Trump West Chester Excitement

Trump West Chester Excitement
Trump fans remained in good humor despite not being able to see their guy in West Chester.

Trump West Chester Excitement — Donald Trump’s rally today, April 25, in West Chester, Pa. was way overbooked and while 3,500 filled the venue at the eponymous university’s Hollinger Field House thousands more mingled outside unable to get in.

They still made themselves useful, however, facing off against a contingent of protestors — many of whom were bused in — on opposite sides of South Church Street.

Trump West Chester Excitement
Anti-trump protestors. Some held signs preaching love. Others held signs filled with insulting obscenities.
Trump West Chester Excitement
An anti-Trumper tries to be edgy by pretending to hit golf balls off this bus which brought many of the protestors to the site. The bus carried the Trump logo along with middle-schoolish sexual innuendos.

A line of police from several departments including Pennsylvania State Police, Montgomery County and Phoenixville kept the sides apart.

Except for some chanting, which was more often good-natured than not, nothing untoward was seen happen by this reporter.

Say what you want even missing it was more interesting than a Kasich rally.

A video of Trump’s talk can be found here.

Trump West Chester Excitement —

Cruz Kasich Play Survivor

Cruz Kasich Play Survivor — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced an alliance, yesterday, April 24, to keep Donald Trump from getting enough delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination in July.

They are missing that the American public is not watching “Survivor” but “The Apprentice” concerning this process, and not with The Donald playing The Donald but they.

If it is perceived that the party powers pick the nominee through backroom deal-making, the little guy and gal who had so excitedly voiced the choice they are ignoring  will look squarely at the Republican Party and say “You’re Fired.”

They will stay home and not vote for the congressional candidates, the senate candidates and the state legislative candidates. It could very well mean the end of the GOP.

People are sick of the political class. They are sick of how they use the spending that has gained us a $19.25 trillion debt to create filthy rich lifestyles for themselves. They are sick of their demand for approval of  strange and intolerant sexual lifestyles. They are sick of their unwillingness to confront an aggressive and violent political philosophy that stands against everything upon which this country was founded.

John Kasich has no chance at a popular nomination and should drop out. If Ted Cruz should shine tomorrow in Pennsylvania and the other primary states, win California and become the nominee at a contested convention, most will find that to be fair.

But if he gets it by playing kindergarten games it is over, and this alliance with Kasich is an indication that that is what he plans to do.

Regarding tomorrow’s Pennsylvania primary, the delegates pledging themselves to Trump in the 7th Congressional District are Ralph Wike of Springfield and Jan Ting of Haverford Township.

A list of delegates statewide is here.

Here is Trump’s statement on the Cruz Kasich Survivor Alliance.

Cruz Kasich Play Survivor It is sad that two grown politicians have to collude against one person who has only been a politician for ten months in order to try and stop that person from getting the Republican nomination.

Senator Cruz has done very poorly and after his New York performance, which was a total disaster, he is in free fall and as everyone has seen, he does not react well under pressure. Also, approximately 80 percent of the Republican Party is against him. Governor Kasich, who has only won 1 state out of 41, in other words, he is 1 for 41 and he is not even doing as well as other candidates who could have stubbornly stayed in the race like him but chose not to do so. Marco Rubio, as an example, has more delegates than Kasich and yet suspended his campaign one month ago. Others, likewise, have done much better than Kasich, who would get slaughtered by Hillary Clinton once the negative ads against him begin. 85 percent of Republican voters are against Kasich.

Collusion is often illegal in many other industries and yet these two Washington insiders have had to revert to collusion in order to stay alive. They are mathematically dead and this act only shows, as puppets of donors and special interests, how truly weak they and their campaigns are. I have brought millions of voters into the Republican primary system and have received many millions of votes more than Cruz or Kasich. Additionally, I am far ahead of both candidates with delegates and would be receiving in excess of 60 percent of the vote except for the fact that there were so many candidates running against me.

Because of me, everyone now sees that the Republican primary system is totally rigged. When two candidates who have no path to victory get together to stop a candidate who is expanding the party by millions of voters, (all of whom will drop out if I am not in the race) it is yet another example of everything that is wrong in Washington and our political system. This horrible act of desperation, from two campaigns who have totally failed, makes me even more determined, for the good of the Republican Party and our country, to prevail!

Cruz Kasich Play Survivor

Trump 7th District Supporters

Trump 7th District SupportersTrump 7th District Supporters — Here is what is likely the final breakdown on who the five candidates for presidential delegates from Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District will support at Republican Convention in Cleveland, July 18-21.

Party-endorsed Michael Puppio, Joan Miller and Bob Willert have pledged themselves to the district winner on the first ballot. Ralph E. Wike III and Jan C. Ting have declared for Donald Trump.

Ting initially declared himself uncommitted as he thought he was required to do so by party rules. He came out for Trump, however, on today’s, April 20, Laura Ingraham Show.

Pennsylvania is sending 71 delegates to Republican Presidential Convention, July 18-21 in Cleveland. Seventeen will be bound to the state’s top vote-getter. The remaining 54 — three per congressional district — have no restriction but their word of honor as for whom they may vote.

Lois Kaneshiki, who chairs the Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania, has been diligently compiling the declarations of the congressional district delegates state-wide which can be found here.

For Trump supporters, a more definitive list of those who back your guy can be found here.

The horribly gerrymandered 7th District consists of parts of Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, Lancaster and Berks counties.

Trump 7th District Supporters


Trump Gets Big Pennsylvania Endorsement

Trump Gets Big Pennsylvania Endorsement
Joe Gale

Trump Gets Big Pennsylvania Endorsement — Newly elected Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale, who is one of the state’s top Republicans has come out strong for Donald Trump for president.

He made his endorsement Thursday, Feb. 25, on  Dom Giordano’s WPHT radio show.

“One hundred percent, I am a Trump guy,” he told Giordano. “I tell it like it is, just like Trump. I am a little different though, you know, different hair, smaller wallet. But, people are frustrated…and they are in desperate need for somebody who is a voice for the people.”

After the interview, further explained his support of businessman Donald Trump.

“Just as I did during my election in 2015 and continue to do as public servant, Donald Trump embraces the title of ‘Outsider’ and ‘Common Sense Conservative’,” said Gale.

Gale’s victorious campaign for County Commissioner is considered to be one of the biggest upsets in Pennsylvania’s 2015 election cycle.

First, the 26-year-old took on the Republican Party establishment’s endorsed candidates and won the Republican nomination for Montgomery County’s highest elected office in the May Primary Election.

He noted that opposition from his own political party carried over into the general election but with an independent grassroots campaign, was still able to garner enough support from Republican, Democrat, and Independent voters to earn a position on the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

“The last thing we need is another Washington insider. Trump is refreshing. Like me, he is beholden to no one except the people. I am proud to support Donald Trump and look forward to helping him achieve victory in Pennsylvania,” said Gale.

Montgomery County, the state’s third largest county in population, plays a major factor in statewide elections. Even though Democrats outnumber Republicans in Montgomery County, the more than 200,000 registered republicans make  Gale one of the highest ranking Republicans in the Commonwealth.

Trump Gets Big Pennsylvania Endorsement

Trump Al Wilson And Snakes

Trump Al Wilson And SnakesTrump Al Wilson And Snakes — Donald Trump at a rally in Cedar Falls, Iowa read the lyrics from a song which few Millennials know by  a singer which few Millennials have heard to illustrate the wisdom of allowing Muslim refugees from ISIS controlled territory.

He made it work.

The singer is Al Wilson and the song is The Snake which was released in 1968.

Here are the lyrics.

On her way to work one morning, down the path along the lake, a tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake.  His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.  ‘Oh, well,’ she cried, ‘I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you.’  ‘Take me in, O tender woman, take me in, for heaven’s sake.  Take me in, O tender woman,’ sighed the vicious snake.  She wrapped him up all cozy in a curvature of silk and then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk.  Now, she hurried home from work that night.  As soon as she arrived, she found that pretty snake she’d taken in and revived.  ‘Take me in, O tender woman.  Take me in, for heaven’s sake.  Take me in, O tender woman,’ sighed the vicious snake. 

“Now she clutched him to her bosom.  ‘You’re so beautiful,’ she cried, ‘but if I hadn’t brought you in, by now you would have died.’  She stroked his pretty skin, and then she kissed him and held him tight.  But instead of saying ‘thank you,’ that snake gave her a vicious bite.  ‘Take me in, O tender woman.  Take me in, for heaven’s sake.  Take me in, O tender woman,’ sighed the vicious snake.  ‘I saved you,’ cried the woman, ‘and you bit me.  Heavens, why?  You know your bite is poisonous, and now I’m going to die.’  ‘Oh, shut up, silly woman,’ said the reptile with a grin.  ‘You knew darn well I was a snake before you took me in.’

And here is the song.

Trump Al Wilson And Snakes

Hat tip Rush Limbaugh