Honey Badger Don’t Care

We’ve been honey badgered judging by some our latest comments.

The phrase “honey badger don’t care” has become a bit an internet meme and stems from this video about the honey badger.

It very well might be the funniest thing on the entire web. If you should click on it, be warned that the language does get a bit foul.

Bipartisanly Bad Bill Is HR 3261

Bipartisanly Bad Bill Is HR 3261 — The Stop Online Privacy Act or HR 3261 is a bipartisanly bad bill which will fill with sand the oil pan of the internet and the gas tank with water.

It was introduced, Oct. 26, by  Lamar Smith (R-Corporate America) and co-sponsored by 31 smarter-than-thou establishmentarians including corporate-beholden Democrats Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (who chairs the Democrat National Committee) and John Conyers, and Pennsylvania hacks Tim Holden of the 17th District and Tom Marino of the 10th District.

The bill, as described in Wikipedia, would authorize the U.S. Department of Justice to seek court orders against websites outside U.S. jurisdiction accused of  enabling or facilitating copyright infringement and allow the U.S. Attorney General to order US-directed Internet service providers, ad networks, and payment processors to suspend doing business with sites found to infringe on federal criminal intellectual property laws. The Attorney General could also bar search engines from displaying links to the sites.

Sounds nice and all but as some point out the definitions are so broad, punishments  so draconian and the unaccountability of the law’s enforcers so glaring that such a law would basically be  an invitation to harass innocent, productive persons providing a socially useful service.

Copyright law actually has a reputation for being a venue for this sort of thing.

Oppose this legislation.

Bipartisanly Bad Bill Is HR 3261

Comcast Customers Surprised By Lost Channels

Comcast without any real warning has begun encrypting the channels that they had led owners of digital-ready TVs to believe would remain accessible to them sans the cheap digital adapter boxes with the even cheaper remotes.

It happened in the Windsor Circle area of Springfield, Pa on Wednesday. Other areas of the town were still getting channels without encryption as of Saturday but don’t expect it to last.

Comcast  had given away the digital adapters for free without an increase in cost but many owners of new TVs declined to hook them up because of the low quality remotes, unnecessary complexity and wire snarls, poorer picture quality and loss of functionality.

Others never bothered ordering them because they had been led by Comcast to believe they were unnecessary for owners of digital-ready TVs.

An explanation for the unexpected action that appeared Comcast.net on Wednesday appears to have been removed. It basically said the new policy was in regard to Comcast concerns about theft of services.

And of course, the tech support people were unable to tell you what had happened and not just due to the language barriers. Comcast apparently didn’t tell them what they did.

People are angry.

Verizon, btw, is offering an equivalent service to Comcast for $50 per month less.


Comcast Building Lobby Comcast Customers Surprised By Lost Channels

Comcast Customers Surprised By Lost Channels

Lower Merion Spied On Students Via Laptop

Lower Merion Spied On Students Via Laptop
Blake Robbins being watched at home.

Lower Merion Spied On Students Via Laptop — A federal class action lawsuit was filed Feb. 16  alleging that Lower Merion School District used the webcams in the laptops distributed to students to spy on them in their homes.

The case, Robbins v Lower Merion School District,  is being heard in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

The suit was filed by Michael E. and Holly S. Robbins on behalf of their son Blake, a student at Harriton High School, and the 1,800 or so other students at Harriton and  Lower Merion, the district’s other high school.

The suit  seeks damages caused by school district’s alleged invasion of privacy, theft of private information, and unlawful interception of electronic communications, and alleges the district broke numerous  state and federal laws including the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Pennsylvania Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act, along with the defendants’ Fourth Amendment Rights.

Lower Merion distributed the laptops to each high school student. Unbeknown to the students and the parents, the school district had the ability to remotely, and at anytime, activate the embedded webcam capturing the images in front of the camera.

The Robbins learned about this ability Nov. 9  when Harriton Assistant Principal Lindy Matsko told them that Blake was engaged in improper behavior in his home and presented as evidence a photograph taken via the webcam from the laptop the school gave Blake.

The suit doesn’t say what exactly Blake was doing but whatever it was it was not as bad as public officials stomping over duly passed laws.

The case is being handled by the law firm of Lamm Rubenstone LLC of Trevose, Pa. They can be reached at 1-215-638-9330. They were contacted and confirmed the filing of the suit.


Lower Merion Spied On Students Via Laptop

Kristina Clair Subpoena Withdrawn By Feds

Kristina Clair Subpoena Withdrawn By Feds — A federal subpoena given to the Philadelphia woman providing free server space to Indymedia.us was withdrawn after Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney Kevin Bankston pointed out several problems with it, according to this report from  CBSNews — via  DrudgeReport.com.

U.S. Attorney Tim Morrison in Indianapolis demanded that Kristina Clair, 34,   provide details of all reader visits on June 25, 2008, which would  “include IP addresses, times, and any otheridentifying information.”

She was also ordered  “not to disclose the existence of this request”.

Thank you, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Indymedia may be a hard left site but federal attorneys have to follow the rules.

“First they came for the loons but I was not a loon,” is something I hope to never have to say.

Kristina Clair Subpoena Withdrawn By Feds

Kristina Clair Subpoena Withdrawn By Feds