It’s Always Groundhog Day In Pa.

Punxsutawney Samuel H. Smith of the 66th District  was elected Speaker of the Pennsylvania House by his fellow Republicans this morning. He assumes the role when the new legislative session starts Jan. 4 in which the Republicans will hold a 21-seat majority in the 203-member House.

Smith’s name
is the first among the submitters of the infamous 2005 pay raise.

Smith had been  House Minority Leader.

Also as expected Mike Turzai of the 28th District was voted majority leader; Stan Saylor of the 94th District was voted majority whip.

Expected Pa Speaker Submitted The 2005 Pay Raise

The  leadership vote scheduled for tomorrow  to pick the Republican leaders of the Pennsylvania House has resulted in expressions of anger from the increasingly powerful Tea Party groups in the state.

Expected to be elected as Speaker of the House is  Samuel H. Smith of the 66th District and a resident of Punxsutawney, who is the now the House Minority Leader.

And that’s kind of ironic with regard to Smith’s hometown since what the Tea Partyers fear is a Groundhog Day with a daily wake-up to I Got You Babe for the next two years.

Smith’s name is the first among the submitters of the infamous 2005 pay raise .

Tea Party favorite Rep. Daryl Metcalfe of the 12 District has asked the vote to be postponed until December so those members of 112-member Republican House Caucus who are new to Harrisburg could get a better feel of the personalities seeking the offices.

Last week’s election gives the GOP a 21-vote majority in the body when it convenes in January.

Metcalfe and the Tea Party groups are also asking that the vote be held in the open rather than in the closed meeting as is traditionally done by both parties for the House and Senate.

The Tea Party group Delaware County Patriots has called the early, closed vote “business as usual”.

Besides Smith, Mike Turzai of the 28th District is expected to be voted majority leader; Stan Saylor of the 94th District , party whip; and Rep. Dave Reed of the 62nd District as GOP policy chairman.

Hat tip to Bob Guzzardi of LibertyIndex.Com.

Shocker! Poll Shows Top Dem Dog Down In Pa To Newbie

A poll released two days ago shows a 31-year-old Republican challenger to be five points up on one of the most powerful politicians in Pennsylvania.

The poll of 800 voters in Pennsylvania’s 116th legislative district shows challenger Tarah Toohil to be preferred to Democrat incumbent Todd Eachus 49 to 44 percent with 9 percent undecided. It was conducted Oct. 18 and sponsored by the Pennsylvania House Republican Campaign Committee.

Eachus is the majority leader in the State House. He was expected to easily win the race.

A Sept. 15 poll sponsored  by the committee showed Ms. Toohil down by 4 points.

Hat tip to Bob Guzzardi.

And in other poll news, Terry Madonna’s latest Franklin & Marshall Poll shows Republican Pat Toomey up by 7 points over Democrat Joe Sestak in the Pennsylvania senate race.