Need For A Little Leadership

Need For A Little Leadership — An email is going around regarding how the First Lady’s failure to accompany President Obama on his trips to Islamic nations is an indication that our president is a secret Muslim.

It’s actually more than an email. Conservapedia, for instance, mentions the matter in a whole section in the President’s biography entitled “Obama is likely the first Muslim President”.

Michelle Obama visited eight countries in 2009.

  1. The United Kingdom
  2. Denmark
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. The Czech Republic
  6. Italy
  7. Russia
  8. Ghana

It is true, none of these are Muslim lands. On the other hand, however, Michelle did not participate in the President’s trips to China, Japan or Mexico. Frankly, I think it’s more of an indication that Michelle is a diva, than Barack is a Muslim.

Still, Obama ought to recognize that millions of his constituents believe these stories and he ought show a little leadership and haul Michelle with him the next time he visits Arabia or Turkey.

Of course, he should have also waived any privacy rights to birth or college records when the Birther movement started, and he has yet to do so.

Need For A Little Leadership

Need For A Little Leadership

Obama Brings Teleprompter To Elementary School Speech

Obama Brings Teleprompter To Elementary School Speech — President Obama spoke to sixth graders at Graham Road Elementary in Virginia on Jan. 19. He brought his teleprompter.


His speech starts: “Hello, everybody. You guys look really cute in those chairs.”

A transcript can be found here.

The White House spin is that the teleprompters were there for comments to  journalists. You know, that really doesn’t make it any better.

Here’s a video of part of the speech. You decide if he’s reading from a teleprompter or speaking from memory.


Obama Brings Teleprompter To Elementary School Speech


Ellie Light, Obama’s BFF

Ellie Light, Obama’s BFF — The Philadelphia Daily News carried a letter to the editor from Ellie Light, Jan. 19, in which she said “It’s time for Americans to realize that governing is hard work, andthat a president can’t just wave a magic wand and fix everything.”

Ellie gave her address as Philadelphia.

The next day the San Francisco Examiner carried a letter from Ellie with the same sentence. This time, though, Ellie gave her address as Daly City, California.

Variations of the letter from Ellie defending Obama have within the two weeks also  appeared in papers in Ohio, South Carolina, Maine, Michigan, West Virginia and Iowa, and in each Ellie used a local address.

The revelation of this particular “best friend forever” for our embattled president came about when Sabrina Eaton of the Cleveland Plain Dealer received an Ellie letter via email  and did a little investigation because the name resembled that of a former co-worker..

Kudos to Sabrina.

Have the Democratic Party’s operatives really become so lame? This bodes well for the GOP this November.

Here’s the letter that appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News.

Here’s a letter that appears in today’s Lebanon Daily News in which Ellie claims to be a resident of Cornwall.

Ellie Light, Obama’s BFF

Make White House Guests Remove Shoes

In light of the recent security breaches at the Obama White House, it was suggested to me that all guest at White House functions be required to go through security procedures of degree that at least those that are inflicted on U.S. air travelers.

Yes, this means making them remove their shoes.

Obama Gets Black Belt

Obama Gets Black Belt — What a year for the young man from wherever. First the presidency, next a Nobel Peace Prize and now a black belt in tae  kwan do bestowed by South Koren President Lee Myung-bak, a practitioner of the sport himself.

Lee was sort of grinning when he handed over the coveted honor.

Obama Gets Black Belt

Obama Bows Before Emperor Akihito

Obama Bows Before Emperor AkihitoObama Bows Before Emperor Akihito — President Barack Obama took a strangely deep bow before Japanese Emperor Akihito, Friday.

Perhaps, he thought he was Darth Vader who said he would not “bow before anyone but the Emperor”.

Nah, Obama took a similarly submissive bow before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps, he is just a humble man confident of his power.

Oh right. Can you see him bowing before Hillary Clinton? Sarah Palin? Rush Limbaugh?

Or perhaps he is not an natural born American after all.

Here Vice President Dick Cheney shows how a real American would have greeted Akhito: Obama Bows Before Emperor Akihito

Obama Bows Before Emperor


Obama Wa Nobel-sho Ni Ataeshinai

The cover of the Oct. 21 Japan Newsweek reads Obama Wa Nobel-sho Ni Ataeshinai which  means “Obama Unworthy of Nobel Prize”. The subtitle says “The Idiocy Of Him Receiving Such An Award, With Less The One Year In Office With No Accomplishment”
Can you imagine that being on the cover of the U.S. edition? Of course, the only place you’d probably see it would be in a dentist office.

Obama Wa Nobel-sho Ni Ataeshinai


Barack Obama Wins Cy Young Award

Barack Obama Wins Cy Young Award — It’s been quite a year for the young man from Illinois (or Hawaii or Kenya or wherever).

Inaugurated as president of the United States on Jan. 20; feats in his first 12 days to garner him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination by the Feb. 1 deadline; beating 204 other worthy nominees to win the award — and its sweet 10 million Swedish kronor — on Oct. 9; and now to cap it off he has been named National League Cy Young Award winner for his performance in this year’s All Star game.

Take that those of you who say he throws like a girl.

The New York Times has asked that the awarding of the Heisman and Super Bowl MVP trophies be moved to December so he can win those as well this year.  Megadittos, I say!! Megadittos!

Tip of the hat to Bob McCarty.

Barack Obama Wins Cy Young Award