Omnibit Of The Day 11-29-13

Omnibit Trivia 11-29-13 by William W. Lawrence Sr.

Q. I was raised in Brooklyn. I was once the editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. At other times I was a printer, carpenter, teacher, government clerk, and Army nurse during the Civil War, and a poet. What’s my name?

A. Walt Whitman.


Omnibit 11-28-13

Q – Who was Sarah Josepha Hale?

A – A famous magazine editor (Ladies Magazine, Godey’s Lady Book) during the 1800s. She is credited with writing verses to the children’s nursery rhyme “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” But more importantly she crusaded for and persuaded President Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday.

–William W. Lawrence Sr.

Omnibit 7-6-2013

World champion Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake eats 16 bananas a day. Yohan Blake eats 16 bananas a day

Michael Arnstein, the reigning champion of the Javelina Jundred ultramarathon, eats an all fruit diet. It costs him $200 a day.

Arnstein should talk to Blake. It would save him some money.

Hat tip Outside Magazine.

William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 7-6-2013 Yohan Blake eats 16 bananas a day