SEPTA Gates Are Gone

The traffic gates that have been tormenting motorists for a year were removed Aug. 26 from SEPTA’s Springfield Road Trolley Stop in Springfield, Pa. Thank State Rep. Bill Adolph (R-165) who promised to get them removed and then followed through. It should be noted that stops remaining on opposites of the busy road so commuters will have to cross it either coming or going, which is something that wasn’t the case for about eight decades.

SEPTA To Remove Gates

SEPTA will remove the gates at the trolley stops in Springfield Township starting with the Springfield Road station where they have been causing traffic snarls for a year albeit things have gotten better in recent months,  thank you State Rep. Bill Adolph.

Plans also call for the removal of gates at Scenic Road and Saxer and Leamy avenues.

Spend thousands to put them up and spend thousands to take them down. Measure once cut twice could be the motto of any organization affiliated with government in this area.

Will the signal timing change at Springfield Road? I doubt they will be having trolleys once again make all stops on the northern side of the busy highway something that allowed the vast majority of commuters to avoid crossing it.

Springfield P.O. Will Move

It’s official, the Springfield Post Office that has graced Brookside Road in thePennsylvania Township for more than five decades is going to be moved to a yet-to-be identified location on Baltimore Pike. Also, the post office annex in the Springfield Mall will be closed.

Springfield has long been a non-delivery facility with mail addressed tothe 19064 Zip Code being trucked from the Media Annex on Route 452 inMiddletown Township.

The idea is to save money but do you really expect to see a cut in cost of postage — or your taxes? Not on this planet.

So, the bottom line is that there is going to be a decrease in service while we are charged the same if not more.

And the Democrats wonder why we object to the government takeover of health care that they are trying to foist on us.

By the way, the Post Office has a legal monopoly with regard to the delivery of most mail. A minor change in the law — which Congress has the power to do — would allow competition which would see a huge decrease in cost and a great increase in efficiency.

Sort of what happened when UPS and FedEX began competing with the delivery of packages and urgent letters.

The Fate Of The Springfield P.O.

The Springfield Post Office, which has graced Brookside Road in the Pennsylvania Township for more than five decades, may be moving with the rumors saying its new home will be next to Michaels Arts & Crafts, at 601 Baltimore Pike.

Postal officials are scheduled to give an full explanation at the Aug. 11 Springfield Commissioners meeting scheduled to start at 8 p.m. at the township building.

The building has long been a non-delivery facility with mail addressed to the 19064 Zip Code being trucked from the Media Annex on Route 452 in Middletown Township.

Springfield Fourth of July Party

I just got back from the Springfield Fourth of July celebrations. I missed the parade but caught the  party at Memorial Park. There was a fire juggler, a jazz band, pony rides and lots of friendly people and friendly dogs.

And it was great to see a lot of flags flying at homes on Springfield Road.

Greenbriar Lane Vs Sun East

The folks from  Greenbriar Lane and environs pledge to continue the fight to keep a Sun East Credit Union– and I suppose anything else new — from opening at the Springfield Square East Shopping Center at Woodland Avenue and Baltimore Pike in Springfield.

The big issue has become the parking lot, namely the one that Woodland Avenue has become.

The Springfield Planning Commission, June 4,  recommended 4-3  (dissenting Melanie Cook, Beth Burkhart, and Jim Base) that the Board of Commissioners reject the plan. Sun East and the owners of the shopping center — the most visible stores of which are Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond — are not giving up, however.

Springfield High Graduation

I was the honored guest of Kristina Donnelly-Brotzman at tonight’s commencement for Springfield High School’s Class of 2009 held on the football field.

The 255 graduates couldn’t have asked for better weather. The breeze was cool and the clouds never came through on their threat of rain.

Principal Christopher Fulco presented the class and described them as a force to be reckoned with, noting how they stood up to him regarding a ban on wearing flip-flops that he was allegedly considering.

Valedictorian David Smith included references to the Bible and the TV show Scrubs in his interesting speech. Salutatorian Ashley Kaminski attempted to follow Hemingway’s test of a six-word story by providing one for each year of her class. If I heard her right, the summation was “We wrote a story worth telling”.  Third speaker Michael Morrison thoughts were intelligent and reflective.

Class officers Sarah Fleming, Timothy Gillen, Sarah Kelly and Michael O’Hanlon then gave a presentation, followed by remarks by school director Stanley Johnson, who noted how President Obama has inspired the class and filled them with hope.

Fortunately, 97 percent of the class is going on to college so they shouldn’t have to attempt to enter the workforce until the Palin administration and hence hang on to their illusions.

Christine Wells announced special scholarships and remarks were concluded by Superintendent James P. Capolupo with help from a young lady named Katy who is expected to be a member of SHS’s Class of 2022.

The diplomas were presented always to cheers unlike at another school that shares the zip code and despite a no-cheer warning in small type in the program. Afterwards, those attending were treated to refreshments including pizza, water ice and chicken fingers. And of course a fantastic fireworks show which was appeared to be equally enjoyed by many of the neighbors of the school.