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Brit-hating Irish revolutionaries can be credited with causing the invention of the modern submarine. They financed John Phillip Holland in his quest to build an undersea warship and he made them the Fenian Ram.

However, a dispute about money occurred which led to the revolutionaries stealing the ship. Fortunately or not depending on one’s politics, the Fenians didn’t know how to work the ship and Holland wouldn’t tell them.

Holland would eventually build the U.S. Navy’s first modern sub, the USS Holland, and ironically, the Royal Navy’s first sub.

William Lawrence Sr. Omnibit 6-28-17

Fenian Ram

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Legionary vs Legionnaire — So what’s the difference between “legionary” and “legionnaire”? Nothing significant. Legionary is an English word of Latin origin that means serving in a legion. Legionnaire is a French of Latin origin that means serving in a legion that English speakers often apply to members of the French Foreign Legion and the American Legion.

William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 6-27-17 Legionary vs Legionnaire

Legionary vs Legionnaire

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The Hindu Jagannath Temple in Puri, India had a fesitval in which images of their gods were placed in huge wagons and rolled in a procession. These wagons would not stop even if it meant worshippers being crushed beneath the wheels. The English called the wagons “juggernauts” and from them we get the word for unstoppable object.

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Jagannath Temple in Puri, India

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Liquid Diamond Seas — It’s very, very, very hard to melt a diamond. At 1292 degrees Farenheit, they burn if oxygen is present. If oxygen is absent they simply turn into graphite.

It is possible to melt them but requires 10 million time normal atmospheric pressure.

Scientists think Neputune and Uranaus have this pressure along with large quantities of carbon. They say it is possible that these planets have seas of liquid diamonds.

Liquid Diamond Seas — William Lawrence Sr. Omnibit 6-19-17
Liquid Diamond Seas
Wow, liquid diamond seas.

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An unemployed English house painter named Richard Lawrence attempted to assassinate Presdient Andrew Jackson in 1835. It was the first time anyone ever attempt to kill America’s leader.

Lawrence was taken into custody by bystanders including Congressman Davy Crockett. That possibly saved Lawrence’s life as Jackson was beating him with his cane.

Lawrence was found not guilty be reason of insanity — he claimed to be King Richard III – and was incarcerated in mental institutions until his death on June 13, 1861.

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