Trump Battles Vote Fraud — Remember Michigan Recount

Trump Battles Vote Fraud — President Trump has implied that vote fraud was the cause of his popular vote loss last November and oh how the establishment propagandists are having a cow.

One reporter asked Sean Spicer at yesterday’s (Jan. 24) press conference if the president is going to ask for an investigation into the matter.

Well, yes. Yes he is.

Vote fraud obviously happens and the reason why rather mild commonsense attempts to minimize it are shouted down is because those doing the shouting want it to continue.

For Pete’s sake, you need a photo ID to get into Costco.

With that said, we have concluded that photo ID is not the best hill upon which to fight.

A better one here in the Keystone State would be to giving poll watchers state-wide access rather than be restricted to the county in which they live. For some reasons, Democrats — especially those in Philly — are opposed to this mild reform just as they were to photo ID.

And for those sneering at Spicer and Trump, remember when Jill Stein got a recount to challenge Trump’s win in Michigan? The recount was stopped two days after it started only after major, almost laughable, irregularities were found in Detroit, which overwhelmingly supported Clinton.

Just a coincidence we are sure. Trump Battles Vote Fraud

Trump Battles Vote Fraud



Detroit Vote Fraud Indication

Detroit Vote Fraud Indication — Detroit News reports that a third of Detroit precincts registered more votes than people who voted.

Detroit Vote Fraud IndicationThis is a pretty good indication of vote fraud.

Donald Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes or about .2 percent. The revelation regarding the Motor City — which overwhelmingly went for Hillary Clinton as big cities are wont — means that Trump’s margin of victory was likely much higher.

Considering the obvious voting by those here illegally, and reports of major vote fraud in Nevada – a state that Trump lost where he was actually ahead in the polls — cleaning up our election system must be a priority now that Republicans are holding the reins in most places.

In Pennsylvania, poll watchers should be certified on a state-wide basis and allowed access to any precinct of their choosing, which is not the case now.

Independents and minor party representatives should also be allowed easy certification for poll watching.

Data should be shared nationally regarding registration, and criminal penalties imposed for those registered in more than one location. Bummer, Swarthmore College kids.

And yes, when one registers to vote it should be confirmed that that person is a citizen.

Allowing someone to vote illegally is every bit a violation on civil rights as keeping someone from voting. It’s bizarre that some fail to comprehend this.

Detroit Vote Fraud Indication


Massive Nevada Voter Fraud

Massive Nevada Voter Fraud –Donald Trump lost Nevada, Nov. 8, by 26,434 votes. Maybe he didn’t lose it at all.

Massive Nevada Voter Fraud
Did he win Nevada too?

Newsmax is reporting the U.S. Postal Service certified returned mail from 9,200 persons on the voter roll in State Assembly District 15 which is Clark County. The votes cast in the district were 17,086.

Many of returned names belonged to deceased persons or of celebrities like Edward Snowden who obviously did not live in the district.

The investigation was initiated by Republican Assembly candidate Stan Vaughan who lost his race by 6,942 votes, an ostensible landslide, unless, of course, there were 9,000 fraudulent votes for his opponent in which case Vaughan would have won.

Vaughn said a sample of 200 of the returned names showed that 185 had indeed voted.

Further Vaughan said many including himself was prohibited from voting because the poll worker claimed that he had already did.

Clark County has 42 State Assembly districts most of which were won by Democrats. If there were 9,000 bad votes cast in just one and the Republican candidates themselves were kept from voting, we can add another state to the Trump win column.

Yes, Jill Stein is a hypocrite.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.

Massive Nevada Voter Fraud


Half of FieldWorks Voter Applications May Be Bad

Half of FieldWorks Voter Applications May Be Bad —  Thousands of Delaware County, Pa. voter registration forms filed by a Democratic electioneering organization may be illegitimate, Delaware County Republican leaders said at a press conference, today, Nov. 3 at the Delaware County Government Center in Media.

The vote fraud scheme was found when Pennsylvania State Police raided the Norwood offices of FieldWorks LLC . A search warrant was issued, Oct. 28.

“Of the 7,000 (forms) that were jammed down the throats of the commission here, it is estimated that 3,500 have some sort of infirmity,” Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Pa7) said.  Half of FieldWorks Voter Applications May Be Bad

Meehan said these infirmities include fraudulent information and filing after the Oct. 11 deadline. He noted that 52 applicants registered at addresses that don’t exist. He said one apparent voter appeared to be registered nine times at five different addresses.

Meehan, who was joined  by Springfield Republican Chairman Mike Puppio and county GOP Chairman Andy Reilly, also questioned why so many of the registration forms purportedly collected from Delaware County voters were filed to the state, not at local offices.

“At the last second, literally thousands of these applications were not sent to Delaware County and the commission, they were sent to the state to circumvent the requirements,” he said. “Why would someone from Norwood drive to Harrisburg … and deliver them there rather than coming right up the street and deliver them in Delaware County?”

Meehan said  it was deliberately done “to gum up the works and make it more difficult for those commissioners to oversee” if they were legitimate.

The Delaware County Voter Registration Commission – a bi-partisan board – will hold a hearing Friday to determine whether the forms were timely submitted. An ongoing review by election officials has revealed problems with hundreds of applications, from addresses that don’t exist to Social Security numbers or driver’s license numbers that don’t match.

FieldWorks clients consist of Democrat and other extreme, power-driven leftist organizations.

Half of FieldWorks Voter Applications May Be Bad

Vote Fraud Real

Vote Fraud Real — A hip, edgy Hillary supporter has been caught filing voter registration applications for dead people in Virginia.

Andrew Spieles, a James Madison University student working for HarrisonburgVotes, has admitted to submitting 19 applications of dead individuals, according to

Vote Fraud Real
I see dead people. They don’t even know they vote Democrat.

HarrisonburgVotes is a Democrat-affiliated group. Spieles, of course, is a member of that noble party.

A clerk was double-checking the entries of registered voters in the Shenandoah Valley city of Harrisonburg and recognized the name Richard Allen Claybrook Sr., who was a retired elementary school principle and World War II veteran. He had died in 2014 at the age of 87.

It appears that Spieles is not facing any charges. Since he was caught, however, he was fired by HarrisonburgVotes according to reports.

Vote Fraud Real


Conservatives Blast Colorado Killer

Conservatives Blast Colorado Killer
Planned Parenthood shooter Richard Dear identified himself as a woman.

Bob Small sent me a note regarding comments made by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee this morning (Nov. 29) on CNN’s “State of the Union” concerning Friday’s shootings at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

“What he did is domestic terrorism, and what he did is absolutely abominable, especially to us in the pro-life movement, because there’s nothing about any of us that would condone or in any way look the other way on something like this,” Huckabee said.

Megadittos Governor. No decent person can defend this sickness.

We are still not quite willing to give the incident the T label until more information comes out as we may find that the shooter, 57-year-old Richard Dear, might fall into the “I hear voices” category rather than someone with a religious or political agenda.

It has been learned to the dismay of some that Dear, an ugly bearded man, identified himself as a woman on his voter registration  form and did not affiliate with a political party.

He also has a long history of violence and petty violations.

It seems wiser  to have the taxonomy of evil  categorize “terrorism” as something requiring more planning than whim else just about every act of violence could be labeled such.

And the police have been careful about speculating about Dear’s motive.

Regardless, Dear is scum and as he was taken alive we will soon learn his motives and the amount of thought he put into the attack.

And here’s a quite inappropriate but rather important question for those of us concerned about the integrity of the voting process to ask: Was Dear, who identified himself as a female voter, allowed to vote?

Conservatives Blast Colorado Killer




Delco Disenfranchised Dems Removed

Delco Disenfranchised Dems Removed
Bob Guzzardi, whose case was cited by Delaware County Common Pleas Court Judge James Proud in removing three Democrats from the Delaware County Council Primary ballot.

Jack Evans of Norwood, Richard Womack of Darby Township, and Christine Reuther of Wallingford were removed from the Delaware County Council (Pa) Democrat primary ballot for failing to file the proper report with the proper bureaucrat.

The three filed statements of financial disclosure with the Board of Elections but failed to provide a copy to the County Clerk.

Common Pleas Court Judge James Proud said because of that “no ballot for you”.

Proud cited the infamous Bob Guzzardi ruling handed down May 20 in which the state Supreme Court ruled that Guzzardi  could not appear on last spring’s Republican gubernatorial primary ballot because his paperwork was not perfect.

What the Democrats did was a technical mistake. As they are accused of neither acquiring enough signatures nor presenting false ones, it is obvious that enough people want them on the ballot for there to be an election.

As they filed statements of financial interest publicly, they obviously were not trying to avoid scrutiny.

The proper recourse would have been for Proud to tell Evans et al to file the documents correctly and in the case of Evans to sign it and get it notarized. The only deadline that should be immutable is the presentation of signatures. Technical stuff should always take a backseat to democracy.

Delaware County Daily Times editor Phil Heron, however, notes that only 250 write-in signatures are needed for them to get on the ballot. You don’t think there are 250 Democrats in this county willing to do that? You don’t think this is going to make the Democrats more motivated and not less, and  nominal Republicans more suspicious of those now holding power hence sympathetic to the Dems.

Don’t assume party loyalty is the force it once was. See Scott Wagner.

The people really are getting sick of sneakiness.

Bob Guzzardi did not have a prayer of beating Tom Corbett last spring. Because Corbett played dirty, though, he burned all his bridges with the anti-corruption activists supporting Guzzardi and went from having a tiny, smidgen of a chance to win the general to none.

Vote fraud is bad and must be punished severely. Technical errors are not vote fraud. It’s sickly ironic that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which shot down a sensible photo voter ID law upholds these banana republic  games.

For the record, County Democratic Party Chairman David Landau has vowed to appeal to the higher courts.

The Democrats were represented by J. Manly Parks, of Duane & Morris

 Delco Disenfranchised Dems Removed


Vote Fraud Plea For Delco Dem Candidate

Vince Rongione, who was the Democrat’s candidate in the Pennsylvania 163 District State House race last fall, has accepted a plea deal on charges related to voter fraud, according to a press release sent by the Delaware County Republican Party. Vote Fraud Plea For Delco Dem Candidate

The  told ya so is appropriate. The GOP raised the issue in October after it was learned that Rongione did not live in the district for the required amount of time and lied on a a change of voter registration that he did.

Rongione surrendered himself to arrest, Feb. 18, waived his preliminary hearing, and was admitted to the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program for first time offenders. It was  part of a deal his attorney arranged with a special prosecutor.  According to news reports, under the terms of the deal Rongione must complete community service, serve six months of probation, and pay a fine for his actions.

Delaware County GOP Chairman Andy Reilly called the plea and sentence “vindication”.

“We  always maintained that in pursuing his candidacy, Vince Rongione committed voter fraud and signed election documents that he knew to be false,” said Reilly. “This is vindication of our complaints that Rongione knowingly and deliberately violated the Pennsylvania Constitution and election law by attempting to establish a bogus residency.  Despite this clear violation of the law, Rongione received the fervent and ardent support of the Delaware County Democratic Party in this deception of Delaware County voters.”

The 163rd seat had been vacated by Republican Nick Micozzie after decades of service and the Dems had high hopes they could snatch it. On Election Night the hopes came to naught despite the cheating as Jamie Santora beat Rongione 11,362 to 9,963 (unofficially).

Vote Fraud Plea For Delco Dem Candidate

Vote Fraud Stopping

USAToday on Sunday (Nov.2) published an article by former Attorney General  Edwin Meese and former Ohio Secretary of State and Cincinnati Mayor J. Kenneth Blackwell in which they explain how to end vote fraud.

Yes, Virginia, vote fraud exists.

Besides  recommending photo-voter ID laws  — if it’s good enough for a liquor store it should be good enough for a polling place — they also suggested ending early voting and same-day registration.

You can read the column here.

Vote Fraud Stopping

Vote Fraud Stopping


Rongione Made False Claim Of Residency Says GOP

The Delaware County Republican Party today, Oct. 27, filed complaints with the Delaware County Board of Elections and Delaware County Voter Registration Commission against Democrat Vince Rongione, a candidate for State Representative in the 163rd Legislative District. The complaints ask the agencies to investigate Rongione for violations of Pennsylvania’s Voter Registration and state election laws.

Under the Pennsylvania Constitution, an individual must be a resident of the district in which they are running for a minimum of one year prior to the election. In October 2013, the last date to file a voter registration prior to the 2013 general election, Rongione filed a change of voter registration with an address of 1251 Wilson Drive, located in Upper Darby’s 3-7 voting district. However, newly obtained witness statements show that the property was for sale, unoccupied, and vacant – despite Rongione’s assertion that he was residing there according to his voter registration form, county GOP Chairman Andy Reilly said.

The real estate agent who listed the property has provided a statement that he visited the property weekly from July 2013 through January 2014 and that the residence was vacant and unoccupied the entire time, Reilly says. Similar statements from a neighbor of the residence, the new owner of the property (who settled on the house in January 2014) and their real estate agent also confirm that the property was unoccupied and vacant.

“Based on the statements we have obtained, it appears that Vince Rongione lied about residing at this address in order to establish a basis for proof of residency so he could run for the seat,” said Reilly. “This appears to be part of an elaborate deception orchestrated by Rongione in an attempt to circumvent the state constitution’s residency requirements. If, for some reason, voters were to elect Rongione in spite of his repeated deceptions throughout the campaign, he could not be seated as a legislator if he fails to meet the residency requirements.”

Specifically, the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that a State Representative “shall have been citizens and inhabitants of their respective districts one year next before their election.”

On Dec. 7, 2013, Rongione subsequently registered to vote at his newly purchased house on Blanchard Road in Upper Darby. This was more than one month after the Constitutional deadline for establishing his residency.

Rongione’s Republican opponent, Jamie Santora, has been raising questions about Rongione’s residency claims throughout the campaign. However, officials just became aware that the house he used in an attempt to establish residency was for sale and vacant.

“I have asked the voter services agencies to investigate this apparent fraudulent voter registration and unlawful voting that occurred in 2013,” said Reilly. “This is a serious matter, no mere campaign rhetoric, and there are serious consequences if prosecutorial agencies confirm the facts we have discovered. Unless he can immediately produce evidence that he actually lived at 1251 Wilson Drive and intended to make this his permanent domicile, Rongione should admit his wrongful actions to the residents of this district, end his campaign, and seek immediate court permission to withdraw as a candidate.”

Rongione Made False Claim Of Residency Says GOP

Rongione Made False Claim Of Residency Says GOP