Eagles Faith Shines A Light Of Athletic Hope

Eagles Faith Shines A Light Of Athletic Hope

By Carla D’Addesi 

Eagles Faith Shines A Light Of Athletic HopeThe NFL, until recently, was a tax-exempt, non-profit, which had been shrouded in controversy regarding corporate tax breaks and secrecy about its inner financial working. Often regarded as an organization that promotes fame and fortune, while objectifying women, the NFL has been steeped in controversy among those who worship its very existence.

Millionaire NFL players nationwide used their fame to seek self-aggrandizing attention by kneeling, sitting and fist-raising rather than standing and respecting our American flag and National Anthem. Declining ratings and viewership by American citizens boycotting the NFL caused the horizon to appear bleak for the NFL as empty seats and poor merchandise sales reflected the annoyance felt by most NFL fans.

When out of the dark, a beacon of hope emerged in the unlikeliest of teams – The Philadelphia Eagles! “This little light of mine, I’m gonna’ let it shine,”a childhood song learned by millions of American children in religious schools or Sunday school captures the essence of today’s Philadelphia Eagles!

Courageous, proud, and bold, Philadelphia Eagles players have used their fame as a platform to express their very personal and strong faith as Christians in a time when the Main Stream Media and Hollywood elite shun the very mention of Christianity. Who would have thought that their faith would be on public display exemplifying timeless themes of the weak vs. the strong? David vs. Goliath?

Team unity and faith amongst a core group of Philadelphia Eagles players appears to be the motivation that propelled the team to NFL history, as underdogs, capturing a 2018 Super Bowl victory, 41-33 against the New England Patriots!

From Carson Wentz’s vow to play for an “Audience of One” to Marcus Johnson getting baptized in a swimming pool with Eagles’ teammates witnessing his ceremony in a Charlotte, NC hotel, the Eagles are not shy about professing their faith. Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz, Stefan Wisniewski, Trey Burton, Jordan Hicks and Nick Foles appeared to be in attendance at the hotel pool baptism and Christian re-birth.

Historically, the Philadelphia Eagles have boldly stood for Christ. In 1977, running back, Herb Lusk, became the first NFL player to kneel in prayer in the endzone following a touchdown. A few years later, Lusk felt a calling to become a pastor on Broad Street in North Philly.

In 1985, notable Philadelphia Eagle, Reggie White, voted by ESPN as the greatest player in Eagles’ franchise history, led Bible studies and Evangelical Christian ministries for the Eagles and the Philadelphia area.

Tim Tebow, 2015, became known for his humility and outspoken faith for the Philadelphia Eagles when he prayed in the endzone wearing John 3:16 under the black marks protecting his eyes.

I had the honor of meeting Tim Tebow’s Mom at the White House at a Pro-Life event in January, 2018. Referring to God’s guidance multiple times, Tim Tebow’s mom was an inspiration to me to continue to nurture my own children in following the narrow and sometimes unpopular path, laden with obstacles and challenges, towards Christ.

The Super Bowl LII MVP, Nick Foles, has recently announced his plans to become a pastor to high school students following his NFL career. “Unbelievable. All glory to God,” Foles said during the Super Bowl trophy presentation and MVP ceremony.

I believe this is NOT happenstance, nor coincidence but instead, divine PROVIDENCE. God’s providence is visible over our lives when we least realize it or least expect it.

Whether a football fan, Eagles fan or simply an observer of the celebrations in Philly this week, it’s hard not to smile in wonder and amazement at the strength of these young men who follow God’s calling rather than seek fame and fortune’s all too frequent rewards of “sex & drugs & rock and roll!”

Thank you for being American heroes. We all respect you. Especially our youth!

Carla D’Addesi is a well-respected author and vlogger who has appeared on Fox & Friends, OANN and CBN. She hosts ‘Your Family Matters’  which runs 7-8 a.m., Fridays  1180WFYL. She can followed on Twitter at @CarlaDaddesi and found on Facebook here.


Eagles Faith Shines A Light Of Athletic Hope

SEPTA Eagles Parade Schedule

SEPTA Eagles Parade Schedule — SEPTA has announced significant adjustments for service on Thursday (Feb. 8) for the Eagles Super Bowl Parade, according to State Rep. Alex Charlton (R-165). Free rides will be offered on the Market-Frankford and Broad Street lines, but service will be limited to select stops.

Regional Rail will board only at select stations and will service only select stations in Center City. Customers MUST have either a Weekly or Monthly TrailPass, an Independence Pass, or a pre-purchased senior/reduced fare ticket. Discounted Independence Passes will go on sale today (Feb. 6) for $10.

Please see http://www.septa.org/eagles  for complete information regarding service on Thursday.

That’s great Alex but couldn’t you have told us that all stations are open on the Route 101 and the trolleys will be running every 15 minutes?

And, more relevantly, what are you doing about ending prevailing wage and shaving up to $30 million off the cost of the new Springfield High School?

SEPTA Eagles Parade Schedule

SEPTA Eagles Parade Schedule

We Watched Super Bowl And Are Glad

We Watched Super Bowl And Are GladWe Watched Super Bowl And Are Glad— We watched the Philadelphia Eagles’ first Super Bowl win last night. It was the first football game we watched this season. We are glad we did.

The humility shown by the stars after the game with their praise of God, Jesus, their opponents and each other makes you believe that there is hope for the NFL.

Make no mistake, the anthem protests — there weren’t any last night — were the final straw for many falling upon a plague of unrepentant bad behavior  mixed with  hypocritical “social justice” virtue-signaling ranging from pink shoes to the forced drafting of Michael Sam.

If the league learns that masculinity is good, the “thug life” is bad and that the two aren’t the same, maybe it has a future.

We Watched Super Bowl And Are Glad


NFL Down 3 Million Viewers

NFL Down 3 Million Viewers  — The National Football League  had an average minute audience of 14.9 million this year. Last year it was 16.5 million. In 2015, it was 17.9 million.

The thing that should be scary to them is when they realize that many former viewers are finding that life is better without football.

Way to earn your $40 million salary, Roger Goodell.

May you greedy hypocrites rot.

NFL Down 3 Million Viewers
The roaring crowd, Dec. 31, at the Eagles-Cowboys game.
NFL Down 3 Million Viewers

Hypocrite Charles Barkley Spouts Economic Stupidity

Hypocrite Charles Barkley Spouts Economic Stupidity — Charles Barkley, who became rich playing a child’s game,  provided this bit of economic wisdom concerning the just passed tax bill, Dec. 21, on TNT’s “Inside the NBA”:

“Shaq, they said it’s going trickle down, I’m going to trickle my fat ass down to the jewelry store to get me a new Rolex. They’re not going to pass it to nobody. Thank you, Republicans, I knew I could always count on y’all to take care of us rich people, the one-percenters. Sorry, poor people. I’m hoping for y’all, but y’all ain’t got no chance.”

Leaving aside he’s likely going to pay a hefty sales tax on that Rolex, leaving aside the clerk’s job became safer because he bought the Rolex and leaving aside the store owner — who is probably not a one-percenter — is going to put the profit he made from the sale to things like providing food and shelter and transportation for himself and family, what exactly is stopping him from just giving half his wealth to the poor?

He’d still be richer than most of us.

Hypocrite Charles Barkley Spouts Economic Stupidity

Hypocrite Charles Barkley Spouts Economic Stupidity

William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 10-7-17

Hobey Baker, America’s first great hockey player, came from Bala Cynwyd, Pa.

Hobart Armory Hare “Hobey” Baker starred for Princeton from 1910 through 1916 turning down a offer of $20,000 to play for the Montreal Canadians.  He enlisted in the Army Air Service in 1917 for World War I and shot down three of the enemy. He was killed in a plane crash in France just a little over a month after the war ended.

F. Scott Fitzgerald admired him and based a character in This Side of Paradise on him.

Hat tip VFW magazine

Hobey Baker was America’s first great hockey player

Hobey Baker, America's first great hockey player, came from Bala Cynwyd, Pa.

NFL Kneelers Dixie And The Confederate Flag

NFL Kneelers Dixie And The Confederate Flag
Long may she wave.

NFL Kneelers Dixie And The Confederate Flag — I wish I was in the land of one-percenters and owned a football team.

And if my one-percenter football players were miffed about the unfairness of life — maybe coming from a violent community where 70 percent of  kids grow up in homes without a father present — and decided to express their pique by kneeling for the National Anthem, I wouldn’t get mad.

In fact, I would lower the Stars and Stripes at the start of the next game. While they were kneeling there wondering what was going on I would raise the Confederate Battle Flag in its place.

And as they, ironically, would stand in anger and confusion I would play Dixie in lieu of the Star Spangled Banner.

And when it was over, I’d announce on the broadcast system: “Now do you stupid bastards get it?”

Then I’d raise the right flag and let things continue.

Truthfully, I would not be welcome in the land of one-percenters. Most of them voted for Hillary.


NFL Kneelers Dixie And The Confederate Flag


NFL Means No Further Look

NFL Means No Further Look NFL Means No Further Look  — We’ve always looked forward to football season but various events in recent years ranging from collegiate scandals — twisted and banal — to professional hypocrisy has caused us to sour on the sport.

Football is not necessary for a happy life. In fact, we suspect that we are going to learn that it is more inclined to get in the way of one as we suspect we are not going to be watching that much this season.

There is one thing we are curious about: Will Chip Kelly cut Colin  Kaepernick as he did Tim Tebow — who actually earned a spot — last year?

NFL Means No Further Look

British Empire Rules Rio

British Empire Rules Rio — In Cold War times the Olympics were more than a sporting event and Americans would follow the medal counts almost as if they were news of a military conflict.

And sometimes the Soviets would come out on top.

Well, as of start of Aug. 15 the USA has twice the number of medals as Russia, 69 to 30, and even if one includes all the components of the former Evil Empire we are still up by nine.

British Empire Rules RioThere is a former empire, however, that if it had remained intact would overwhelmingly be in the lead. The British Empire has 98 medals as of this morning.

So, Rule Britannia

British Empire Rules Rio