Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard

Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard — For those keeping track of the Swamp-inspired, pre-election accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore here they are:

Gloria Thacker Deason — Moore was 32 and Miss Thacker was 18 when they dated for several months in 1979. She said it never went beyond kissing and hugging and her parents knew they were dating. Moore doesn’t deny this albeit he takes issue with her claim that he bought her alcohol during dinner dates when she was below the then Alabama drinking age of 19.

Debbie Wesson Gibson — Moore was 34 and Miss Wesson was apparently 17 — the Washington Post story was not completely clear — when they dated for about three months in 1981. Her mother encouraged them. He played the guitar for her and read poetry to her. He kissed her twice during that time as per Miss Wesson. Moore doesn’t deny this one either.

Wendy Miller — Moore was 32 and Ms. Miller was 16 when Moore asked her mother for permission to date her in 1979. Her mother said no and that was that. Moore doesn’t deny this.

Becky Gray — Ms. Gray was 22 years old in the late 1970s when Moore asked her for her phone number several times. She became annoyed, complained and Moore stopped. By the way, Moore was never banned from the Gadsden Mall despite the reporting by some.

Gena Richardson — Ms. Richardson was 18 years old when Moore dated her in 1977. She said he gave her a “forceful” kiss. Horrors.

Those of us with 21st century, urban sensibilities find it troubling that a man in his 30s would date a girl in her teens and with reason as the expectation is now that a man dates for sex and not to seek a potential life-long mate. Once upon a time, though, these age differences were not scandalous as the man was understood to be looking for a wife to mother his children and the woman would be looking for an established breadwinner to be her husband and father her children. That this bewilders so many shows the degree to which our society has fallen. Moore was obviously not looking to abuse and lose these girls as no sexual impropriety occurred, as recognized by all,  which gets us to the remaining accusations.

Beverly Nelson — Mrs. Nelson said Moore tried to force her to have oral sex in 1977 when she was 16. Mrs. Nelson’s story has fallen apart. Her stepson is calling her a liar and In a public statement made with Democrat hack Gloria Allred, she neglected to note that Moore was the judge who dismissed her divorce case. Mrs Nelson also displayed a yearbook note purportedly signed by Moore that appears to have been forged.

Leigh Corfman — Mrs. Corfman said that when she was 14 in 1979, Moore took her to his home, stripped to his underwear, took off her outer clothes, and touched her on her bra and under pants. Pretty creepy. If true, Moore does not belong in public life. We don’t think it’s true.  Forty-year-old accusations without corroborating evidence made a month before an election should be rejected on principle. Moore has unambiguously denied this — along with the incident involving Mrs. Nelson — and the behavior she claims he exhibited is contradicted by how the other women used as examples of his bad character say he acted. You can’t have it both ways. Further, sickos don’t quit. If you want us to get off the Moore Express provide solid evidence of teenage mistresses after his marriage or how he hung out with Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton.

Can’t do that? Well, we will just continue to accept that it is a hit job by Swamp Dwellers who fear a Sen. Roy Moore can’t be controlled and hence must not be allowed near the secrets of their corruption.

Tina Johnson —  Ms. Johnson, the eighth accuser, said Moore complimented her looks and grabbed her buttocks during a review about a child custody matter in 1991. She was 28. So what is it? Moore goes for teenagers or moms nearing 30? We will note that Ms. Johnson has convictions for writing bad checks and third degree theft, and that any woman can make this allegation if left alone with any man hence the allegation should be rejected on principle if made after 30 years.

Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard
Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard


Roy Moore Accuser Scorecard







Devin Patrick Kelley Antifa Coincidence And Atheism

Atheist Devin Patrick Kelley Antifa Coincidence And Atheism —  Devin Patrick Kelley, a creepy, God-hating atheist, killed 27 people during services in a small conservative church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, yesterday, and wounded at least 30 others.

Ir occurred the day after Antifa spinoffs declared they were starting a crusade to overthrow the government.

Just a coincidence we are sure.

Yes, atheism is integral to the Antifa movement.

In a related note, we have learned that Sen. Rand Paul — a Republican who is skeptical of government — has injuries far more serious than originally though.

Paul was attacked, Friday, by his neighbor Rene Boucher. Boucher is a Democrat anti-Trumper who supports “progressive” causes. Democrat violence is something to be concerned about and has occurred close to home.



Atheist Devin Patrick Kelley Antifa Coincidence And Atheism

Atheist Devin Patrick Kelley Antifa Coincidence And Atheism


Bunny Welsh Attack Backfiring

Bunny Welsh Attack Backfiring
Sheriff Bunny Welsh

Bunny Welsh Attack Backfiring — The very decent Chesco Sheriff Bunny Welsh got grief from the usual suspects after she noted on Facebook that she bought Dinesh D’Souza’s new book The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left and attached a photo.

It was offensive after the Charlottesville riots, they said.

She also committed the mortal sin of “liking” a Facebook post by commentator Kevin Martin, who is black, in which Martin said:

The reason why the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists are so freely called out and condemned by politicians, while Black Lives Matter, and Antifa aren’t, is because the KKK, Neo-Nazis and white supremacist pose no real imminent threat to property, and human life Antifa and BLM, Do.

And Martin is 100 percent right of course. The KKK and Nazis have today devolved into disorganized gaggles of incompetents, the smartest of which would have an IQ barely above room temperature on a cool day. They would have trouble disrupting a church picnic.

Antifa and BLM, however, are organized and funded by pros with a concise agenda. They are truly dangerous to every decent person of whatever race, gender or sexual orientation who wants to live at peace with his neighbor.

Well now, Sheriff Welsh’s name is getting out there. The Philadelphia Inquirer has written a relatively fair piece. and she has appeared on Dom Giordano and Chris Stigall.

She has told us the feedback she is getting from the public is almost 100 percent positive. There is, of course,  the usual suspects who are long-known and who no longer have a sting despite their prolific use of vicious words and their willingness to slander.

If the usual suspects are not careful they will succeed in removing her as sheriff — by putting her in Congress or Harrisburg.

Bunny Welsh Attack Backfiring

James Fields Acquittal What If

James Fields Acquittal What If — James Fields Jr., the driver of the car that killed Heather Heyer during Saturday’s riots in Charlottesville, Va, may be the most hated man in America. Media outlets are calling him sans qualification a “neo Nazi” and “white supremacist”. The President, himself, has been backed into calling him a terrorist and murderer not necessarily to the joy of the prosecutors who are going to find it that much harder to find an untainted jury.

It would be the ultimate display of hipster irony if the progressives broke into the jail and hanged him from a lamppost.

Fields is charged with second degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and failure to stop in an accident that resulted in death. says second degree murder is ordinarily defined as: 1) an intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned, nor committed in a reasonable “heat of passion”; or 2) a killing caused by dangerous conduct and the offender’s obvious lack of concern for human life. 

From the videos all of us have seen, it certainly fits but here’s a thought that will make certain heads spin: what if he’s acquitted?  What if his motivation wasn’t to cause harm but to flee danger as some tweets at the time seem to indicate? If he can show this, he will be acquitted of the murder charge and probably everything else.

So hipsters, progressives and media pundits, get your torches and clubs and rope and break into that jail now if you want done what you’ve already made your minds up about must be done.

Or else just ask what Clarence Darrow would do and let a trial happen. If Fields is found guilty he’ll be punished as deserved.

James Fields Acquittal What If

James Fields Acquittal What If

Anti-Trumper Accused Of Killing GOP Activist

Anti-Trumper Accused Of Killing GOP Activist
G. Brooks Jennings (right) with GOP gubernatorial candidate and state senator Scott Wagner at a GOP event. The photo comes from Brian Yanoviak’s Facebook page.

Anti-Trumper Accused Of Killing GOP Activist — Clayton Carter, 51, of West Goshen, Pa. has been charged with murder and related crimes in connection with the death of his neighbor G. Brooks Jennings.

Carter allegedly shot Jennings about 1 a.m. Tuesday (Aug. 8) after a dispute. Police said after Carter shot Jennings the first time he put a bullet in his head as he lay on the ground. Jennings was on his own property.

The Philadelphia Inquirer gave it a brief mention with the headline that it was a “long-running feud.”

What they didn’t mention was that the accused killer was a vocal opponent of Donald Trump and that the vicim was a Republican activist and strong Trump supporter.

This is nothing new.  Democrats lie when they talk about love and tolerance. When they accuse those who just want to be left alone of “H8” they are projecting.


Anti-Trumper Accused Of Killing GOP Activist

H8ers Gonna Kill

H8ers Gonna Kill
A screen shot of shooting suspect James Hodgkinson’s Facebook page in which he says “Time to destroy Trump & Co.”

H8ers Gonna Kill — A politically motivated attack on Republican congressmen at a baseball field in Virginia this morning, June 14, shows that those with large platforms better be as careful with what they say as they demand average folk to be with firearms.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA1) was wounded  and is in stable condition. Two Capitol Police officers were also wounded with non-life threatening injuries as was Zack Barth, who is legislative correspondent for Congressman Roger Williams (R-TX25).

Scalise is the third-ranking member of the House of Representatives.

The shooter, who was killed by the Capitol Police security detail,  has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson, 66,  of Belleville, Ill.

Hodgkinson reportedly inquired if those on the field were Republicans before opening fire with a rifle. His Facebook page promiently features Socialist-progressive Bernie Sanders. On March 22, he posted:  Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.

If one does not think that bloody images of our president presented by people praised by our elites don’t give license for violence then they are either delusional fools or employees at establishment media outlets.

The most dangerous person is one who thinks he’s inherently good and that fits the bill for self-proclaimed progressives. This type does not feel any need to try to understand those who disagree and finds himself able to justify any action whether it be slander, theft, vandalism, sexual abuse, and murder.

H8ers Gonna Kill

H8ers Gonna Kill





Progressive Personal Attacks And How To Deal With Them

Progressive Personal Attacks And How To Deal With Them

By Walter Hudson of

Personal attacks are so prevalent from the Left because, in the end, ad hominem is all they have. Their arguments fail objective analysis, leaving ridicule and marginalization as the only available weapons. However, as a weapon, ridicule is uniquely flawed in that its victim must consent to the assault. Don’t provide that consent. An adult does not flinch from the insults of a child, but rebukes immaturity with authority. You’ll find children come in all ages.

Realize that ridicule is at root an expression of insecurity, an eruption of vitriol from a caldron of cognitive dissonance. Pity your attackers. They walk away from your encounter as impotent as they came,refusing the insight you graciously offer. Is this arrogance on your part? Not at all. Arrogance is pride unearned. You are right, and you objectively know it. The arrogance is theirs.


Progressive Personal Attacks And How To Deal With Them


Lancaster County Considers Ending HRC

Lancaster County Considers Ending HRC — Lancaster County is pondering making a leap for progress by getting rid of its human relations commission. The county is proposing rescinding a 1991 law giving its HRC enforcement powers. This would eliminate the nine-member commission and save the taxpayer about $470,000 per year.

The dino media is predictably outraged. LancasterOnline.Com, the website for Lancaster Newspapers Inc., carries a hand-wringing article about how eliminating it would’ve kept a teacher from getting back a security deposit because she hadn’t realized before she signed the lease that a relative of the previous tenant had smoked.

Oh, the humanity.

Human relations commissions were born in the era of civil rights with the honorable goal of helping blacks overcome commercial discrimination. Now, as earlier noted the real problems facing blacks were not bigoted shopkeepers but government — laws, or their non-enforcement — that prevented blacks from competing with whites or white-owned business from pursing blacks as employees or customers; along with strange and pervasive concepts held as scientific facts and taught in our leading academic institutions that blacks were genetically inferior and must be subject to segregation and, well, even elimination.

Still, those first human relations commissions had a noble goal. The problem came when those who live to rule others realized that expanding the definition of those needing protection was a great way of expanding their own power and acquiring wealth. Disability laws were passed and life got harder for the small business-owner as the bureaucrats found new excuses to harass them. Circa 1993, for instance, every newspaper in the state received a notice from the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission warning them that accepting classified real estate ads containing phrases such as “walk-in closet” or “spectacular view” would subject them to investigation and possible penalties. Why? The former phrase discriminated against the crippled while the latter discriminated against the blind.


Most of that silliness has been shaken out but the mind-set remains of those who man these bodies and the fewer mandarins with which we must deal the happier almost all of us will be.

Even if it means having to open a window to air out the apartment.

So may Lancaster County succeed in its quest to progress to greater freedom and commonsense.

Lancaster County Considers Ending HRC

Swarthmore Celeb Author Likes His Quiet In Wasilla

Swarthmore Celeb Author Likes His Quiet In Wasilla — Expose author Joe McGinniss, whose HQ was once for many years Swarthmore, Pa. has moved his base to Wasilla, Alaska right next door to Sarah Palin.

McGinniss was a sportswriter for the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin (the original one), then a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer before hitting the big time in 1969 with the Selling Of The President, which described the marketing techniques used in the successful Nixon campaign the year before. He is best known for his true crime books Fatal Vision, Blind Faith and Cruel Doubt, all of which became TV miniseries.

McGinniss generally portrays his subjects rather unflatteringly.

McGinniss, who has written a critical magazine piece on Mrs. Palin, is allegedly writing a book about the former Alaska governor, but perhaps his move to Alaska is really motivated by a desire for peace and privacy. McGinniss has placed “no trespassing” signs all over the rented property and has threatened at least one news crew with arrest after they showed up at his door. The Palins have compassionately erected a 14-foot-high fence between the homes on his behalf.

McGinniss does appear to have a fixation on Mrs. Palin, almost  like something of out a Robert Mitchum movie — think Cape Fear or Night of the Hunter. He bid $60,100 at a Ride 2 Recovery eBay charity auction in order to win a dinner with Mrs. Palin. His bid came in second.

Still, maybe the best way for the Palins to handle this tense situation would be to invite this strange person over for coffee and cookies. The kids don’t have to be there, just Todd, Sarah and the firearms. They could set up videocameras to record the conversation, ask McGinniss a lot of personal questions and make sure he doesn’t get a copy of the tape.

OTOH, the fence works pretty well too.

Here is what Mrs. Palin has to say about it.

Swarthmore Celeb Author Likes His Quiet In Wasilla

Allee Bautsch Beating Politically Motivated

Allee Bautsch Beating Politically Motivated —  PatDollard.Com is reporting that New Orleans police have confirmed that the attack on Allee Bautsch and  Joe Young was politically motivated.

The attack occurred, Friday night, after Miss Bautsch and Young were leaving a restaurant in New Orleans that had been the site of a Republican rally and was the target of picketing by Democrat Party supporters.

Miss Bautsch and Young, her boyfriend, were followed from the restaurant and badly beaten. Miss Bautsch suffered a broken leg and Young, a broken nose and jaw.

Miss Bautsch is the campaign finance director for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is a Republican.

Allee Bautsch Beating Was Politically Motivated Miss Bautsch is the campaign finance director for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is a Republican.

Allee Bautsch Beating Politically Motivated