CIA Hoaxed Reportedly And This is Scary

CIA Hoaxed Reportedly And This is Scary — A denizen of  the notorious internet chatboard 4chan figured he’d have some fun and cooked up a bizarre tale about Donald Trump doing something bizarrely obscene in a Russian hotel room once shared by President and Mrs. Obama.

CIA Hoaxed Reportedly And This is Scary
Our next president has to make reforming intelligence services a priority.

He says he  sent it off to NeverTrump Republican pundit Rick Wilson who not merely believed it but sent it to the CIA.

And they put it in an official classified intelligence report on Russian involvement in the election.

An internet joke. The CIA may have  treated an internet joke as real intelligence.

If they told us a particular country had WMDs, should we trust them enough to invade?

President Trump is going to have some serious house cleaning to do with regard to our national “intelligence” services.

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