Cryptowit Quote Puzzle 12-21-13

Cryptowit Quote Puzzle 12-21-13 by William W. Lawrence Sr.

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: The Great Depression, like most other periods of severe unemployment, was produced by government mismanagement rather than by any inherent instability of the private economy.
Milton Friedman

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Omnibit Of The Day 12-19-13

December 19 2013 Omnibit Trivia by William W. Lawrence Sr.

The American Medical Assoiciation tells us that the common cold carries an annual $1.5 billion (in 1987) in lost wages and medical costs. The 30 million days lost of work or school are figured into the heavy price of 100 million yearly colds.


Omnibit Of The Day 12-17-13

December 17 2013 Omnibit Trivia by William W. Lawrence Sr.

The theory, held by a number of scientists, that the Chinese Wall could be seen from the moon was put to rest when U.S. astronauts reported that no trace of human endeavors could be seen from only a few thousand miles.

Omnibit Of The Day 12-14-13

December 14 2013 Omnibit Trivia by William W. Lawrence Sr.

You can figure that at at the height of the mosquito season there will be about 10 trillion of the insects buzzing across the United States. That comes out to 41,000 mosquitos for every red-blooded American. If mosquitoes were dollars we could pay off the federal debt. Well, over half of it anyway.