Citizens Alliance Exposes Political Scams

Citizens Alliance Exposes Political Scams

By Leo Kepper

Much has been made of the “historic” pension reform just signed by Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf. Politicos and the media are making it out to be a great compromise between Democrats and Republicans.

But our regular readers know better

Thanks to Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) voters are aware of just how ridiculous a claim it is to say this pension reform legislation actually solves the problem.

While the bill is a marginal improvement for taxpayers, it does little to nothing to address the $74 billion shortfall the state has for current employees, allows current General Assembly members to keep their Cadillac pension benefits, and likely adds to our state’s overall debt burden in the years to come. “Historic” indeed.

But results are what matter to Pennsylvanians, and they’re what matter to us at CAP. It’s not about who gets credit or who’s remembered a generation from now, it’s about strengthening our Commonwealth so citizens can exercise their God-given rights without government getting in the way.

Because of CAPs efforts citizens are onto the games being played in Harrisburg; they aren’t buying the hype.

Instead, they’re demanding real results on pensions and other issues.

With your support we’ll continue to make sure voters know the truth. Will you consider making an investment in our work today?

Pensions are but one obstacle our Commonwealth faces, and our only line of defense is an informed and empowered citizenry.

With your help we will continue educating voters on these issues. Together we can – and will – ensure a brighter future for Pennsylvania.

Mr. Knepper is executive director of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Citizens Alliance Exposes Political Scams


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