Pa Employees Who Make 200K

There are 25 state employees with salaries over $200,000, not including all the bennies of course.

Twenty-three of them are involved in education with five  of them from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA); four of them  from the  Pennsylvania Public School Employees’s Retirement System, (PSERS); and three remarkably enough professors at Clarion University albeit the Clarion income includes compensation beyond base pay.

The jive 25 are:

1.  John C. Cavanaugh, chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, $327,500.
2.  James Preston, president and CEO of the PHEAA, $320,000.
3.  Scott Miller, Washington lobbyist for the PHEAA, $290,000.
4.  Stephen Curtis, president of Philadelphia Community College, $277,584 (includes housing and car allowance).
5.  Alan Van Noord, chief investment office for the Pennsylvania Public School Employees’s Retirement System, (PSERS) $251,542.
6.  Tony Atwater, president of Indiana University, $244,620.
7.   Brian Hudson, executive director of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, $240,006.
8.  John Winchester, chief investment officer of the State Employees Retirement System,  $236,265.
9.  Alex Johnson president of Allegheny County Community College, $222,525.
10.Thomas R. Vilber, psychology professor at Clarion University, $217,882.
11. Brian Lecher, chief information officer at the PHEAA, $217,757.
12. Timothy Guenther, chief financial officer at the PHEAA, $217,757.
13. Angelo Armenti, president of California University, $213,000.
14. James W. Blake, professor at Clarion University,$209,841.
15. Edna V. Baehre, president of the Harrisburg Community College, $209,600.
16. Keith T. Miller, president of Loch Haven University, $205,136.
17. Robert M. Smith, president of Slippery Rock University, $203,930 .
18.William Buchanan, professor of library science at Clarion University, $203,621.
19. Javier Cevallos, president of Kutztown University, $203,484.
20. Francine G. McNairy, president of Millersville University, $202,831.
21. Kelly Logan, executive director of public service, PHEAA, $201,178.
22. Gerard Smith, managing director PSERS, $201,018
23. Mark Heppenstall, managing director PSERS, $201,018
24. James Grossman, managing director PSERS, $201,018
25.  Linda Lamwers, interim president of West Chester University, $200,000

Photos of some of them can be found here.

A list of other highly paid state workers can be found at this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette page.


Pa Employees Who Make 200K

Pa  Employees Who Make 200K