Pennsylvania Republican Angers Constituents

Pennsylvania Republican Angers Constituents — Sen. Ted Erickson (R-26), three days ago before the Springfield Republicans, expressed a distinct coolness to privatizing Pennsylvania’s state-run liquor monopoly which is something passed overwhelmingly by the State House and is overwhelmingly supported by his constituents — at least those who are not part of a special interest group.

Erickson has now made it official that he supports expanding Medicaid to low-income workers despite the burdens it will place on the vast majority of his constituents — hey, you hear our national debt is now $16.8 trillion —  not to mention the truly poor who will now have to compete with new clients for  attention from a shrinking supply of doctors willing to accept Medicaid patients.

Erickson is not a leader in that he can’t fight to make a change to something that doesn’t work or fight to stop a change to make something that sorta works fail. He is not a follower in that he refuses to listen to those who elect him. He is the perfect example as to why Republicans lose — and he should get out of the way.

Pennsylvania Republican Angers Constituents

Toeing GOP Line In Welch Endorsement

Toeing GOP Line In Welch Endorsement — The York 912 Patriots have compiled a list of state Republican Committee members who voted to give  Steve Welch  the party’s endorsement  for the U.S. Senate Primary this April 24.

Welch is a Chester County businessman who supported Barack Obama and liberal Democrat Congressman Joe Sestak.

He won the endorsement with 182 votes with the rest being split by Tom Smith, Tim Burns,  Sam Rohrer and Marc
Scaringi  with several abstentions.

The party establishment — and especially Gov. Tom Corbett — put unprecedented pressure on committee members to vote for Welch.

The intimidation reportedly even caused some to break down in tears.

Of course some were happy to put party over principle and didn’t need threats to vote as they were told.

The winner of the primary — who does not have to be the one who the establishment endorsed, and Sam Rohrer, for one, is running  hard for the seat — faces Democrat incumbent Bob Casey in November.

Here is the list compiled by the York 912 Patriots.

Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi notes that all committee members from Delaware and Chester counties voted for Welch albeit eight from Montco voted for Tom Smith with one voting for Tim Burns.


Toeing GOP Line In Welch Endorsement

Toeing GOP Line In Welch Endorsement

GOP Bosses Back Candidate Who Voted For Obama, Sestak

GOP Bosses Back Candidate Who Voted For Obama, Sestak

By Chris Freind

To say the Republican presidential primary has become interesting
would be a gross understatement. With three different winners in the
first three contests—an unprecedented situation—everyone is asking why
the frontrunners keep falling and why the GOP base cannot unite behind a

Well, hold on to your seat, because here’s a big question: Would you
believe that both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich voted for Barack Obama
in the 2008 primary? And after they became disenfranchised by the
Republican Party for moving too far Left, they decided to do the only
logical thing: become Democrats? And in addition, does it blow your mind
that besides voting for the Big O, they took out their frustrations
over a too-liberal GOP by financially supporting the most far-left
Democrats in the entire Congress?

Seem far-fetched? Well, it is—and it isn’t.

No, of course, Romney and Gingrich didn’t switch parties, vote for
Obama or support liberal Democrats. If either had, it would, without
question, be lunacy for any element of the Republican Party to endorse
them. To many in the GOP, Obama is not just a political adversary but
the Devil Incarnate who must be defeated at all costs. So running
someone against Obama who had previously supported him would be a
surefire recipe for disaster.

In some respects, Jon Huntsman fell victim to this exact situation.
Many Republicans refused to trust him after he served as President
Obama’s ambassador to China, and his candidacy tanked. Likewise, one of
Romney’s biggest obstacles to winning over Republicans stems from his
implementation of an Obamacare-type health-care system in Massachusetts,
since many feel that he would be unable to effectively run against
Obama on that critical issue.

Enter the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.

There are seven candidates vying for the opportunity to take on
incumbent Bob Casey. The election is in April, but it’s this Saturday,
January 28th, that may well determine the nominee. That’s when the
Republican State Committee convenes to decide whom it will endorse—if

Incomprehensibly, but not surprisingly, certain factions within the
GOP leadership are pushing to endorse Montgomery County’s Steve Welch, a
candidate who:

A.  Became a Democrat because the GOP wasn’t conservative enough.

B. Financially supported (former) Congressman Joe Sestak, one of the most liberal members of Congress.

C. Voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

For those who may think this is also a fairy tale to illustrate a point, think again.

Steve Welch voted for Barack Obama and supported Joe Sestak. So why
on earth would the state committee want to endorse Welch, and in doing
so become the laughingstock of the nation?

Good question. And since committee members are elected officials, perhaps they should be asked that before Saturday’s vote.

This is just another example of brain-dead GOP leadership choosing
laziness over hard work. Since Welch is a millionaire who could
self-fund, GOP leaders wouldn’t have to engage in fundraising activities
(AKA “doing their job”) nearly as much as they would for other plebian
candidates—no matter how much more qualified they may be.

Many GOP faithful want to believe that the majority of the state
committee sees a Welch endorsement for what it would be: a political and
public relations disaster, one that would seriously erode what
credibility Pennsylvania’s Republican Party has left. Such an
endorsement would also cement the growing perception—not incorrect, by
the way—that the only thing of importance to the GOP hierarchy in
choosing a candidate is the size of his wallet. Qualifications? A lot of
money. Period. Republican values? Irrelevant.



Given his recent support of leftist Democrats, would Steve Welch make
a good Republican senator? Tough to tell, but Pennsylvania’s Republican
voters should be the ones making that determination, not party leaders
in a smoke-filled backroom who only see dollar signs from a candidate.

Republicans deserve straight answers from Steve, and to this day,
they really haven’t received them. Did he vote for Obama to spite his
“true” party. Did he truly support him? Or did he do it to stop
“Hillarycare,” as was reported? We don’t know. With those significant
questions unanswered, and by extension, character and judgment issues
swirling around Welch, an endorsement would only serve to muddy the
waters and foster an anger among Republicans that hasn’t been seen in
Pennsylvania in decades.

Amazing as it now seems, Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater girl,
supporting Barry in his presidential election. It took years for her to
evolve into the more liberal Hillary that we know today. So perhaps most
disconcerting is the speed in which Steve Welch evolved with his party
loyalties—and then back again.

If one was disgruntled with the Republicans not being conservative
enough, fine. Many felt the same way. But that’s why God made the
Independent Party.

If one is truly seeking more conservative values, where is the wisdom
and good judgment in switching to a party that, for years, has
unabashedly moved further to the Left? And regarding Obama and Sestak,
give them credit where it’s due: Both were crystal clear about where
they stood on issues. Nationalized health care? Absolutely.
Redistribution of wealth through higher taxes? Yep. More government
spending is the answer, as a paternalistic government knows best?
Without question.

So someone abandoning the Republicans to join the Democrats, and
march behind people such as Obama and Sestak, may well indicate that
person’s true political leanings. All the more reason for such a
candidate to be vetted by ALL Republicans, not just the state committee.

There are some on the right who seem opposed to the endorsement
process every time it rolls around. Yet in many instances, it has its
rightful place, a key instrument in a political party advancing its
vision through whom it deems the best candidate. When candidates are
vetted correctly, with the best interest of the party in mind and not
the selfish agendas of individual leaders, endorsements can be
critically important in winning elections.

But when unprecedented situations arise that scream for an open
primary, endorsements should never be forced, as they will virtually
always backfire.

Given this situation, it absolutely boggles the mind that Tom
Corbett—the Republican governor of Pennsylvania—would not only get
involved in a primary, but would choose to endorse someone with Welch’s
background, as he did last week.

For the good of its party, the Republican State Committee should do
the right thing this weekend by voting for an open primary. If it
chooses to self-destruct by endorsing Steve Welch, that laughing you’ll
hear will be Bob Casey as he wraps up another six-year term 10 months
before the election.


GOP Bosses Back Candidate Who Voted For Obama, Sestak

Sam Rohrer Asks Gleason To Hear The People

Sam Rohrer Asks Gleason To Hear The People — Reader PhilM asks if we had received the letter from prospective GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Rohrer regarding his request to sign an on-line petition to state Republican Party Chairman Robert Gleason that party leaders refrain from making an endorsement in the primary race.

The answer is yes and here it is:

(And yes, I signed the petition)

Dear Friends,

My entire career I have fought for openness and reform, and in this Senate race, that will not change.

That’s why I have stated my view today that the Pennsylvania Republican Party should not make a formal endorsement before the Primary. We have launched a petition at, asking Chairman Gleason to keep the Primary process open and fair. Will you join me and sign the petition?

A top-down endorsement process is counter-productive to defeating Sen. Casey and winning Pennsylvania for our eventual Republican nominee for President. Let me explain: after endorsing, the Pennsylvania GOP sends out a letter to all the County Chairman, and here’s what they tell them:

1. Only candidates endorsed by the PA GOP should be recognized and/or allowed to speak at official events such as county dinners, endorsement meetings, candidate forums, etc. Endorsed candidates and staff should be able to attend gatherings as complimentary guests.

2. County Chairs, county party staff, and county party members should NOT be circulating petitions for statewide candidates who have been endorsed by the PA GOP.

3. County Chairs, county party staff, and county party members should only be distributing materials for candidates that have been endorsed by the PA GOP.

4. County Chairs should decline any promotion materials from non-endorsed candidates.

These kinds of pressure tactics are not worthy of the Republican Party. This kind of thing will only serve to alienate the members of the Tea Party, sow division within our ranks, and make it harder to ultimately elect a Republican U.S. Senator.

We’ve got nothing to be afraid of from having a fair, unbiased Republican Primary in April. In fact, it will strengthen our Party and allow us to bring new people in to the process. If you agree, please go to, and sign the petition.

When you’re done, if you could forward it to your family and friends, and share it on your Facebook and Twitter pages, I’d be ever so grateful.

You have my word that in this campaign, I will always stand up for grassroots conservatives, even when sometimes it makes folks uncomfortable. And as your nominee, I will speak the truth to Sen. Casey and President Obama.

Thanks for your support!


Sam Rohrer

Regarding The 2011 Pa. GOP Senate Primary

Regarding The 2011 Pa. GOP Senate Primary

By Bob Guzzardi
(Bob is a Tea Party activist from Montgomery County)

The Republican/Democrat Establishment Insiders, apparently, have concluded Pennsylvania’s incumbent U.S. Senator Bob “98%” Casey cannot be defeated because he is so likeable and guileless; they ignore the ObamaCasey fiscally-reckless policy agenda.  Therefore, below are presented policy issues that move Voters; in PART-II, the major Republican Candidates for US Senate 2012 are introduced, for your consideration. Remember, Sen. Bob Casey almost always votes with President Barack Obama.

Judging from public debates held during December, the Pennsylvania Republican Senatorial Primary race will be “positive.”  Competition for the Republican Establishment Endorsement [with no Big Government Establishment “favorite” having yet emerged] and the Primary Race [which some competitors are planning, regardless of whether they are endorsed] will be fiercely contested on issues but not personalities, since no candidate has any major “negative.”

In clear contrast to an anticipated effort of CaseyObama, they all eschew Big Government Command-and-Control Socialism, Centralized and Concentrated in the Federal Government; this will contrast with the self-interested and self-centered Corporatist/Lobbyist Political Network in Washington, D.C.  The focus of all Republican  Senatorial candidates will, likely, be to  contrast their Free Market Constitutional Limited Government positions with that of ObamaCasey on JOBS, ENERGY, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, DEBT AND DEFICIT, and FOREIGN POLICY.

Recommended Reading for these candidates are two key resources on policy issues:   Rick Perry’s “Fed Up!” articulates an intellectually rigorous federalism platform, and Pat Toomey’s “Road to Prosperity” invokes a set of Free Market CATO Institute economic principles.

For independent, intellectually honest and scholarly commentary on Middle East Issues and Israel, Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Forum, and is reliable and comprehensive. For a broader, academic view and topical commentary based on his background in American History and Middle East Studies, see Barry Rubin’s GLORIA CENTER at the Interdisciplinary College in Herzliya and Barry Rubin in PJMedia; he incisively critiques the Obama Administration’s dangerous policies.

Vote-Moving Issues of US Senate 2012 Election
To win an election, a candidate needs to support ideas and policies that move voters to vote for him/her. This is condensed to “the message.”  The core issues in 2012 are, in my opinion:
1)    JOBS, THE ECONOMY and ENERGY, that is, energy exploration and development in the USA and in Pennsylvania.  Energy, Marcellus Shale, and coal create productive, family-sustaining jobs, grow the economy, and raise the standard-of-living for all by providing affordable energy. Energy policy is inextricably linked to jobs, our standard of living, and national security.

2)    ENTITLEMENT REFORM, DEBT AND DEFICIT, GOVERNMENT SPENDING are essential to prevent further devaluation and debasement of the currency that impoverishes all but Government Apparatchiks and self-serving bureaucrats and corporatists feeding off taxpayer financed subsidies . Until the central government, and even state governments, cease siphoning off the productivity of the productive Tax Makers. Restraining the Leviathan’s inexorable growth is tied to creating meaningful and productive jobs which raise the standard of living for all of us. Included in this is the perniciousness of Unions in Pennsylvania and, particularly, PSEA and other public sector unions who are drivers of Alinsky Class Warfare of Have Nots v. Haves. Free Market Republicans represent the Tax Makers and the Union Financed Collectivist Democrats represent the Tax Takers who want money without working or producing;

3)    ISLAMIST THREAT AND NUCLEAR IRAN ARE EXISTENTIAL THREATS.  Islamism is a radical interpretation of Islam. Islamism is a totalitarian, violent, expansionist and fanatical ideology that is implacably, and unappeasably, opposed to American Liberty and Constitutional Limited Government.  Iran is Islamism with Nuclear Weapons. And it is an existential threat to the USA like Soviet Russia, Imperial Japan and NAZI Germany. Islamism, probably, most resembles, in its fanaticism, Imperial Japan;

4) Specifically regarding the funding of abortions and of organizations that advocate and perform abortions, compare the Pro Life viewpoint and Bob Casey’s record on Abortion, elaborated upon here and here.  Most citizens—even those not considered to be Pro-Life by the standards of the Pro-Life movement—are repelled when made aware that the Forgotten Taxpayer is forced to fund a BILLION dollar “nonprofit”; note the PPA’s Annual Reports  through June 30, 2009  which show corporate profits accrued from performing abortions and that salaries for individuals are generous, including that of Cecile Richards [$400K]

Embraceable You
Here is You-Know-Whom with Cecile Richards and Sen. Bob “98%” Casey, Jr.

The Values Vote and Abortion:  Abortion on Demand is unlikely to be an overtly pivotal issue because it is highly unlikely that Roe v. Wade will be overturned for another generation, if then. The Abortion issue, itself, is simply overwhelmed by the Economy, Jobs and Fiscal Instability of the Federal government and Nuclear Iran.

Like every election this is  a Values Election,  a choice between two competing world views:  Secular Humanist European Welfare Socialist State vs. an American Constitutionally Limited State built on American Exceptionalism and the principle that every life has a value endowed by Our Creator and that every life is a life worth living. The choice is between alternative value systems:  the Biblical (Torah) Worldview vs. the bloody and soulless Secular Humanism, Scientific Materialism, and Historical Determinism with the stultifying uniformity of the Leviathan Socialist State.

Fiscally, it amazes me that we, the Forgotten Taxpayer, are forced to fund a BILLION dollar “nonprofit” and PPA’s Annual Reports  through June 30, 2009)  from which some profit rather well and here(2010 CNS) Cecile Richards $400k   Note salaries paid.
(FYI:  I would not be considered to be Pro-Life by the standards of the Pro-Life movement.)

Second-Tier Issues
Restraining the Government Leviathan I would like to see Departments of Education, Energy and Commerce and the Export Import bank eliminated and their legitimate fact finding functions consolidated with, or merged into, other departments. These Departments and the Export–Import  Bank, in addition, to their functions of compiling statistics, are conduits  for massive amounts of taxpayer financed subsidies to the biggest American Corporations, corporatists all, corrupting both economic and political decisions for the benefit  of a few. Ethanol and Farm Subsidies come to mind; Boeing is prime beneficiary of Export-Import Bank guarantees, the centralization of education by the Carter Created Department of Education into a regulatory octopus that has not reduced cost or improved student learning.

TAX CODE and REGULATORY REFORM. Related to job creation and a growing, productive economy is restraining the kudzu growth of endless and incomprehensibly complicated Tax Code and business regulation.  Billions of hours of energy and work to comply with a nonproductive code would be re
leased to build and grow real, productive jobs and grow our standard of living.

BELLING THE CAT is mandatory.  Message and policies are not enough, for political campaigns (like businesses) are won by competently-executed plans employing quality personnel. The campaigns necessarily need  to create a statewide organization and to raise money (along with personal funds).  The challenges of money and fundraising are unrealistically ignored by TEA [Taxed Enough Already] Party Movement activists, who sometimes become fixated on policy rather than the reification of those policies.
The US Senate campaign for 2012 will likely require the Republican candidate to raise $20,000,000. Sen. Bob “98%” Casey, Jr. will have the support of every Pennsylvania and National Union who justifiably look upon him as one of their own.

From what I know, only Steve Welch and Tom Smith, and maybe Tim Burns (although Ray Zabourney is a huge drag) have the financial resources to create a state wide organization and raise the money to be competitive with Sen. Bob “99%” Casey’s financial tsunami.
Steve Welch’s campaign team, in addition to the competent Peter Towey, includes the very Establishment and very expensive BrabenderCox, which produced SEPARATED AT BIRTH video, the best I have seen, and Rick Santorum’s former fundraiser and well oiled insider Rob Bickart

Sam Rohrer has many loyal supporters but those supporters do not write checks and do not seem to coalesce into a coherent organization to deliver the message and to get out the vote. The Primary is 24 April and we will know a lot more by then.

Sam Rohrer has wide appeal and an organization but, as was shown in 2010 gubernatorial race, cannot raise the money to run a competitive race nor recruit an effective organization. Sam Rohrer’s messaging skills are exemplary and compelling.

Tim Burns is dragged down by the feckless but connected Ray Zabourney, a spawn of Self-Serving Senate Team of Jubelirer-Brightbill-Long-Nyquist-Crompton
It does not appear that Dave Christian, Laureen Cummings, John Kensinger have the financial or organizational resources or organization to run a primary.

The Candidates

It seems only Tom Smith, Steve Welch and [perhaps] Tim Burns have the financial resources to create a statewide organization and to raise the money to be competitive with the financial tsunami which will be mustered by  Casey.  Sam Rohrer must prove he can match these two criteria.


Tom Smith is My Guy. “Independent of Leadership”; “No Squish” on policies and principles and has the resources to run a Primary.

Steve Welch is working hard and his “Separated At Birth” is a gem, maybe the best political ad I have seen.

Tim Burns is highly accomplished and solid.

Sam Rohrer brings very positive name-recognition with an ability to center the discussion on the Constitution and Limited Government and the underlying values of self-government.

John Vernon personified the excellence of our military, but has dropped-out.

Laureen Cummings has been at candidate debate forums and has been well received from media reports.

I have not gotten anything from Dave Christian or John Kensinger and don’t know them nor do I know anyone who does.

I have met with Steve Welch and am very impressed. Steve is building a solid campaign organization with Peter Towey, formerly of the Toomey campaign, and advised by Wayne Woodman, the talented and independent chair of Lehigh County Republicans. Steve is meeting with all the committee people around the state in a well organized effort to obtain the Republican State Committee endorsement and, in my opinion, is the candidate most likely to get the Republican Endorsement.

Tom Smith is unlikely to get the endorsement and has committed to running a primary against the endorsed candidate. Tom Smith as the resources and is building a state wide organization to do that. Steve Welch, also, has the resources and organization and will have to run a primary even with the Republican State Committee Endorsement.

I don’t know if Tim Burns intends to run a primary if he doesn’t get the endorsement. By hiring Harrisburg Republican Insiders, Ray Zabourney and Jan Holman, he is positioning himself to try for the endorsement. I haven’t met Tim Burns, personally, but my sense is his bio mirrors Steve Welch’s as an entrepreneurial, productive job creator.

The Candidates, Alphabetically

Tim Burns is highly-accomplished and solid, an entrepreneurial, productive job creator.  I haven’t met Tim Burns, but my sense is that his bio mirrors that of Steve Welch. By hiring Harrisburg Republican Insiders [Ray Zabourney (and fund raiser Jan Holman)], he is positioning himself to seek the endorsement.  Yet, some feel that he is dragged down by the feckless-but-connected Ray Zabourney, a spawn of the Self-Serving Senate Team of Jubelirer-Brightbill-Long-Nyquist-Crompton.  I don’t know if he intends to run a primary if he doesn’t get the endorsement. Tim Burns has high and positive name recognition in the Southwest and good relations with Rob Gleason, the chair of the State Republican Party.

Dave Christian is from Bucks County, but I have never met him. He has served our country well and is to be honored for that service, defending American security and freedom.
Skip Salveson at Lehigh Ramblings: Christian, a veteran’s advocate and Philadelphia businessman, has worked with various federal agencies including the U.S. Department of Labor, under four U.S. Presidential Administrations in Washington D.C.  He is especially proud of his work in developing jobs, outreach programs and assisting returning war veterans in transitioning back to civilian life. Christian has consistently demonstrated his commitment to veterans. He was responsible for drafting some of the first Agent Orange legislation and for founding assistance programs which established Pennsylvania as the first and only state in compliance with federal regulations with respect to serving employment needs combat veterans.
From Dave Christian’s web site:  In his civilian life, he has owned and operated a number of business ventures. He established DAC Consulting Firm which focuses on developing relationships between American and foreign companies for investment opportunities. He is the president of a defense manufacturing company located in Northeast Philadelphia which builds ground support equipment for US Navy Aircraft Carriers.
Tom Fitzgerald, The Inquirer, Big Tent, writes on 11 July 2011:  He said his exploration “is going to be short and sweet,” and that whether he can raise enough money would be the most important consideration. Christian said he would put some of his own money into a campaign as well as raise contributions from others.

Laureen Cummings—  I have never met her; I’m told she is exceptionally articulate and knowledgeable. She is “TEA [Taxed Enough Already”] Party”-oriented and, thus, committed to Constitutional Limited Government, Economic Freedom and Personal Responsibility.  Competition and choice are keys to quality and, thus, she merits a serious hearing.  Her Communications Director [@ 570-291-5658] notes that she had 20-plus years of business administration experience before starting her own business adding that, during the three years after she had started and grown her business, she was
•    awarded Businesswoman of the Year by the NRCC Business Advisory Council
•    nominated and served 2 years as Secretary on the Board of the Greater NE Chamber of Commerce
•    nominated to Who’s Who among Woman.
She is a tea party activist and the Founder of the Scranton Tea Party but she is much more.
She is currently serving as Republican Committeewoman, Old Forge Ward 3-0. Laureen recently testified in Harrisburg at the Right to Work hearing giving voice to the many wives of Union men that feel enslaved by the very system that provides their financial security.

She is a small business owner in the field of health care. As a nurse and a business owner in the healthcare field, she has personally seen the effect of the government on her business and the lives of her patients. She knows better than any of the other candidates how important it is to repeal “ObamaCare.”

She has worked with multiple campaigns and helped with her precinct, tea parties, at rallies and marches all the way to D.C., and has a history of fighting for the rights of the people as well as educating the people of their rights.

John Kensinger — I know nothing at all about this Bedford County pharmacist. The website suggests his campaign is thinly-funded.

Robert Allen Mansfield –I have met Robert several times and he is engaging, transparently decent and patriotic with a compelling biography and message; all good but not enough. Money and Organization are fatally missing.

Sam Rohrer —   is well-known as a conserver of Constitutional principles.  He brings very positive name-recognition with ability to center discussion on the Constitution and Limited Government and the underlying values of self-government; his messaging skills are exemplary and compelling.   He has many loyal supporters who, alas, do not write checks, as was shown in 2010 gubernatorial race; he must show that he can raise the money to recruit a coherent organization that will effectively deliver his message and get out his vote in a competitive race.

Marc Scaringi —  I have met him and he is polished without being slick. Like Laureen Cummings, he does not seem to have executive experience. He is an energetic and committed candidate, but his financial resources are limited; he seems to lack an organization that would enable him to run a statewide primary.

Tom Smith —  is My Guy. I want biases to be candid. He has extensive financial resources to run a very competitive primary against the Establishment’s Endorsed Candidate. Not only has he built a multi-million-dollar energy business [evidencing strong entrepreneurial and executive ability], he is solidly committed to Tea Party principles. In my opinion, energy, particularly, Marcellus Shale is the key to productive jobs that raise our standard of living; Tom Smith has real world experience in creating energy jobs.  Tom Smith on Energy: There is no quicker path to American jobs than American energy. Tom knows we need an energy policy that brings all options to the table to reduce costs and reduce our dependence on foreign sources. The Marcellus Shale, American oil, and clean coal are tremendous opportunities to bring the cost of energy down and create jobs.

Steve Welch — is working hard; I have met with him and I am very impressed.  He is building a solid campaign organization, led by Peter Towey [formerly of the Toomey campaign] and advised by Wayne Woodman [the talented and independent chair of Lehigh County Republicans]; it includes Rob Bickart [Rick Santorum’s former fundraiser and well-oiled insider]. Also assisting is the very Establishment and very expensive BrabenderCox, which produced the “Separated At Birth” video that is a gem, perhaps one of the best political ads ever created.   He is meeting with state Committee-People throughout the Commonwealth, promoting a well-organized effort to obtain the Republican State Committee endorsement.  Thus, he may be the candidate most likely to receive the Republican Endorsement.  If he does not receive it, he still has sufficient resources and organization to run a primary.

John Vernon – announced he was dropping  out  on Dec. 13.

Did Gleason Say The Cool Kids Don’t Hang With The Tea Party?

A  little birdie has told me that Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason has given a directive that all prospective candidates stay away from the Tea Party crowd.

I think what the little birdie has told me is true.

I’ll be glad to be shown otherwise.


Pa GOP Tea Party Trouble

Pa GOP Tea Party Trouble — Pennsylvania’s Republican establishment has a Tea Party problem.

As indicated in an earlier post, establishment fav Steve Welch is not warming the hearts of those whose votes he needs.

Now, Paula Stiles of the Chester County Patriots is sounding the call for the common folk to attend the General Republican Meeting of the State Committee, which is 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Sept. 17, at Harrisburg Hilton, 1 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg.

“We are asking constituents from every county in Pennsylvania to attend. . . and personally experience the disdain that PA GOP leadership has for their fellow Republicans,” she says. “Please understand, the”leadership” is not elected.”

She says she already has at least one van-full of those attending this rather inconveniently scheduled event.

She asks that those planning to attend to RSVP at


Pa GOP Tea Party Trouble


Pa GOP Tea Party Trouble



Gleason Quits Quest?

Update: We have received a report that Gleason has quit his quest to be Republican national party chairman. Confirmation awaits.

Bill Russell, the  congressional candidate who gave Democrat power-broker John Murtha a scare in 2008, is begging fellow Republicans not to name Robert Gleason as national party chairman.

Gleason, who chairs the Pennsylvania GOP, is seeking the seat citing as creds his organization’s resounding success on Nov. 2. The Republicans in Pennsylvania flipped five congressional seats, the U.S. senate seat, the governor’s office, took over the State House and held the State Senate which gives them total control over Harrisburg.

Russell, however, in a widely disseminated email accused Gleason of throwing the 12th District congressional race in 2008 and this year in order to protect government-connected  policies issued by his company, Gleason Insurance.

Gleason is from Cambria County in the 12th District and has been that county’s GOP chairman. The 12th District was represented by Murtha for almost 38 years until his death Feb. 8.

Russell says Gleason had a close personal relationship with Murtha attending family barbecues and  having a picture of Murtha and himself — since removed — on the Gleason Insurance website, along with a list of customers who had benefited from a relationship with Murtha, also since removed.

Russell said he was warned about Gleason’s relationship with Murtha when he announced as a candidate in 2007 but the reality hit home when 15 different persons declined to sign his nominating petition or contribute to his campaign expressing a fear they or a spouse might be fired. Ultimately he was unable to get the signatures and was not placed on the primary ballot. This required him to run a write-in campaign which he remarkably won becoming the first in the state to do so as a congressional primary candidate. This meant he was on the ballot for the general election.

Due to the Murtha’s Haditha Marine comments,  personalities such as Michelle Malkin turned the race into a national one and the money poured in.

Russell said this presented a problem for Gleason since he was pledging to end the regions economic dependence on earmarks which provided the funding for the Gleason-insured businesses.

Russell said among the measures Gleason took to undermine his campaign was by attempting, usually successfully, to keep him from appearing with John McCain or Sarah Palin at rallies in the district — which McCain won as the Pa12 was the only congressional district in the nation to flip to the Republicans that year — and by leaving his name off the Republican sample ballots.

Russell says he immediately began preparing for the 2010 race and fully expected to be the GOP candidate albeit it he had two primary opponents activist Dave Battaglia  and businessman Tim Burns. Murtha’s death, however, brought the need for a special election  to fill the remaining months of his seat and this election was to take place alongside the primary.

Candidate for special elections are not picked by voters in a primary but by party people. Burns got the tap at the behest of Gleason.

Burns would lose the special election to Mark Critz, who had been Murtha’s district director. The race, however, again garnered national attention and money and most of the local publicity went to Burns and that gave him the advantage he needed to win the primary election.

In the Nov. 2 rematch, Burns did not catch the GOP wave and fell to Critz despite the district going for the Republicans at the top of the ticket.

Russell says that, like himself, Burns did not get the support of the Gleason machine.

“The only answer I can come up with for these questions is that Robert Gleason fully intended to lose the 12th Congressional District Special and Primary elections in order to protect his company’s insurance contracts with the earmark companies that John Murtha brought in, and Mark Critz promised to protect,” Russell says.