Rogers Howard Has Unveiling Before Delco Pats

G. Rogers Howard, the man who hopes to replace Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi as the senator for Pennsylvania’s 9th District told an enthusiastic crowd of 60 at The Delaware County Patriots, tonight, Jan. 11, that it was his grandchildren who are motivating him to run.

Howard said the state plus its municipalities are $125 billion in debt and that this debt is a form of taxation without representation on the unborn and the young which include his grandchildren all of whom are under 7 years old.

He said that the state Republican establishment is quite happy with the status quo regardless of what suffering should occur, and that this especially applies to Pileggi. He noted that the GOP took over  the executive and legislative branches of state government  last year after sweeping the 2010 elections.

“You expect to see the reform legislation that occured in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana,” he said. He said what we got though were long discussions about “red light cameras in Chester.”

Howard, who will be using Roger as his first name throughout the campaign, pointed out that Pennsylvania gets about $27 billion in revenue annually but actually spends about $65 billion. The money to cover the gap comes from bond issues, and regarding bond issues he said the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program is basically just a huge slush fund.

The program which was begun with $400 million in 1986 was given the ability to borrow up to $700 million in 1993 which was increased to $1.2 billion in 1999 and with continued periodic increases now stands at $4.05 billion.

The program is used to give Aker Philadelphia Shipyard its annual $42 million payoff to keep from closing. It’s also used to fund things like the Arlen Specter Library and the John Murtha Library which have each received grants of $10 million apiece and the Comcast Center which has gotten a grant for $35 million.  Howard explained that the actual cost of that $10 million grant is $33 million when funded with a 30-year bond.

Howard lives in Unionville, has a Ph.d in chemistry and served in the 82nd Airborne Division. He has pledged not to participate in the state pension system. He answered audience questions in which he spoke out in opposition to teachers strikes and in favor of the right to work. He said he is against gay marriage.

He says he will be getting a better website.

In other business, the Patriots passed out flyers regarding legislation passed by the State House that is being held up in the Senate run by Pileggi including HB 42, a bill that would make parts of ObamaCare impossible to enforce in the state.

Regina Scheerer announced that 12 members of the Pats including herself were running for committee seats — most against party wishes — and that help and funding were needed. She also issued a plea for help and funding for Howard.


PSEA Republicans

PSEA Republicans — Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi has compiled a list of Republican legislators that have accepted contributions from the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA).

The PSEA is the union that represents most public school teachers in the state and, ironically, is very likely the most anti-child, anti-education and anti-senior citizen organization in the state.

Here is Bob’s list — with his comments — of those who accepted contributions in 2010, which was the last legislative election year:

Senator Dominic Pileggi Senate Majority Leader what does that tell you?


Sam Smith Republican Speaker of the House

Republican House Majority Leader Mike Turzai.

Bill Adolph Chair of House Appropriations Delco  elected in 1989

Matt Baker northeast Penna

Karen Boback – she is major recipient of PSEA money and a former school teacher.

Mike Vereb  Montgomery County – He is in House leadership.

Chris Ross – from southern Chester County, very, very liberal

Marguerite Quinn  Bucks County, part of BucksCo Establishment as you know

Nick Micozzie   Uber Hack Delaware County, entrenched and entwined with Establishment. Has been in office since 1979.

Rick Geist  Transportation Committee Chair  Blair County has been in office since 1979 also

Bernie O’Neill from Bucks, like Marguerite Quinn

Gene DiGirolamo of Bucks County  integral to unions and O’Neill/Quinn BucksCo RINO Republican

Glenn Grell   Cumberland County

Jim Marshall   defeated Mike Veon

John Taylor Philadelphia, need I say more

Denny O’Brien  another Philadelphia phony R

Ron Miller  this is a shock. He is supposed to introduce Right to Work Republican York County

Senator Jake Corman, chair of Senate Appropriations Committee and interested in running for US Senate against Bob Casey.

Senator John Rafferty Chester DelCo closely allied with Sen. Pileggi

Senator Pat Browne Lehigh County

Senator Stewart Greenleaf Montgomery County very nice man, very well intentioned man AND very, very liberal man

Senator Ted Erickson DelCo and very close ally of Senator Pileggi

Note the number in leadership positions.

And some wonder why even with Republicans in charge we can’t end fire bad teachers or end teacher strikes.

Thank you, Bob. Click here for a link to Bob’s file where he includes his sourcing.

Or you can do your own search at

Remember to set search type to “Contribution” and to manually set the date range.

PSEA Republicans

PSEA Republicans

Senate Schedules Hearing On Privatizing State Stores

Tears may not be being shed yet but furrows of concern should be appearing on the brows of those at Total Wine and the other Naamans Road liquor stores in Delaware<

The  Law and Justice Committee of the Pennsylvania Senate has scheduled a Valentine’s Day hearing on privatizing the state’s liquor sales.

The committee is chaired by Sen. John Pippy (R-37).

The hearing will be 3-5 p.m., in 8E-B of the Capitol’s East Wing. It will explore general topics including the practice of other states. No specific bill be discussed.

Expected to testify are representatives of the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association, Reason Foundation, the Commonwealth Foundation, and Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation.

In other  legislative news, Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) has introduced SB 108 which will further restrict the employment of executive-level state workers by firms in which they had dealings.

Sen. Lloyd Smucker (R-13) introduced SB 110 which would let taxpayers easily see who is flying on state-owned planes.

The Senate Education Committee endorsed a lifetime ban on persons convicted of serious violent offenses, which would include sex crimes against children from employment in schools, and a 10-year ban on all convicted of felony offenses of working in schools.

Will Ed Still Write To Vince?

Gov. Ed Rendell was among those sending a letter to U.S. District Judge Ronald L. Buckwalter  praising convict Vince Fumo and urging an easy sentence. Will Ed Still Write To Vince?

Who says there is no honor among thieves?

It didn’t do that much good. Buckwalter gave Fumo –who was ranking the Democrat on the state Senate Appropriations Committee until his indictment in February 2007– 55 months today for his conviction on 137 federal corruption charges.

Hey, it’s still half-a-year less than what his predecessor as the people’s representative from  South Philadelphia’s 1st Senatorial District — Buddy Cianfrani — got in 1978. Take heart, Vince. Buddy was out in 27 months.

Also sending a letter of support for Fumo was former State Supreme Court Judge Sandra Schultz Newman, a Republican.

For an interesting explanation of Pennsylvania politics read the book by former Delaware Countian and judicial reformer (and martyr) Bob Surrick: “Lawyers, Judges and Journalists: The Corrupt and the Corrupters”. Free chapters can be found here:

Mrs. Newman’s son Jonathan chaired the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for 4.5 years until January 2007. He actually did a pretty good job.

 Will Ed Still Write To Vince?