Chesco Cronyists Praised By Politico

Chesco Cronyists Praised By Politico — The cronyist website Politico has a pompous bit of punditry concerning Chester County, Pa. and how Donald Trump is doomed, doomed, doomed because cronyist Republican Congressman Ryan Costello represents much of it.

Costello votes for big government about 70 percent of the time.

And of course he’s tight with county GOP Chairman Val DiGirogio, who is desperately seeking to become state boss, and, by extension, Montco Dem Boss Josh Shapiro who is this year’s D candidate for state attorney general.

Chesco Cronyists Praised By Politico
Ask him to defend $400 G public pensions. We dare you.

If anti-cronyists learn to start thinking strategically they might start winning. There are certain Democrats with whom they might be wise to start a dialogue. If the party powers get wind that voters (and activists) whom they have taken for granted are negotiating with the other side — and the other side becomes aware that they might be willing to back them with a little give and take — guys like Costello might behave a little better when legislating.

It should be remembered that DiGirogio is more than happy to work with Dems as is Costello, obviously.

What Costello, and DiGirogio and Shapiro have in common is that self-interest is paramount. What conservative activists might find they have in common with some Dems is that the public good comes first although they may have different ways of achieving this shared goal.

Really, ask DiGirogio — or Shapiro — to defend having working people cover $400,000 public pensions. What proves the point is that they will.

Chesco Cronyists Praised By Politico

5 thoughts on “Chesco Cronyists Praised By Politico”

  1. Bill, I didn’t realize that Ryan “Costello votes for big government about 70 percent of the time.” I figured it was much higher than that. On top of that, Costello has never had an original thought in his life and aspires only to be a life-time House back
    bench-er being told what to do by the establishment.

    Do you think Val DiGirogio is in it for himself? Could be. Someone desperate for political juice who is a paid lobbyist for corporate interests!

  2. I am NOT a fan of Costello and will not vote for him, Republican or not. Although he says he’s for the people, I have sent him communications that needed a timely response and got none. Unfortunately, this seems to be typical of many Republican politicians.

  3. I’m encouraging all to just hit the R button. It’s less effort and there is no downside. Costello is certainly no worse than Mike Parrish.

    That the candidates are Costello and Parrish, though, shows the distance we have to go to fix things.

  4. His telephone town halls are screened. You can’t even ask him a decent question without getting by the idiotic gate keeper. I didn’t call to talk to you, I called to talk to my representative. Never has a town hall. He is deathly afraid he might get confronted by knowledgeable citizens. Needs a nice new chicken suit.

    1. An empty suit. Any thoughtful question would stump him and he has no policy compass so he does not even know which direction to take. Bill said it very well, the fact that the “choice” is between Parrish and Costello is all we need to know that we are in trouble.

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