Chief Joe Daly Honored By Pa. House

Chief Joe Daly Honored By Pa. House — Springfield Police Chief Joe Daly has been honored by the Pennsylvania House in conjunction with receiving the Hometown Hero Award from the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce.

“Chief Daly has done an incredible job of keeping Springfield safe and cementing its status as one of the best townships in Delaware County,” said State Rep. Alex Charlton (R-165).

Chief Joe Daly Honored By Pa. House

Springfield Residents Warned Of Strong-Arm Robberies

Springfield Residents Warned Of Strong-Arm Robberies — Springfield, Pa. residents received a recorded warning, yesterday, April 18, from Police Chief Joe Daly regarding teenagers interfering with traffic, throwing rocks at trolleys, using drugs and drinking, and, most disconcertingly, committing strong-armed robbery.

He noted that when caught they will be prosecuted according to law. If the teens are township residents, as is likely, their parents will have received the message along with their neighbors and the odds are the behavior will be curtailed either voluntarily or via arrests and prosecutions.

This is very good proactive policing and township governance.

Springfield, by the way, has a curfew for teens running from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sundays through Thursdays, and starting 11:59 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays and national holidays.

Springfield Residents Warned Of Strong-Arm Robberies

Springfield Residents Warned Of Strong-Arm Robberies


Burying Bill Adolph, Not Praising Him

Burying Bill Adolph, Not Praising Him

By Rocco Polidoro
The political career of retiring State Representative William F. Adolph,165th District is a clear case of why Pennsylvania needs a State Constitutional amendment to install term limits and to lower the number of legislators.

Burying Bill Adolph, Not Praising Him
Rep. Bill Adolph

The 165th state house district covers parts of Morton, Springfield, Marple and Radnor. I hear Bill Adolph is a good guy in Delaware County but many people don’t know about the Bill Adolph in Harrisburg.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly has 203 members and the PA Senate has 50 members. Government watchdog groups have labeled PA as the fifth most corrupt state in the Country.

House members start off making $85,339 a year with excellent benefits. When Adolph started in 1989, he was earning about $35,000. Employee benefit specialists estimate that a great benefit package, like what state legislators make, is equal to about an extra 35 percent of their salary. Bill Adolph ended his 28 years with a salary of $120,000.

Employee benefit specialist would also say that the schedule of a state legislator is considered part time. The average full time worker works about 250 days a year whereas state lawmakers work about 125 days a year. In addition many lawmakers have other jobs or businesses which confirms the fact that their state jobs are part time. Plus they get over $600 a month car allowance, $159 a day for expenses and a full medical package which includes Nursing Home protection. So when one adds up Bill Adolph’s salary, his benefits, car allowance, per diem expenses, office rent, staff salaries and their benefits, the State of Pennsylvania has spent over $4 million in the last 28 years.

And there is no way to add up all of the gifts, conference trips and sporting events that had come his way in those 28 years.

Now that Adolph retires in January, he will earn about $120,000 a year in a pension with full medical insurance. The complete retirement package alone can total another $3 million over the next 20 years. So the grand total for Bill Adolph could top around $7 million.

Why do we tax-payers allow all this for career politicians ? There wouldn’t be any pensions with full medical benefits if there were term limits in place. Wouldn’t a 10-year limit be enough?

Our Founding Fathers never planned for us to have public servants spend a life time as a legislator and pay them a pension and medical care for life.To make matters worse, there are 252 other state law-makers that have the potential to draw millions. Now what did we get for the $7 million that we will eventually spend for Bill Adolph?

If you were waiting for property tax relief, Adolph never brought that to PA. If you support public education, Adolph voted many times to cut funding to our public schools but did vote to give millions to Charter Schools. If you supported cutting waste in government, Adolph was a major distributor of WAM (Walking Around Money) money for years. WAM money was unappropriated and unaccounted state money for special projects in the districts of the powerful lawmakers.

Adolph has had a history of not being a good steward of our tax money. While he was on the Board of Directors and then the chairman of PHEAA, the State Auditor General did a report in 2007 which showed that PHEAA wasted $25 million over a 5 year period. PHEAA is the state agency that awards college grants and school loans to college students.

Another example of Adolph’s poor stewardship of our taxes was when he voted in 2001 to increase the pension formula of state lawmakers, judges and teachers by 50 percent. As a result the 501 school districts in PA owe over a billion dollars to the state pension system. And because of this pension-funding crisis, many school districts will be forced to eventually raise property taxes even more.

In 2005, Adolph voted to raise his salary by 34 percent on July 7th at 2 a.m. with no input from the press or the public. Adolph took the first month increase but when the word got out and the pressure mounted on all of the Legislators, Adolph returned the increase in the second month. To prevent another fiasco like the 2 a.m. vote, Adolph and the rest of his friends, voted to permanently build in a cost of living increase so their salaries can go up a little every year. This way most of the public won’t know of their annual increases.

Adolph’s salary has gone up from $35,000 to $120,000. Can you vote yourself a 350-percent increase in your pay over a 28 year period ? You see my friends, we don’t need to be spending hundreds of millions on these politicians. And that is why we need to get behind groups that want to create term limits and lower the number of law makers. I

n PA there are 50 state senate districts. We are paying salaries and benefits for those 50 senators and their staff. Then within each of those 50 senate districts, there are four state house members like Bill Adolph. Why do we need four State House members in an area where we already have a state senator? It’s excessive representation and we over-pay dearly for it. If you think Adolph’s $7 million package is mind-blowing, try to calculate what we are spending through out the State for the hundreds of retired and active law-makers and their staff.

We have to impose term limits and decrease the number of law makers. It’s no wonder our state is now $1.7 Billion in the red. If we don’t change the State Constitution, you won’t be able to afford living in PA. Bill Adolph may be a nice guy but no politician is worth $7 Million.The hard working people of Pennsylvania need to wake up.

Mr. Polidoro is an outspoken Democrat from Springfield and has been long represented by Rep. Adolph.


Burying Bill Adolph, Not Praising Him

Delco Higher Tax Burden Than Philly

Delco Higher Tax Burden Than Philly — Delaware County residents have a higher tax burden than those living in Philadelphia according to a study by Pew Charitable Trust.

Pew says that a middle class Delco resident paid 14 percent of his or her income — $8,557 on average — in sales, property and income taxes in 2015.

And that’s assuming one did not work in the city. For commuters, the bite was 19 percent or 11,661.

The 2015 tax burden for middle class Philly residents was 12 percent or an average of $7,704.

This is a huge change from Y2K, when the cost for a middle class Delco non-commuter was about 12 percent of income which averaged about $1,184 less than a Philadelphian. Delco Higher Tax Burden Than Philly

We suspect the main reason for the change is increasing educational expenses in the burbs.

Springfield does not need a $130 million new high school.

Hat tip Dom Giordano.

Delco Higher Tax Burden Than Philly

Gary Byrne Suing Clinton Operatives

Gary Byrne Suing Clinton Operatives
That’s Gary Byrne on the left.

Gary Byrne Suing Clinton Operatives — The former Secret Service officer whose book exposed Clinton corruption is suing the flying monkeys sent by the corrupt couple to defame him.

Gary Byrne, of Springfield, Pa., worked as a uniform Secret Service office in the Clinton White House. His book Crisis of Character describes his experience with the Clinton machine.

When the book became a best seller, David Brock and his Democrat-establishment smear group Media Matters of America attacked. They said, among other things, he was “not in close proximity to President William Jefferson Clinton.”

Bryne’s lawyers have notified  Brock and Media Matters of America to keep all records associated with Bryne including “any communication(s) between David Brock and  The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

They have also demanded that Brock immediately and publicly retract “any statement or inference” that Bryne had not been fully truthful.

The lawyers note they may call George Stephanopoulos, John Podesta, Leon Panetta, Bruce Lindsey, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton as witnesses.

Byrne has threatened similar legal action against Jan Gilhooly, president of the Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service.

Gary Byrne Suing Clinton Operatives

Windsor Circle Snarl May Be Over By Friday

Windsor Circle Snarl May Be Over By Friday — Work continues on Aqua’s Springfield Road water main project in Delaware County, Pa.Windsor Circle Snarl May Be Over By Friday

Workmen say the intersection of Windsor Circle at Springfield and Rolling roads may open as soon as Friday, Oct. 21.

The major disruption caused by the work is expected to be over by February and the project completed by June.

Windsor Circle Snarl May Be Over By Friday


Springfield Man Fights Trump

Springfield Man Fights Trump — For our nevertrumper friends, former 165th legislative district candidate Jeremy Fearn is having a gathering 11 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 8,  at his home in Springfield, Pa. as part of a “United Against Hate Barnstorm” campaign. Springfield Man Fights Trump

If you want to stop The Donald you can RSVP here.

Frankly though, it seems that those against “hate” would be fighting to keep the person behind things like this and what happen to this man from gaining power.

Springfield Man Fights Trump

Clinton Secret Service Officer Addresses Springfield GOP

Clinton Secret Service Officer Addresses Springfield GOP — Everything you’ve heard about the Clintons is true.

Clinton Secret Service Officer Addresses Springfield GOP
Gary Byrne at the Springfield Township (Pa.) building.

That was the message best-selling author Gary Byrne brought to tonight’s (Sept. 21) meeting of the Springfield (Pa.) Republican Party.

Byrne who grew up in Ridley Park and attended Ridley High School is a resident of Springfield.

His book Crisis of Character concerns his time as a uniformed Secret Service officer in the Clinton White House.

“They lie about everything,” Byrne said. “Even when they don’t have too.” He said character assassination of opponents — political and otherwise — is their standard operating procedure.

Byrne was the officer stationed outside the Oval Office when Monica Lewinsky visited President Bill Clinton. He was the first member of the Secret Service to be subpoenaed to testify against a U.S. president. He noted that what got Clinton impeached wasn’t the sex but perjury and the suborning of Miss Lewinsky’s perjury. Clinton had sworn in an affidavit that he was never alone with her and pressured her to do the same.

Byrne knew otherwise.

Byrne said he knew his life would change when he was returning from a training assignment and listening to Howard Stern while speeding down the New Jersey turnpike. He heard Stern announce that Matt Drudge had revealed that matter of Miss Lewinsky’s blue dress. Byrne said he pulled over and threw up.

Byrne resisted testifying until ordered to do so by the Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Byrne also saw first hand matters that were reported in various place in the ’90s but dismissed  by old media. Yes, Mrs. Clinton berated an officer who was maintaining protocols at a Christmas party, namely himself. Yes, Hillary Clinton hit a  Secret Service officer in the back of the head with a Bible. Byrne watched it happen.

Byrne took questions from the audience. One man asked what he thought concerning the death of Vince Foster. Byrne said he had been acquainted with Foster and believed that he had committed suicide but much of what surrounded it was suspicious. He said there was carpet fibers on Foster’s clothes and no dust on his shoes as would be expected if he had walked into Fort Marcy Park to pull the trigger. He said there was an issue with the firing mechanism on the revolver Foster was said to have used. He said, however, that while strange, this would not make it impossible for that gun to have been the killing device.

He said one troubling matter relating to the incident concerned the treatment of his fellow officer Hank O’Neill. O’Neill was stationed outside Foster’s office after his death and testified that Margaret Williams, who was Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff, removed two handfuls of folders from it.

O’Neill’s character was besmirched by the Clinton machine.

One woman asked Byrne if he feared for his life during testimony. He said yes, although in hindsight he’s not sure how realistic he was being. He said that during a trip to Arkansas with President George H.W. Bush in 1991, a deputy sheriff had quite seriously implied the Clintons were capable of anything.

And Byrne does not dismiss the infamous Clinton death list. He said the July 10 murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Conrad Rich had the earmarks of the type of assassination that he is trained to stop.

Byrne served with the Air Force Security Forces before joining the Secret Service and later was a federal air marshal.

He said he was talked into writing his book by friends.

He said had been a Carly Fiornia supporter but is now one-hundred percent behind Donald Trump and is expecting to become involved in his campaign.

Clinton Secret Service Officer Addresses Springfield GOP



Fatal Motorcycle Crash In Springfield

Fatal Motorcycle Crash In Springfield — A motorcyclist died after a head-on crash with a car about 6:30 a.m., Aug. 27 on Springfield Road in Springfield, Pa. near Brookside Road.

Fatal Motorcycle Crash In SpringfieldThe driver of the motorcycle was thrown over the car and onto the trolley tracks, according to reports.

Fatal Motorcycle Crash In Springfield

Skyler Lawrence Rides Bike

Skyler Lawrence Rides BikeSkyler Lawrence Rides Bike — Skyler Lawrence of Florida has made another bit of history. She has learned to ride a bike.  Here she is for the first time with her Handsome Daddy.

She even did it again at the top of the hill to show her proud Pop Pop.

Skyler Lawrence Rides BikeThe event occurred on Windsor Circle in Springfield, Pa. It was where Handsome Daddy learned to ride as well.