizens, including several Delaware County Patriots, rallied at the Exit 1 overpass of I-95 in Boothwyn, Saturday, July 19, to call attention to swarming of the our southern border by illegal aliens and the negligence by the Obama administration in dealing with the mater.

The rally lasted from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and was among the hundreds that occurred across the United States to call attention to the problem.

“The constant honking and thumbs up from both the thousands of cars on I-95 and also the hundreds of cars passing by on the heavily traveled overpass road, in addition to positive comments from walkers, was heartening and indicated overwhelming support for our viewpoint,” said rally participant Joanne Yurchak.  “Hopefully, people are starting to wake up and realize that something has to be done before the damage that the current administration is doing to America can no longer be reversed.”

She noted that it is not  only children entering the country but gang members, criminals and terrorists.


Some of the signs at Sa;turday’s border crisis rally at I-95.


Border Crisis Rally At I-95 on the overpass in Boothwyn

In action on the overpass

Brat Scares Amnesty Establishment

Dave Brat’s earthshaking defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, June 10, in Virginia’s 7th District Congressional Republican primary should sound the siren for those who equate “immigration reform” as “amnesty, amnesty, amnesty or you’re a bigot.”

This would be most of the Republican establishment.

OK, you got your wake up call.

And here’s your bonus clue: instead of putting “amnesty” in the lead of your immigration reform proposals put “enforcement”. Work from the premise that our immigration and border control laws are necessary and just.

Really, simply say these words:  our immigration and border control laws are necessary and just.  Watch the mouths drop on the mainstream commentators and editorial writers. Watch them start to sputter. Watch the rest of America applaud.

Most of us conservatives don’t hate Mexicans — or  Irish, Chinese, Hondurans etc. who also have an illegal presence here. Most of us don’t think that they are evil people. Most of us understand that if we were in their shoes we might skirt the law to live in America if given the chance.

Imagine a red light. A driver who rolls through one is not a monster. But suppose  a cop rather than a ticket upon catching one gives him free food, health care and a college education. So much for orderly traffic. The system breaks down and the roads become unusable.

The first step in immigration reform should be to require that every government agency at every level have EVerify to check the immigration status of applicants.

Yes, this includes school districts.

The second step is to allow law enforcement officers at all levels to enforce the law they have sworn to duly uphold.

The third step is to impose painful sanctions on governments sworn to uphold the law who publicly declare they won’t. This means consequences for all who declare their cities to be sanctuaries. The consequences can include loss of funding and greater presence of federal law enforcement. Remember our immigration laws are just and necessary.

The fourth step is one of diplomacy aimed specifically at Mexico. Americans must be allowed to own property in Mexico along the border without being bound to a Mexican real estate bank. Mexico also must become safer. It had a murder rate as of 2012 of 22 per 100,000. This five times that of the United States which is 4.7 per 100,000. Mexico has strict gun control. We must push to get that nation to adopt the Second Amendment so they actually have the right to bear arms rather than just keep them in their homes. Oh, just imagine the heads that would spin when this is proposed. Yes, we must encourage the sane, law-abiding Mexicans who want to be left alone to be armed rather than arm the thugs in that nation which is perversely what our policy has been under the Obama administration. Finally, we have to bring home Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

At that point we can start talking about cutting some slack to those who have been living here illegally for a long time and have assimilated into this country as a productive member of their community. Note this would not include gang members.

Brat Scares Amnesty Establishment

Brat Scares Amnesty Establishment








Gutless GOP Fears Immigration Reform

Since the president’s State of the Union address is one week away, the annual debate on immigration reform will be in full swing. With the consistency of a broken record, ideologues on both sides will push for hard-line measures — to the absolute delight of the Washington establishment, which knows that doing so will kill any chance at a good bill.

Immigration reform hasn’t gone anywhere in decades, making one thing abundantly clear: Despite saying all the right things to appease their bases, neither party’s ruling class wants any part of it.

The Democrats benefit from illegal immigrants because many become aligned with that party, and yes, some even vote. More significant, labor unions — a de facto arm of the Democratic Party, misguided as it is — enjoy the current system because unchecked illegal immigration increases their ranks, swells their coffers, and generates more support to the party.

Republicans cower from reform for two reasons: First, they erroneously believe that pushing immigration issues hurts their standing with the Latino electorate. It doesn’t. Their lack of vision and inability to explain to Latinos how traditional Republican principles would make their lives better (lower taxes, energy independence, competitive schools, right to work) are what kills Hispanic support for the GOP. Second, too many influential big business constituencies lobby against reform since they benefit from cheap, under-the-table labor — pocketing the difference while consumers get the screws.

However, should the unthinkable occur — a chance at comprehensive reform — here are some ideas that should be on the table:

1. Leave the rhetoric behind and do not demonize illegal immigrants. It’s not their fault that the United States deliberately fails to enact strong measures to deter illegal immigration. Most are simply trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, often enduring unspeakable hardships, from terrifying border crossings to not seeing their loved ones for years. That said, we must not get caught up in emotional sob stories. There is a legal way to enter America; doing so illegally, and staying here, are crimes that must be dealt with fairly, but strictly. As President Reagan aptly stated, “A nation without borders is not a nation.”

2. America is, by far, the most generous nation on Earth regarding legal immigration, annually allowing entry to over one million. But since legal immigrants are being slapped in the face every time someone enters illegally, perhaps we should halt admitting the former until we enforce laws controlling the latter.

3. Build the border wall — period. It is disgraceful that the wall is not yet completed, despite authorizations to do so. Costs could be controlled by employing non-violent prisoners and yes — illegal immigrants — to finish construction, with funding derived from drug seizures. Unquestionably, secure (and fully constructed) border walls substantially cut down the “supply” side of equation. Just ask Israel.

And it’s not just illegal immigrants crossing, but drug traffickers and terrorists. If nothing else, protecting our children and eliminating al-Qaida’s free pass with a suitcase nuclear weapon should be everyone’s top priorities. Or we could wait until Phoenix and New York get vaporized before stopping illegal border crossings, though that might be a tad late.

4. Institute self-deportation policies. Employing stringent law enforcement measures on businesses, levying taxes and eliminating lavish public benefits all level the playing field for legal workers, and would end much of the free ride enjoyed by illegal immigrants. Many will find it so onerous that they will return home on their own accord.

Those pushing mass deportation are simply insane. It would literally take an army to find and deport the 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants, and the price tag would be astronomical. Worst of all, it would turn the U.S. into a bigger police state than it already is.

5. Federally mandate that every business utilize the free E-Verify system, which quickly determines the legal status of a potential hire (currently, its use is at the discretion of each state). This front line tool ensures a legal workforce. Companies in noncompliance should face stiff penalties — from hefty fines to the loss of business licenses, and criminal prosecution should be employed where warranted. Hitting businesses where it hurts the most — the pocketbook — always proves effective.

6. Until the illegal immigration issue is settled, there should be no government (a.k.a. “taxpayer”) assistance of any kind — local, state and federal. No drivers’ licenses, no community college, no benefits. No matter how compelling the arguments may be to lend assistance, illegal immigration is against the law. Government assistance to illegals is unequivocally aiding and abetting criminals. Change the law, but don’t ignore it whenever convenient. To do so leads to a total societal breakdown.

7. Illegal immigrants who have been convicted of crimes should serve their time and be deported immediately, yet they are routinely released back into our society — where they commit more crimes (statistics show that their recidivism rate is very high). Why aren’t they deported? Because their home countries don’t want them. Guess what? Tough. Pass the bill that was introduced five years ago that eliminates American aid to any country refusing its citizens. We’ll see how quickly they change their tune.

8. Most controversial of all, we need to address the illegals already here. We cannot deport them all; neither should we give them amnesty. A reasonable approach would be to document them and issue a long-term or lifetime work visa; permanently deny them American citizenship and the right to vote; require them to pass a criminal background check; have them begin paying taxes immediately; and levy a significant fine (deducted in installments directly from paychecks).

Some will call that amnesty, but it’s actually something else: Realistic. It penalizes lawbreakers, documents millions by bringing them out of the shadowy underworld, and makes them, and American citizens, considerably safer. It would increase tax revenue and, for the first time, make formerly illegal workers pay into the benefits programs. This system would also have the effect of making some return home, since they would quickly find that having to compete fair-and-square in the workforce is not easy, especially when there is a significant labor surplus and real unemployment near 15 percent.

There are no easy answers to illegal immigration, and neither side will ever be fully satisfied. But one thing is certain: if Congress fails to act soon, the situation will get exponentially worse for everyone.

In that case, Congress should receive no amnesty — and face immediate deportation from voters.

 Gutless GOP Fears Immigration Reform


Ron Johnson Illegal Immigration Vote

Ron Johnson Illegal Immigration Vote — Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has explained why he was one of the 32 nay votes for the 1,187 “comprehensive immigration reform” bill (S. 744) that passed his chamber, June 27.


“My bottom line in deciding whether or not I support this bill has always been that it must solve the problem. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will not.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reaches this same conclusion in its evaluation of the underlying bill, finding that the bill will only reduce illegal immigration by 25 percent.  That means an estimated 7.5 million more illegal immigrants will come to this country by 2033, recreating the uncertainty and fear in the next generation of children whose parents decide to come here illegally or overstay their visas.

“It’s not surprising that CBO reached this conclusion when you look at the amount of money we are spending on safety net benefits and other costs associated with this bill.  CBO estimates that the bill will increase federal direct spending by $262 billion over the next 10 years.  Most of those outlays would be for increases in refundable tax credits and in spending on health care programs for non U.S. citizens.  That is why I introduced an amendment to prevent noncitizens from accessing the Earned Income Tax Credit.  This amendment did not even get a vote, despite that fact that a recent National Journal poll found that 77 percent of all Americans oppose making newly legalized immigrants ‘eligible for government benefits . . . before they become citizens.’


Johnson noted that he is not against reform and that there were things he liked in the bill such as the way it would have replaced ” the H-2A agriculture visa that has not worked with a much more workable system, ”

Give him credit or reading the stupid thing which is more than I would have done as the assumption is safe to make that 1,187 page pieces of legislation are intrinsically corrupt  and should be automatically rejected.

With regard to the Pennsylvania contingent, Bob Casey, the Democrat, voted aye as expected as he is a good little mindless pawn for puppeteers who run things in D.C. while Pat Toomey, the Republican, voted nay.

All the nays were cast by Republicans albeit 14 members of the GOP voted for the bill.

Here is the roll call.

The bill now goes to the House where all thinking people must pressure their congressman to kill it.

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Ron Johnson Illegal Immigration Vote

Supreme Court Ruling On AZ Voting Was Win For Good Guys

J. Christian Adams, the former Justice Department civil rights attorney who has made a crusade of fighting abuses by the Obama Administration, is saying the Supreme Court ruling overturning Arizona’s requirement that proof of citizenship be presented when voting is actually a huge win for the good guys despite the hand-wringing occurring in some conservative circles.

Adams says that only a insignificant technical point was overturned while allowing Arizona to continue the citizenship mandate via other means.  He said the corrupters lost big and know it.

Read his explanation here.

Legalizing Illegals Would Cost $6.3 Trillion

Legalizing Illegals Would Cost $6.3 Trillion — The Heritage Foundation released a study, May 6, saying that granting legal status to those who are residing in this country illegally would cost the nation $6.3 trillion.

Defenders of the most recent amnesty bill before Congress are outraged at the claim.

“This study is designed to try to scare conservative Republicans into
thinking the cost here is going to be so gigantic you can’t possibly be
for it,” said Haley Barbour, the former Mississippi governor and RNC chairman who is supporting the plan.

One suspects that The Heritage Foundation numbers better reflect the reality than Mr. Barbour.

One further suspects that those who run this country regardless of party are royalty-wannabees at heart and would dearly love for the rest of us to be entirely dependent on them them for jobs, education and protection.

Maybe even  food, heat and electricity.

Swamping the existing safety net and destroying the dollar would go far in destroying the institutions that are meant to preserve our freedom.

With that said amnesty is not a bad word and should be part of the solution. If giving amnesty to one magic illegal solved the problem would you do it? Sure and that would apply to a dozen, or 100 or 1,000, or 10,000 or maybe even a million.

But giving amnesty to all by right is a very, very bad idea considering the number who come here to milk the system or involve themselves in crime.

And amnesty must not even be hinted at as the first step in addressing this matter. The first step must be to get government involved in the enforcement of immigration law. Golly, what a radical idea. This means that the federal law enforcement agencies must not merely allow — which they notably do not  — local ones to question the immigration status of those who they stop for crimes, but actually encourage them to do so.

More importantly, this means that all government bureaucracies — whether a local school district, or a state department of motor vehicles or a federal social services office — demand the residency status of those who seek to use them with the understanding that they will report them if they are found here illegally.

Ever wonder why the self-appointed princes and princesses  in Harrisburg and Washington want to put the burden on enforcing the law on the owners of pizza shops seeking help but shout  down all who suggest that it is maybe the government’s job? Just one of those things that make you go hmmm. Or should anyway.


Legalizing Illegals Would Cost $6.3 Trillion

AP Uses False Headline Regarding Sen. Paul

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on Fox News Sunday, yesterday, Feb. 17, and said I think people want a little different phase on immigration frankly. They don’t want  somebody who wants to round people up, put them in camps and send them back to Mexico. AP Uses False Headline Regarding Sen. Paul

Associated Press transcribes interviews from newsmakers on the Sunday shows. Concerning Paul’s interview they left out the word “don’t” from his quote and sent it out with a headline “Sen. Paul: Voters Want To Round Up Immigrants”.

Sorta changes the meaning — and impression — don’t it. It appears AP’s reporters don’t listen to the actual words when they have a stereotype in mind.  More damningly, the editors who write headlines don’t bother to consider the ease at which mistakes can be made in transcribing when the opportunity presents itself to further such stereotypes.

AP did send out a correction to its credit.

AP Uses False Headline Regarding Sen. Paul

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