Of Sound Mind Looms

Of Sound Mind LoomsOf Sound Mind Looms — Of Sound Mind by local author and former County Press (Pa) sports editor Jim Waltzer is being promoted by Medallion Press. The book will be available in April.

It’s a revision of Jim’s thriller Sound of Mind which has already appeared in French and English.

It is set in Philadelphia and concerns audiometry technician Richard Keene who possesses abnormally acute powers of hearing which leads him into trouble.

It’s an excellent noir thriller and Keene is one of the most unique characters to appear in recent fiction.

Of Sound Mind Looms

Bill Rhoads Engineering Feat

Bill Rhoads Engineering Feat
The hammer beams and uprights tight against the wall at Holy Myrrh-Bearers Eastern Catholic Church in Ridley, Pa. The stone outcrop upon which the wooden structure is resting is called a corbel.

Holy Myrrh-Bearers Eastern Catholic Church is now in service in Ridley and a hero whose story deserves to be sung is Bill Rhoads of Rhoads Plumbing and Heating of Springfield.

The former, and historic, Leiper Presbyterian Church  at 900 Fairview Road was acquired by the Ukrainian Catholic Archepachy of Philadelphia in May 2014 for $525,000 to be the new home for the congregations of Saints Peter and Paul of Clifton Heights and Holy Ghost of Chester.

Leiper closed in January 2012. The existing building was erected in 1850 a year after a fire destroyed the original one built in 1819, the cornerstone for which can still be seen in an inside hallway.

Anyway, when the Archepachy acquired it, it was in bad shape. The hammer beams that supported the arches that supported the ceiling had pulled  from the wall.  The gaps were obvious. Consultants were advocating expensive and unattractive solutions which included removing the beautiful but heavy slate roof and replacing it with an ugly commercial, metal one.

Rhoads, who had done work for Saints Peter and Paul and who was picked to guide the process of upgrading the kitchen and HVAC at the new facility, had a notion that the beauty of the structure could be saved along with much money.

He researched the architecture and learned that the original builders neglected to install the necessary bolts fastening important uprights to the wall. These uprights connected the hammer beams to the interior corbels hence  they supported the entire roof.

Rhoads realized that all that may be needed was jacking the beams back against the wall and installing  bolts. He ran his idea by engineers and the Ridley code enforcers and got a green light.

Hence it was done, and a church and history were saved.

Along with a lot of money.

Maybe the Springfield School District ought to have a talk with Mr. Rhoads.

What could have been a bland, utilitarian building is now warm place of worship and one of Delaware County’s most beautiful churches.

Eastern Catholics are self-governing  churches in full communion with the Pope. Roman Catholics can fully participate in Eastern Catholic services just as Eastern Catholics often attend Roman Catholic services. This of course means the mutual reception of the Holy Eucharist.

Holy Myrrh-Bearers address is at 900 Fairview Road, Pa.  Swarthmore 19081. It will have Masses 10 a.m., Sundays.

The church is named for the women who went to anoint the body of Jesus after his crucifixion and found the tomb empty, along with Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, who prepared the Lord’s body for burial. The women who found the empty tomb are Mary the Mother of God, Mary Magdalene and Martha, who were the sisters of Lazarus; Mary, the mother of James and Joses; Mary, the wife of Cleopas; Joanna, the wife of Chuza; Salome, the mother of James and John, the sons of Zebedee; and Susanna.

Bill Rhoads Engineering Feat

Jim Waltzer Book Of Sound Mind

Local author and former County Press (Pa) sports editor Jim Waltzer has revised his thriller Sound of Mind and has a new publisher, Medallion Press. Jim Waltzer Book Of Sound Mind

The books which has been published in French along with English is set in Philadelphia and is excellent.

The new title will be Of Sound Mind.

A movie deal had been in the works, although Jim says things are going slow on that front.

Jim Waltzer Book Of Sound Mind

Greg Cox, Foul Deeds Will Rise

Call it a guilty pleasure but we got for Christmas a Star Trek book by best-selling Chester County author Greg Cox that was quite a pleasure.

Greg cox Foul Deeds Will RiseThe book, “Foul Deeds Will Rise,” involves the franchise’s original line up (Kirk, Spock, McCoy etc.)

The plot concerns the Federation via The Enterprise mediating a peace treaty between two warring planets and features Leonore Karidian –an old love and nemesis of Captain Kirk — as the wrinkle.

The story would have made an excellent episode in the original series. Kudos Greg Cox.

Greg lives in Oxford and is officially a New York Times bestselling author. He was Richard Matheson’s  last editor.

Greg Cox, Foul Deeds Will Rise

Bill Tyson Profile

Bill Tyson

Bill Tyson Profile

Bill Tyson, who is the director of marketing and communications for Penn State University, Brandywine Campus is the subject of the July 29 Delaware County News Network’s Profile of the Week by the always interesting Susan L. Serbin.

You can read it here.



Frank Videon Jr. R.I.P.

Frank Videon Jr. R.I.P.Frank Videon Jr.

Frank C. Videon Jr. died June 12 at his home in West Chester following a long battle with stomach cancer. He was 70.

He was the proprietor of Videon Chevrolet in Newtown Square and was known for the friendly advertising rivalry with his brothers Wayne and Steve who had Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealerships in Newtown Square.

The ads would be full page on the back page of the County Press and often feature headshots of the other brothers on top of farm animals or childhood photographs of them.

As the advertising space rotated among the dealerships, Frank Jr. would find himself the subject of retaliation.

Frank ran the Chevy dealership until 2009 when General Motors forced him to close as part of the Obama restructuring.

He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Carol; his mother,  Edna; daughters Tara, Tracy and Tami; and seven grandchildren.

His father, Frank Sr., died in 2011.

Visitation will be 12:30 p.m., Sunday, June 22, at Newtown Square Presbyterian Church, 3600 Goshen Road, which will be followed by a funeral at 2 p.m.

Donations may be sent to Newtown Square Presbyterian Church or the American Cancer Society, Box 22718, Oklahoma City, OK 73123-1718.


American Liberty Tours

Carris Kocher of Concord, Pa. is   embarking on a new venture this summer called American Liberty Tours. The tours will explore our legacy of liberty and faith.

The first tour, Philadelphia’s Foundation of Faith, is scheduled for Thursday, June 26, and Saturday, July 12.

The second tour, Philadelphia’s Legacy of Liberty, is scheduled for Saturday, July 26, and Thursday, July 31.

Each tour concludes with an evening dinner featuring a guest speaker and a  question and answer session.

Cost is $125 per person. For information visit American Liberty Tours online at http://americanlibertytours.com/


American Liberty Tours

American Liberty Tours to be held this summer.

Springfield Jootz Supply MTV Swag

Springfield Jootz Supply MTV Swag Springfield (Delco) Pa.-based Jootz is supplying some of the swag given the nominees and presenters at tonight's MTV Movie Awards. Jootz' contribution is a unique Christmas tree ornament named Bijoux designed by Judy McGrane which will placed in the red carpet tote bags.Springfield (Delco) Pa.-based Jootz is supplying some of the swag given the nominees and presenters at tonight’s MTV Movie Awards.

Jootz’ contribution is a unique Christmas tree ornament named Bijoux designed by Judy McGrane which will placed in the red carpet tote bags.

Jootz is run by Judy and her sister Lynn, a retired Bloomingdales vice president.

Springfield Jootz Supply MTV Swag

Kudos To Brookside Bagels

Congrats to Mike Santolup of Brookside Bagels on Brookside Road in Springfield. He has gotten some nice PR for supplying the past year the cast of After Earth — the movie by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Will Smith that just wrapped up filming at Sun Center Studios in Aston — with his bagels, muffins and danish.

Santolup is a great guy with great food and is always willing to help out a charity.
Hope the movie is a hit too.

Joe Barrett, Newsman, Soldier

 Joe Barrett, Newsman, SoldierJoseph Barrett died Sunday, June 17. He was 90. Mr. Barrett was an award winning police reporter for 27 years for the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin and one of the first reporters hired by the respected weekly County Press.
Despite his journalistic achievements which included a Keystone Award from the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Association in spot news for a  report of a Rittenhouse Square bank holdup and a Fraternal Order of Police Award for best police story that concerned the murder of warden Patrick N. Curran and his deputy, Robert F. Fromhold, at Holmesburg Prison in 1973, the subject most dear to his heart was likely his World War II experiences.
He landed on Utah Beach on D-Day as a member of the 474th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion fighting with them through the Battle of the Bulge until the surrender of Germany.
One radio reporter working out of Room 619, City Hall Press Room enjoyed boasting about being the last American to interview Adolph Hitler. Mr. Barrett once quieted him saying “You entered Berlin with a typewriter. I went in with an M1”.
Mr. Barrett liked to tell of an incident that occurred on  D-Day when his battalion inadvertently shot down an American P-51 fighter. Barrett said the pilot parachuted to the beach wearing his dress uniform and carrying a bottle of whiskey. He had a date with an English nurse in London that night and was only supposed to make a single pass over the beach and go home.
“He was mad as hell but in our defense we had been told to shoot at anything lower than 1,000 feet”
The story, oft told to his friends, was recorded by historian Stephen E. Ambrose and published in his 1994 book D-Day, June 6, 1944: The Climatic Battle of World War II.
Mr. Barrett said the beachmaster did arrange for the pilot to get a ride back to England that day.
“He was lucky,” he said. “If he had landed on Omaha Beach, they would have handed him an M1 and put him in the infantry.”
Mr. Barrett was active in Battle of the Bulge organizations.
Mr. Barrett who grew up in his beloved “Swampoodle” near 22nd and Lehigh and old Shibe Park in North Philadelphia was a long-time resident of Havertown where he attended St. Denis Church. He was a devout Catholic and rarely missed Mass citing the Battle of the Bulge and the Blizzard of 1993 as two occasions on which he remembered doing so.
He was active in Alcoholics Anonymous becoming sober in 1961.
He had a degree in economics from Villanova University.
He was the first police reporter hired when the County Press began in September 1982 nine months after the Bulletin’s closing. He held the post for several years.
He was married to the former Josephine Quinn, an Army nurse with three battle stars from Korea. She died in 2001.
He is survived by sons Joseph P. Jr. and Anthony;  a daughter, Jo Ellen Keating and grand children Alysa, Kaitlyn, and Samantha.
Viewings will be 7- 9 p.m. Thursday and 9:30-10:30 a.m., Friday at the The Funeral Home of John Stretch, 236 E. Eagle Road, Havertown, Pa. 19083.
A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated 11 a.m., Friday in St. Denis Church, 2401 St. Denis Lane, Havertown.
Burial will be at St. Denis Cemetery.
Donations in his memory may be made to Southeastern Veterans Center Welfare Fund, c/o Welfare Coordinator 1 Veterans Drive, Spring City, Pa. 19475.