HB 421 Ends Unemployment Pay For Retirees

HB 421 Ends Unemployment Pay For Retirees — With the ballyhooed vote to phase out Pennsylvania’s state stores, a rather significant act slipped under most media’s radar last week.

State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129) that the  House voted unanimously last week to end “triple dipping” by retirees, whereby individuals collect a public pension or private retirement benefit while returning to work, only to collect unemployment compensation when leaving the job.

House Bill 421 would stipulate in the Unemployment Compensation Law that any retiree who voluntarily leaves employment to maintain eligibility for retirement benefits is ineligible to collect unemployment. This also would apply to retirees who are terminated by the employer so those individuals can maintain their retirement.

Current law contains no clear prohibition against an individual collecting unemployment if he or she leaves a job to continue retirement or annuity benefits. However, the law does specify an offset of retirement benefits against unemployment benefits, meaning those individuals who have participated in these activities did not receive full unemployment benefits.

This sort of the thing would not be happening if Democrats ran the place. House Bill 421 now goes before the Senate for consideration.


HB 421 Ends Unemployment Pay For Retirees

Thoughts On Secession II

It is true that if Pennsylvania should reject the existing paradigm of federal supremacy it would not have to share its natural gas revenue with places that allow world travel on welfare


But it gets even better.
It’s not called the Keystone State without a reason. New Englanders and New Yorkers have to transverse it to reach points west and south.
Without federal interference, Pennsylvania could impose a heavy toll for using I-80 while removing the toll booths on I-76. This would give the port of Philadelphia a huge competitive advantage while righteously reaping revenue from our fat-cat oppressors in New York City.
Yes, with the state on its own the typical Pennsylvanian could live a life of indulgent leisure akin to the citizens of Bahrain or Qatar.
But wouldn’t the people who live in those precincts that went 100 percent for Obama oppose such a plan? Did you miss the part about living a life of indulgent leisure?
Those former Obama-supporting Philadelphians would be able to buy Bruce Springsteen’s horse farm and hire his daughter to clean the stables leaving The Boss to wander the ruins of New Jersey mumbling pathos-invoking songs about his circumstance.
Of course they would go for it.

Fat Kids, Food Stamps And Michelle

Fat Kids, Food Stamps And Michelle — The lame-stream propagandists who prefer writing press releases of fluff to pressing for release of facts were effusive in their praise yesterday of Michelle Obama for twisting the arm of Wal*Mart and forcing it to make “healthy food” more available and less expensive.

Basically the corporation agreed to reduce sodium and sugar in some foods, cut prices on produce and make a logo so customers can more identify healthful items.

What a spunky dynamo our First Lady is!!!

So will Michelle make the next logical step and begin demanding that the food products that one can buy via the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program i.e. SNAP i.e.Food Stamps be restricted?

Actually, if one’s true motive was concern for the diet of the needy, one would think that would be the first logical step, but never mind.

Right now with Food Stamps bags of M&Ms, boxes of Captain Crunch, cartons of TastyKakes and bottles of Mountain Dew are all just fine and dandy to snap up at the Aldi market.

So Michelle, how about we launch a crusade to limit what you can buy with SNAP to bulk grains, cooking oils, fruit and veggies (fresh, canned or frozen), milk, eggs, butter and domestic cheese? Note that we are leaving sugar off the list. That would certainly give Mr. Obesity the what-for!

Of course you do realize that if such a proposal was made the first ones to send out their Ninja lobbyists to slit its throat would be Wal*Mart, and PepsiCo and Nabisco and every other soulless corporate producer or distributor of SNAP subsidized junk food.

It doesn’t matter though cause you are not going to do it. Style trumps substance every time in your crowd.


 Fat Kids, Food Stamps And Michelle


Fat Kids, Food Stamps And Michelle

Non-Diet Soda Pop From Food Stamps

Non-Diet Soda Pop From Food Stamps — Congressman Collin Peterson, a moderate Democrat who represents the 7th District of Minnesota, wants to prohibit the 39 million monthly users of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)– which the federal Food Stamp Program has been called since Oct. 1, 2008 — from using their electronic benefits transfer card from buying soft drinks with sugar .

The average American who reads that will say “Food Stamp recipients can buy Pepsi with my money?”

And the answer is of course, you silly person. Not only Pepsi and Coke and Gatorade but cocktail mixes, artificial sweetener, warm bread from the bakery, hoagies from the deli and stuffed olives from the salad bar.

Peterson suggestion is motivated more by concern about America’s poor being too fat — what a country as Yakov Smirnoff might say — than a desire to encourage them to find jobs, but I’ll walk this path with him.

And if he really wants to help the poor stay healthy I’ll  prod him to quicken his pace. How about we restrict purchases via SNAP to milk, butter, eggs, cooking oils, fresh fruit and veggies, bulk grains and beans, and locally produced honey. Note, I’m saying fresh fruit and veggies not canned or frozen. This will help keep them from getting into a rut.

I’m including honey because deep down inside I’m a bit of a bleeding heart and I feel that this will give the SNAP participants a chance to play-pretend they are on the Food Network’s Chopped show.

And why do I have this strange feeling that most SNAP participants have access to cable television?

I’m leaving off meat because I’m hoping to get PETA to sign on.

SNAP cost taxpayers about $58 billion per year.

Non-Diet Soda Pop From Food Stamps