Tucker Carlson Demolishes Jonathan Allen

Tucker Carlson Demolishes Jonathan Allen — The times they are a changin’. Tucker Carlson left Roll Call columnist Jonathan Allen literally red faced with shame after an interview, yesterday, Nov. 18, on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Allen smeared Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, as racist in an innuendo-filled but fact-free column. Tucker Carlson Demolishes Jonathan Allen

Carlson repeatedly asked for specifics leaving the hapless swamp-dwelling hack sputtering in helplessness.

It was beautiful to watch and one can see it below. Carlson’s show airs 7  weeknights on Fox News Channel.

Tucker Carlson Demolishes Jonathan Allen

Tom Wolf Backed Racist York Dem

Tom Wolf Backed Racist York Dem — The Washington Post is continuing its politics of hate and division against  President-elect Donald Trump despite owner Jeff Bezos’ desperate offer of the peace pipe.

Yesterday, Nov. 11, the rag carried a story about and ran on its website a video of a teenager shouting “white power” in York, Pa. The kid was in proximity to a Trump sign.

Tom Wolf Backed Racist York Dem
Charlie Robertson’s campaign manager

The story mentioned the 1969 York Race Riot and brought up how York Mayor Charles “Charlie” H. Robertson was charged in 2001, while in office, with the murder of a black women due to actions he committed as a young police officer during the riot. Robertson was acquitted albeit there didn’t seem to be a defense that he was a noble defender of law and justice for all, and in fact, admitted to shouting a racial slur.

Which gets us back to the WaPo propaganda piece. The Post doesn’t mention Robertson’s party which is Democrat. Far more damning, the Post failed to note that his campaign manager and political supporter was Gov. Tom Wolf.

It is not the Trump people who back racists. Wolf, if you don’t know, is a very “progressive” Democrat.

Hat tip Ted Meehan

Tom Wolf Backed Racist York Dem



Trump Fights Sexual Predators

Trump Fights Sexual Predators
Not fascinated? I’ll read 50 Shades of Trump till blood runs from my eyes!

Trump Fights Sexual Predators — Pseudo-journalist Megyn Kelly has accused Donald Trump of being a sexual predator based on a 10-year-old recording in which he described the insane attraction that some women have for Hollywood-connected billionaires.

Meanwhile, real sexual predation is, well, not much talked about by Ms. Kelly and her ilk.

How many stories have you seen regarding this matter last June in which two Muslim migrant boys from Sudan were charged with sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl in Idaho?

How about this story from earlier this month concerning a Muslim migrant who raped a 10-year-old in Minnesota?

Trump Fights Sexual Predators
He will actually fight sexual predation.

Where is Ms. Kelly’s report on what is going on in migrant camps in Europe?

Frankly, a candidate who talks dirty doesn’t bother us if he is the only one in the race who is going to look hard at immigration from cultures where this sort of stuff is considered to be some kind of holy duty.

Regarding  the “inappropriate touching” allegations against Trump that have strangely sprung up in the last few weeks, smear jobs are SOP  against those who threaten the establishment class.

Wikileaks has conclusively shown the depth to which the Clinton camp will stoop and how the press is happy to collude with them.

Trump Fights Sexual Predators

Wikileaks Project Veritas New Journalism

Wikileaks Project Veritas New Journalism — Journalism is giving you facts that you don’t know but should.

The traditional media has long lost its independence and has long-stopped practicing journalism. If there is a fact that you should know but the corporate overlords prefer that you don’t, then you will not learn of it from TV or a daily newspaper. Wikileaks Project Veritas New Journalism

The internet is about the last place left for the trade to be practiced.

Wikileaks revelations that the Clinton campaign is in the pocket of the money people and is collaborating with tame media has rocked the campaign.  Hillary’s damning emails are on the Wikileaks’ website here for the world to see.  No gatekeeper is needed.

Project Veritas’ investigation into election manipulation by felons with strong connections to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has forced the removal of two shady characters — Scott Foval and Robert Creamer — from the Clinton campaign.

PV’s stories regarding this very real assault on democracy can be found here and here. Before the media became corrupted they would have won Pulitzer Prizes.

You would never have learned of these very relevant-to-your-lives matters from the old media.

Wikileaks Project Veritas New Journalism

Hillary Groping Allegation

Hillary Groping Allegation
Have you no shame, Mrs. Clinton? Have you no shame?

Hillary Groping Allegation — A journalist has released a video that has gone viral describing an horrific experience with Hillary Clinton in which Mrs. Clinton brutally groped her in an airplane bathroom.

Prissy Holly says the event occurred 10 years ago and she provides numerous corroborating details.

It is every bit as substantiated as the allegations made by the Clinton campaign’s minions against Donald Trump.

It is trending as #HillaryGropedMe.


Hillary Groping Allegation

Media Dishonesty Means Breaking Windows

Media Dishonesty Means Breaking Windows — Some are wishing the Republicans had a candidate who was well-mannered, nice and with a great hair cut.

Like Mitt Romney.

Then we would not have these allegations of kissing and dirty words.

And we wouldn’t. We’d have other things.

And the nice guy with the great haircut would be nice about it and he would lose.

Where were you people four years ago?

As long as the media is completely in the tank for corruption, and it is, no longer can someone who counts on impartial judging from the Fourth Estate expect to win.

The time for politely knocking on doors is tragically past. The era of breaking windows has begun.

It is sad but that’s why Donald Trump is the man of the hour.

By the way, the establishment media doesn’t need to tell the truth to smear someone. It appears the women making claims against Donald Trump have serious credibility issues.

Jessica Leeds, for instance, says The Donald lifted the arm rest on his seat on the first class section of a Braniff Airlines 707 and groped while flying from Dallas to New York in 1979.

It turns out that first class seats did not have arm rests and that Braniff did not fly a 707 from Dallas to New York.

Media Dishonesty Means Breaking Windows
He’s a gentleman.

And the first-person account by Natasha Stoynoff in People magazine has serious holes especially with regard to her claimed friendship with Melanie Trump. Mrs. Trump says they were never friends or friendly and that she would never have recognized the woman. Her lawyers have demanded People make a retraction or she will sue.

Meanwhile, women who knew Trump during those years are coming forth unprompted and calling him a great guy and a gentlemen.

Meanwhile, information far more relevant to your lives is being actively ignored.


Media Dishonesty Means Breaking Windows


Anonymous Bill Clinton Child Molesting

Anonymous Bill Clinton Child Molesting
Sicko one.

Anonymous Bill Clinton Child Molesting — The New York Times, whose only reasons for existence are to empower globalists and murder helpless trees, has just released the bombshell that Donald Trump kissed a couple of girls.


The girls said they didn’t want to be kissed by The Donald. Here is a question for one to mull: Is it appropriate to bring forth hard to verify sexual allegations short weeks before a major election hence causing more important issues to be shunted aside? Like whether we should allow a culture that is OK with sexually abusing young girls to gain a foothold here?

Anonymous Bill Clinton Child Molesting
Sicko Two

Yes, you say?

OK, here is the hacker group Anonymous claiming Bill Clinton raped a 13-year-old on Jeff Epstein’s Pedo Island and that Hillary is OK with it.

Hat tip GatewayPundit.com.

By the way, the Trump campaign is calling The New York Times story complete fiction.

The Clintons have not addressed Bill’s trips to Pedo Island.

Anonymous Bill Clinton Child Molesting



Trump Mocked Disabled? Nope

Trump Mocked Disabled? Nope — One of the more destructive tropes being pushed by the neo-feudalistic globalists desperately clinging to power is that Donald Trump is mean and mocks disabilities.

Trump Mocked Disabled? Nope
He did not mock somebody’s disability.

The basis is a speech he gave in South Carolina in November in which he defended a claim he made that many Muslims in America celebrated the 9/11 attacks and blasted New York Times reporter Serge F. Kovaleski for walking back a story that Kovaleski had written about it in 2001.

During his criticism of Kovaleski, Trump gestured in a mocking fashion. Kovaleski has a disability. The establishment began spreading the story that Trump was mocking it, which would have been a rather cruel if true.

Well, it turns out that Trump has made those exact same movements in mocking other opponents who don’t have disabilities including Ted Cruz.

Obviously, The Donald was not making fun of Kovaleski’s disability, but what’s a little false witness when one’s path to the public trough is in danger?

Now if you want to see cruelty, insensitivity and heartlessness in action, well, here:

And in other election news Carly Fiornia has endorsed Trump.

Trump Mocked Disabled? Nope


Dei Lynam New Host

Dei Lynam, a winner of multiple broadcasting honors including the Edward R. Murrow award, has been named moderator for the weekly Philadelphia-area radio show, “Lifestyles”.

The program features regional business owners and decision makers reporting on their firm’s success stories, and how those successes were obtained.

It is broadcast every Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., 1 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.  and Sunday, noon to 12:30 p.m. on WWDB-860 AM.  It is also podcast on the internet.

Ms. Lynam also serves as a 76ers reporter, and analyst on Comcast SportsNet.

She has been a sports anchor on WCPO-TV, Cincinnati, Ohio, and on WMTV, Madison, Wisconsin, plus formerly doing play-by-play announcing for the Washington Mystics.

The show  is owned and produced by the radio division of ACT, Inc. (www.PhillyBizMedia.com) Joe Ball is executive producer.

She replaced long-time moderator Brittany O’Rourke, who has joined a communications firm in New York City.

Dei Lynam New Host

Dei Lynam New Host