BLM MAGA At Washington Rally

BLM MAGA At Washington Rally — For those unsure of the acronyms, BLM means Black Lives Matter and MAGA means Make America Great Again and is President Trump’s slogan.

BLM showed up Sept. 16 to protest the pro-Trump “Mother of All Rallies” in Washington.

What happened? They were invited on stage. The spokesman made their case with reason and decency. Sure, he got some heckling but he got more cheers. His message resonated with most of the crowd.

There are a lot of decent people in BLM and they have a whole lot more in common with the Trumpers than the country-club set that went for Hillary.

Regarding, AntiFa, of course, the entire George Soros-funded lot of them should be locked up.

Or deported to Venezuela anyway.

Here is the video of what happened at the rally. Hat tip 

And in related news, idiot liberal one-percent entertainer Chelsea Handler labeled Stacey Dash, Ben Carson, and David Clarke as “black white supremacists.” Real funny Chelsea. Ha ha ha.

Ms Dash, an actress who has come out as a Republican, gave this response.

Myself, Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke are “white supremacists” in black skin. Is that it? Because we disagree with the liberal, Left agenda–a wealthy, white liberal celebrity gets to slander a brilliant and famous neurosurgeon, a respected man of the law, and me? There’s an opportunity to invoke white privilege here somewhere, I’m sure. Wait, I forgot, that’s a title exclusive to conservatives only.

Liberals love to embrace wealthy celebrities who in turn like to fashion downtrodden victims out of their fan base and remind them that they are under the heels of…well, wealthy white people like them.

So…I’m a black white supremacist? It’s a stupid thing to say and it’s not funny. Liberals will laugh at anything at anyone’s expense because they pass it off as “I’m sticking up for YOU.” See, I get paid millions to sit at this desk, walk across this air-conditioned outside red carpet, fly in these jets and I get to tell YOU how to save the environment and fight climate change. I get to tell YOU who to vote for. I get to tell YOU how to think and what to think about people who challenge this progressive way of thinking that allows me to keep this opulent lifestyle.

Racial politics are just one of the techniques the corrupt bastards who run our political system keep decent people from uniting against them. Fight all tribalism.



BLM MAGA At Washington Rally

BLM MAGA At Washington Rally


Libertarians Rose Tree Park Return Without Hassle

Libertarians Rose Tree Park Return Without Hassle   — Those collecting signatures for Libertarian Pennsylvania 7th District Congressional candidate Patrick Sellers have returned to Rose Tree Park and are collecting them without interference according to Dale Kerns Jr.

Kerns, Sellers and six others were at the county-owned park in Upper Providence last night (July 21) during Summer Festival and plan on being there each night through Sunday.

“We thank (Park Police Chief Samuel S. Ziviello)  for helping resolve this issue,” said Kerns. “He called to say that his officers would not interfere with us at the park, and that he would be available on his cell if there were any issues. A few of the officers talked and joked with us. Nice night all in all.”

Libertarians Rose Tree Park Return Without Hassle Kerns and Sellers were chased from the park on July 16 after the petitions containing signatures were confiscated, and Kerns was later subject to a rather troubling car stop.

Kerns says the confiscated petitions have not been returned and appear to have been lost by police. This could cause some trouble for the agency — and the county, especially Councilman Mario Civera, whose name was given as having ordered the action — if Sellers cannot get on the ballot due to a lack of names.

Libertarians Rose Tree Park Return

Libertarian Petitions Confiscated In Delco

Libertarian Petitions Confiscated In Delco — In an exceedingly boneheaded move, Saturday evening (July 16), Delaware County Park Police stopped Libertarians from circulating petitions for 7th District congressional candidate Patrick Henry Sellers in the county’s Rose Tree Park in Upper Providence. Police confiscated the petitions and later chased down the circulators with intent to cite them for disorderly conduct. Libertarian Petitions Confiscated In Delco

“I was asked to leave the park and complied,” said Dale Kerns.  “I went to (the nearby) Wawa. After leaving Wawa on 252 by the Route 1 bypass, the Park Police pulled me over outside their jurisdiction on Route 1 heading toward the Blue Route.”

The encounter shortly before 8 p.m. was recorded by Kerns. One of the  officers says the action was taken at the behest of County Council member Mario Civera just after explaining why the citation is being issued.

Tough break, kid. You are young and there are many other police departments in the nation.

Solicitation is prohibited in county parks albeit this is generally understood to be for commercial matters and not for things like collecting signatures for candidate petitions.

Regardless, that the petitions were confiscated is drastically overstepping all reasonable bounds of law enforcement.

At least American law enforcement.

Kerns says that police ultimately decided not to file the criminal citations but they have yet to return his petitions with the names he collected.

He says he has been in contact with a civil rights attorney.

Among those with whom Sellers will be contending this fall — assuming he gets enough signatures to get on the ballot — will be GOP incumbent Pat Meehan.

I plan on voting for Meehan, but then I planned on voting for him in the primary too.

He doesn’t make it easy.

Here is Kerns video. You can see  why.

Libertarian Petitions Confiscated

Mayor Kenney Defends Islam After Islamic Attack

Mayor Kenney Defends Islam After Islamic Attack
God bless Jesse Hartnett

Mayor Kenney Defends Islam — Mayor Jim Kenney held a press conference yesterday, Jan. 8, in which he declared in the manner for which progressive-types have become famous that the attempted murder of Philadelphia policeman Jesse Hartnett, the day before had nothing to do with Islam.

“In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen,” Kenney said.

The assailant, Edward Archer, 30, of Yeadon, disagreed most strenuously.

He told police he did it in “the name of Islam”.

“I follow Allah,” he said. “I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State, and that’s why I did what I did.”

Gee Mayor, what if Archer had said he did it because he was a Mummer? Would you then take him at his word?

Words mean things. There is a reason why the violence in the world overwhelmingly involves the Islamic faith. By their fruit you shall know them.  The Koran is a document that purports to be from God and gives not just license but command to violence including murder and rape.

Hence we are obliged, at the minimum, to use words to oppose this. Denying the violence inherent in the sect — much less actually making excuses for it as the self-proclaimed progressives are inclined — is absolutely the worst thing to do.

Oh, and for you defenders of gun bans, the gun Archer used was stolen from police as reported by

Fortunately, Officer Hartnett exercised good gun control else Archer would never have been brought to justice.

Mayor Kenney Defends Islam

Lorena Harris Regional Chief Ranger

National Park Service Northeast Regional Director Michael Caldwell has named Lorena “Lori” Harris as regional chief ranger. The Northeast Region (NER) includes over 85 sites across 13 states in the northeast United States.  Lorena Harris Regional Chief Ranger

“Lori’s broad vision for ranger services hallmarked by a commitment to resource protection and public safety makes her a perfect fit to lead the Northeast Region’s Office of Ranger Services and Safety,” said Caldwell. “She will be a tremendous asset to the parks and programs of the Northeast Region.  She truly understands the role of the 21st century National Park Service ranger.”

Ms. Harris, currently acting regional chief ranger, has served as NER branch chief of law enforcement and emergency services in the region since December 2013. Harris succeeds Stephen M. Clark, who recently became superintendent of the NPS Western Pennsylvania Parks; including Flight 93 National Memorial.

Lorena Harris Regional Chief Ranger

OWS Police Captain Warns Of ‘John Wayne’ Cops

OWS Police Captain Warns Of 'John Wayne' Cops
Ray Lewis, in his Philadelphia Police captain’s uniform, describes problems in policing.

A retired Philadelphia police captain with a reputation for controversy and the mayor of Chester, Pa. were among those who described police realities and potential reforms to a crowd of about 20, yesterday, April 12, at a symposium on community policing sponsored by Democracy Unplugged.

The event was held at Swarthmore Borough Hall on a beautiful, sunny Sunday spring afternoon.

The captain, Ray Lewis,  made international headlines with his association with Occupy Wall Street. He said those who run police departments suffer from a “John Wayne syndrome” which affects  hiring decisions. This leads to officers not inclined to maintain good community relations.

He said police applicants are screened with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory which tests for, among other things, sensitivity and empathy.

Lewis said if the applicant scores high on sensitivity and empathy he is not hired.

He also said training is poorly prioritized with almost all of it directed towards  physical fitness, firearms and unarmed combat.

“Police work is 95 percent social work,” he said.

He  stressed the importance of good training officers and said that  dispute mediation and stress management should be emphasized. Lewis, who served 19 of his 26 years in inner city Philadelphia, said that his training officer was a womanizing, brutal, drunken thief. He said that just the nature of the job hardens one.

Lewis encouraged video recording police encounters by passersby.

“Good cops will love being recorded,” he said albeit he said praise has to accompany such recordings.

Lewis said that he believed that unlike in the United Kingdom, American police need to carry firearms.

He said his support for Occupy Wall Street came from his suspicion that most billionaires are lawless sociopaths.

Lewis was wearing his captain’s uniform which got him so much grief during the OWS demonstrations.

Chester Mayor John Linder said 533 guns have been confiscated from criminals in his crime-ridden city since he took office in 2012.

“People are solving problems with guns,” he said.

OWS Police Captain Warns Of 'John Wayne' Cops
Chester Mayor John Linder

Linder also took issue with certain shibboleths regarding diversity. He said that 24 of the 100 officers that serve his predominantly black city are African-Americans with five being Hispanic and the rest being white.

“My goal is to get police officers, good police officers,” he said. “My view is if we get people who reflect the hue, fine, but quality comes first.”

He thought the racial turmoil over recent incidents is overblown.

“I hear this all the time ‘what about Ferguson?’ I say what about Chester?”

Linder who as a young man took part in civil rights era protests expressed the opinion that these outcries are cyclical.

“How do you get rid of Fergusons? Get responsible police.”

He noted the Chester Police Department has had very few allegations of using excessive force.

“If you are professional, I’ll back you 100 percent,” he said. If you are not professional I’m going to deal with you 100 percent.”

Linder said that the urban environment is not as stable as it used to be.

“Calls come in too quick,” he said. “There is no time to sit down and make a friend.”

Swarthmore Police Chief Brian Craig spoke regarding policing in the suburbs.

Craig, a former Philadelphia police officer, said what he found to be a shocking difference was parking meters.

“In my first six months, 50 percent of my time was dealing with parking meters,” he said.

He said police work has gotten more dangerous than it was when he started in 1971. He cited drugs, the 9/11 attacks and the Columbine High School massacre.

He noted that the local police followed procedure regarding the 1999 school massacre setting up a perimeter as they were trained. The procedure, however, failed to account for the killings still occurring inside. Craig said the procedure has now been changed.

Craig emphasized the importance of community relations. He said that on the 25th anniversary of Philadelphia Columbia Avenue race riots, one of the local TV news stations appeared to be trying to stir the pot for an encore. He said, however, community outreach stopped it.

Regarding budget matters, Craig noted that school districts get their requests in first and overwhelmingly get the bigger piece of the pie.

William Taylor Reil, a constitutional scholar, warned of  widespread ignorance of the Constitution among law enforcement. He said, for instance, that the Pennsylvania constitution made the sheriff the highest law enforcement officer in the county, a  circumstance that is routinely ignored. He noted that county sheriff is an elected office unlike most police officials.

Reil also took issue with the term “law enforcement officer” having replaced “peace officer.”

“Law enforcement means don’t question just do what it says,” he said.

Libertarian activist Darren Wolfe spoke on community policing. He said privately run police departments could save money and be more effective. He cited as examples mall security guards and security companies hired by gated communities.

The moderator was David Easlea and the introduction was made by Bob Small.

 OWS Police Captain Warns Of ‘John Wayne’ Cops

21st Century Policing Is Topic

DemocracyUnplugged will host Sunday a symposium on 21st century policing. 21st Century Policing Is Topic

On the panel are Swarthmore Police Chief Brian Craig; Chester Mayor John Linder; Ray Lewis, a retired Philadelphia Police captain; William Taylor Reil of Chester County Sheriff’s Brigade; and Darren Wolfe of Community Policing.

It starts 2 p.m. at Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. 19081. There will be a question and answer session.

Hat tip Delaware County Patriots.

21st Century Policing Is Topic

Audrey Hudson Home Raided By Feds

Audrey Hudson Home Raided By FedsThe home of Audrey Hudson, a reporter for The Washington Times, was raided the pre-dawn of Aug. 6 by Maryland State Police and the Department of Homeland Security’s Coast Guard Investigative Service. They apparently were looking for a “potato gun” belonging to her husband, Paul Flanagan, who was a Coast Guard employee.

Flanagan has yet to be charged with anything although raiders did take notes pertaining to Ms. Hudson regarding stories she had written exposing problems in the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Air Marshals Service, and questioned her as to whether she was the Audrey Hudson who was writing those nasty stories.

The raid occurred at 4:30 a.m. and the raiders were wearing full body armor.

Have you read about this in the establishment mouthpiece papers? Silly question.

Audrey Hudson Home Raided By Feds

120 Police Officers Killed In ’12

120 Police Officers Killed In ’12 — Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa), last week, co-sponsored a bipartisan resolution, which passed the Senate unanimously, to honor the sacrifice of the 120 law enforcement officers that perished in the line of duty in 2012. The resolution also pays tribute to the more than 900,000 active law enforcement personnel who serve and protect nationwide.

120 Police Officers Killed In ’12

House Bill Concerns 911 Wireless Funding

House Bill Concerns 911 Wireless Funding — The Pennsylvania House. last week sent to the Senate a bill to restructure the E-911 Wireless Fund and ensure its viability in the future, reports State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

House Bill 583 would authorize the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) to provide counties with helpful suggestions to cut costs, including joint purchasing, regionalization and consolidation, all with the aim of freeing up funding in the E-911 Wireless Fund and saving individual counties a considerable amount of money, thus ensuring the continued availability of county 911 services.

The bill also eliminates the current back billing system in the E-911 Wireless Fund, whose budget is increasingly growing, and makes technical changes that would expand the spending authority for counties and their Public Safety Answering Points to ensure compliance with the 70 percent personnel funding allowed by law.


House Bill Concerns 911 Wireless Funding