Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race Update

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race — A mild medical issue last week has not caused Donna Ellingsen to quit her bid to represent Republican voters from State Committee Region 2 of Chester County on the Pennsylvania Republican Committee.  She and her running mate Tim Welsh have put real fear in the party bosses getting rich off cronyism and corruption and they are going pedal to the metal to stop citizen crusaders. We are republishing this article from April 20.

Complaints are common about cronyism and corruption; about unfair taxes and public spending with no benefit for most.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race
Donna Ellingsen

Most of the time the complainers only vote in major elections if at all.

We aren’t going to judge. The lazy, corrupt, cronyist media likes it like that and fails to report the issues in a way that explains their ultimate consequences.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race
Tim Welsh

On May 15, Republican voters in State Committee Region 2 of Chester County will have a chance to give a black eye to cronyism.

Two candidates long-sickened by the how-can-we-milk-the-cow-today attitude of the GOP leadership are in the race.

They are Donna Ellingsen and Tim Welsh.

The 351 state committeepeople are elected every four years during a primary election. They determine who the party endorses in state-wide elections and, more significantly, pick  the state party leadership.

Last year, a guy who works for a political fixer and has close ties with the state’s leading D behind Tom Wolf won the state chairmanship . It was by just two votes despite arm twisting and intimidation.

There are rarely challengers to the people put up by the party leaders.

Chesco Region 2 is a exception hence an opportunity.

It consists of Coatesville, South Coatesville, Modena, and Valley from Area 14; Atglen, East Fallowfield, West Fallowfield, Highland, Parkesburg , Sadsbury  and West Sadsburgy from Area 15; Elk, East Nottingham , Lower Oxford, Oxford Borough, Upper Oxford and West Nottingham from Area 19; and Caln and West Brandywine.

To help Donna and Tim call 610-932-2242.

Ellingsen, Welsh Seek State Committee Race



Conservative Power Blasts Pennsylvania Republicans (And Val)

Conservative Power Blasts Pennsylvania Republicans (And Val)

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania, which has become a major power in state politics, has released a flyer (above) bitterly blasting the State GOP and its legislative lapdogs.

State Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio, who we warned you about and warned you about and warned you about is featured prominently.

He is “example 3” as to why you should not donate to the party and is, fairly, described as “lobbyist.”

Did you know that Val worked with state Attorney General and Dem bigwig Josh Shapiro at the political fixing firm Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young and that Val’s wife got a $105,000 a year job with Josh’s fiefdom better known as Montgomery County.

Enough Republican state committeepeople apparently didn’t else two more votes would have been flipped to keep Val from winning the chairmanship.

He’s been doing a heckuva job hasn’t he? The Democrats certainly think so.

By the way, Donna Ellingsen, whose integrity has made her Val’s nemesis, is running for state committee along with Timothy Welsh of Oxford in Chester County this May 15. If you live in the area and care about fighting cronyism, vote for Donna and Timothy.  Better yet, volunteer to help them get elected.

Her area consists of  Coatesville, Modena, Valley North & South, Atglen, East Fallowfield, Highland, Parkesburg, Sadsbury, West Fallowfield, West Sadsbury, Elk, East Nottingham, West Nottingham, Oxford Borough, Lower Oxford, Upper Oxford, Caln and West Brandywine.

Val still works with Stradley Ronon and is prominently featured on its website.

Conservative Power Blasts Pennsylvania Republicans (And Val)

Usual Republican Suspects Stop Anti-Corruption Bill

Usual Republican Suspects Stop Anti-Corruption Bill  — On Dec. 12, the usual Republican suspects in Chester and Delaware counties voted against a bill that would have banned political contributions from automatically being deducted from the paychecks of public employees.

There is no morally justifiable reason for a nay vote.  You doubt this? Name one. Give us one reason why money promised to a person for his labor should be taken without his consent and given to back a cause with which he may not agree.

SB 166 was an extremely mild bill. It only applied to public employees and allowed for deductions for union matters including salaries.

And it still couldn’t pass.

The usual Republican suspects are, from Delco,  Steve Barrar (R-160), Nick Miccarelli (R-162), Jamie Santora, (R-163),  Alex Charlton (R-165), and Chris Quinn (R-168), and. from Chesco, Harry Lewis​  (R-74) Becky Corbin (R-155)​ and Duane Milne (R-167).

The Usual Republican Suspects sounds like a great movie. Maybe we can get Bryan Singer to direct it.  Who would Kevin Spacey play? Maybe Val DiGiorgio. We can call him Keyser So So.

By the way, if you care about the labor movement and if you care about workers — which union bosses obviously do not — crusade to end automatic deductions for union fees for everyone.

Automatic paycheck deductions hurts labor . Why do the massive amount of money obtained from these involuntary deductions go to causes and candidates such as lobbying for unfair trade pacts and stopping pipelines, which are obviously against the interests of labor?


Without this guaranteed income the union leaders would actually have to heed the will of those they claim to represent.

The most successful lobbying group in America is the NRA. Suppose if its officials got paid no matter what it did? You think they’d work as hard?

They’d work about as hard as the union bosses do for their constituents, and private access to firearms would have long ended.

Usual Republican Suspects Stop Anti-Corruption Bill

Usual Republican Suspects Stop Anti-Corruption Bill


Stradley Ronon Boasts About Val

Stradley Ronon Boasts About Val
A screenshot of the press release.

Stradley Ronon Boasts About Val — Stradley Ronon, the Philadelphia-based octopus that can be a poster child for the Deep State, has put out a release about how one of its trusted officers now heads the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

“Stradley Ronon Partner Valentino F. DiGiorgio III was elected Chairman of Pennsylvania’s Republican Party during the state party’s convention in Hershey, Pennsylvania,” they bragged. “. . .Val is co-chair of Stradley Ronon’s public finance and banking practice groups. He handles all legal aspects of financial services, including commercial lending and tax-exempt financing for 501(c)(3) entities, governmental units and other entities.”

Before Democrat Josh Shapiro was elected Pennsylvania Attorney General last November he had been a counsel at Stradley Ronon. You think he might still be on their quick dial?

Wonder whose interests are Shapiro and DiGiorgio more inclined to consider in making policy: The law firm/lobbyist with whom they are connected or the average citizen?

OK, we don’t wonder.

The Trump voter still has work to do in taking back the country.

Stradley Ronon Boasts About Val

DiGiorgio Wins GOP Chairmanship

DiGiorgio Wins GOP Chairmanship — Insider Val DiGiorgio was elected as expected chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee replacing Rob Gleason.

DiGiorgio Wins GOP Chairmanship
Chairman Val

He received 173 votes to 171 for Lawrence Tabas, the state GOP’s general counsel.

There was not a secret ballot as requested by Tabas.

The votes were cast by members of the Republican State Committee. Every county chairman is automatically a member of it with the rest being elected to four year terms during a municipal party primary.

Tabas noted in a public letter that many of those leaning in his direction were threatened by paid operatives of DiGiorgio.

The close vote shows a serious divide and problem for the state party. DiGiorgio’s win was to due to overwhelming numbers in the Philadelphia region. He lost the rest of the state, especially the Pittsburgh area.

DiGiorgio Wins GOP Chairmanship


Tabas Requests Secret Ballot

Tabas Requests Secret Ballot
Lawrence Tabas, Pennsylvania Republican Party general counsel.

Tabas Requests Secret Ballot — In an open letter to Val DiGiorgio, Lawrence Tabas has condemned attacks by all sides and requested a secret ballot for tomorrow’s (Feb. 4) vote for the Pennsylvania Republican Party chairmanship that the two men are seeking. 

Tabas is the Pennsylvania GOP general counsel. DiGiorgio, is party boss for Chester County.

Here is the letter:

Dear Val:

I understand why you’re upset, and rather than ignoring these attacks, I have been actively trying to stop this among my supporters.

Unfortunately, I cannot speak to people who are anonymous, and neither can you.  Therefore, I have issued an open letter regarding these attacks, which I am attaching.

I vehemently deny that these attacks have been by my paid supporters.  I have also been attacked in numerous ways, and many of the people supporting me have been threatened on your behalf, and I have proof that these attacks have often been perpetrated by your paid supporters.  I agree that this has gone too far and ask that you also stop the negative attacks by your supporters, paid or not.

Tabas Requests Secret Ballot
Val DiGiorgio, Chester County GOP boss

We both can stand on our records of service to the Party, and we each have our plans for making the Party better and that is what people should focus on when they are voting.  I have built my reputation on integrity, and I know that you have also.  Let’s therefore end this election on a positive note.

I believe it would be most effective and positive for our Party if we issue a joint letter condemning all attacks, threats, and repercussions, either pre- or post-election.  As part of that letter, we should jointly urge the State Committee members to vote for a secret ballot so that there is no fear of reprisal on either side.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Many Thanks,

Lawrence Tabas

Tabas Requests Secret Ballot

WCNS Discusses Tabas

WCNS Discusses Tabas
Respected attorney Lawrence Tabas

WCNS Discusses Tabas — Tricia Cunningham who hosts Chew on This for 1480 WCNS in Latrobe had a show concerning the Pennsylvania GOP chairman battle between Chesco party boss Val DiGiorgio and respected attorney Lawrence Tabas.

Her guests were Lynn Ryan and Cheryl Freedman.

It’s worth listening to and is pasted below.

BTW, here are the results of the straw poll of state caucuses prior to the official Feb. 4 vote.




Central Caucus

No Vote Taken—107 total caucus members

Southeast Caucus



Northeast Central (NECRA)



Northeast Caucus



Southwest Caucus



Northwest Caucus






DiGiorgio has a 20 vote lead according to the unofficial poll, which is meaningless since the Central Caucus is holding its 107-vote preference close at hand.

By the way we hear that conservative “hero” Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) is  making calls for DiGiorgio. Big league mistake, Daryl if true.

WCNS Discusses Tabas


Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks

Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks –The vote for Pennsylvania’s next Republican Party Chairman is Feb. 4 with the leading candidates being Chester County boss Val DiGiorgio and Lawrence Tabas who is the state party’s widely respected general counsel.

Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks
Unsuccessful party boss Val DiGiorgio

The decision will be made by members of the Republican State Committee. Every county chairman is automatically a member of the committee with the rest being elected to four year terms during a municipal party primary.

Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks
Respected attorney Lawrence Tabas

Sheila Sterrett, who is chairwoman of the the Northwest Caucus, and who is part of Pat Toomey’s senate staff, sent the below email to her fellow committee members:

Good evening! I hope everyone enjoyed the swearing-in ceremonies and I know we look forward to the next 4 years to make some major changes with President Trump!!!

I know there have been a flurry of emails over the past month regarding the race for Chairman of the Party.  As a caucus, we will be hearing from both Val and Lawrence and have the opportunity to ask them questions.

As a state committee member, I wanted to share with you that I have been made aware of some disappointing and frankly disturbing news.  Opponents of Val DiGiorgio are planning an email and media blitz of false, negative attacks against him centered around President Trump’s election campaign – many of these contacts may be emailing or phoning us directly who don’t even live in Pennsylvania – those who have never been involved in our local elections – those who have not work for our judicial or statewide candidates.  If you are like me and tired of the negativity in this race, please don’t stand for it.  Let the people behind it know that we abide by Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment.  This is what Val and his team have done.

To preempt these attacks, please take a moment to review the email below which outlines Val DiGiorgio’s and Chester County’s efforts on behalf of our President. If you have any question about Val’s efforts to help move the Republican ticket to victory please visit Setting the Record Straight: Val DiGiorgio and the Trump Campaign

I look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Thank you very much


OK Sheila, what are these “false, negative attacks” to be made against DiGiorgio?

That he backed a purge of new party activists?

Well, that’s true.

That he wouldn’t let up?

That’s true too.

That Josh Shapiro, the state’s leading Democrat, got his wife a six-figure do-nothing job with Montgomery County?


That Shapiro was one of his compatriots at what might be state’s leading purveyor of special interests?


That he is a registered lobbyist which means that he is someone whose concern is the special interest giving him money rather than the common good?


That his organization gave aid and support to no-chance anti-Trumper John Kasich five days before the Pennsylvania Primary?


That he put a one-time activist liberal Democrat in charge of Chester County voter services?


That Chester County Republicans performed surprisingly poorly last November?


So what are these false attacks? Why would anyone need to make any?

Val DiGiorgio False Negative Attacks

Central Caucus Has Not Endorsed Val

Central Caucus Has Not Endorsed Val
No endorsement for you.

Central Caucus Has Not Endorsed Val — This statement from Pennsylvania State Republican Central Caucus co-chairs Dick Stewart and Katherine Wood-Jacobs has been placed on Facebook and declares that their group has made no endorsement in the race for Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman despite claims made by the Val DiGiorgio camp that they have tapped him.

The other leading contender is respected attorney Lawrence Tabas who is general counsel of the state Republican Party.

Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2017 4:11 PM
Dear State Committee Members,
Last night, an email was sent out deliberately misrepresenting the truth about yesterday’s Central Caucus meeting. It is such a complete distortion of the facts that we cannot stay silent.
When it comes to the statements made about the State Chair race, there was NO VOTE by the Central Caucus.
The vote was about whether to allow time to hear from Lawrence and Val yesterday or wait until our February caucus breakfast. The vote had nothing to do with showing support for one candidate or the other but only to allow them time to speak. Val’s email claiming victory is a misrepresentation of the facts.
We made the decision in mid-December when we called the meeting that the sole purpose of the meeting was to interview statewide judicial candidates and to have a straw ballot with respect to those candidates. Both candidates for chairman were advised that they would have an opportunity to address the caucus at our caucus meeting in February.
In order to consider business not called for in the notice of the meeting, the bylaws would have to be suspended. A vote was taken and it failed.
As it was, in order to give all of the judicial candidates a full and complete vetting we skipped lunch and still had to inconvenience the hotel by extending our stay past the hotels deadline for vacating the room.
We believe the most important task of the day was to find the best possible candidates for our statewide courts. We didn’t think we needed to change our long standing practice because it didn’t suit Val’s timetable.
The Central Caucus takes pride in being the first to vet the candidates for public office in our Commonwealth. We take our role very seriously and understand the importance of this year’s judicial elections.
The truth is simple. There was no straw poll and any statement inferring otherwise is just wrong.
Dick Stewart & Katherine Wood-Jacobs
Central Caucus Co-Chairs

Lawrence Tabas Announces Bid For Pa GOP Chairman

Lawrence Tabas Announces Bid For Pa GOP Chairman
Lawrence Tabas, a ray of Republican hope.

Respected attorney Lawrence Tabas has announced his candidacy for chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

Thank God.

The leading alternative is Chesco GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio, whose incompetency has weakened that once-powerful county organization. He has demoralized the most dedicated Republicans — many of whom now consider themselves former Republicans — for go-along/get-along-toe-the-party-line-at-all-cost types.

What is especially damning is that he did not even bother to try to win over dissenters but launched what could fairly be called a purge. That is the very definition of bad leadership.

And let us not forget his incestuous relationship with big-wheel Democrats and his employment with the state’s leading light of special interest.

A DiGiorgio chairmanship could very well be the end of the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

Tabas is general counsel of the state Republican Party. Even those he beats in court respect him. He has been a Republican activist for 38 years and has worked with candidates at every level.

And he knows what the job of party chairman is.

“Our mission will be to build a grassroots party that has 67 county parties that are stronger than the year before,” he said in the announcement of his candidacy. “In the next four years, we must achieve the following: win the Governor’s office; win an additional U.S. Senate seat; keep and expand our Congressional, State Senate, and State House majorities; win the row offices and judicial races; and re-elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence. “

He has pledged not to take a salary or do lobbying while chairman.

“I will serve as a volunteer Chairman and will not accept any legal work from the State Committee or any other Republican committees.. I have not been, nor will I be, a registered lobbyist, using my position for personal or professional benefit,” he said.  “I also will go a step further and fully disclose all the state committee business to our membership so there are no conflicts of interest.  I will be accountable to you by visiting all 67 counties every year.”

Top that Val, LOL.

Lawrence Tabas Announces Bid For Pa GOP Chairman