Comcast Customer Support Is Criminal

Comcast Building Lobby Comcast Customer Support Is CriminalComcast Customer Support Is Criminal. The lobby of the Comcast Building in Philadelphia

Aaron Spain of Chicago was a Comcast customer. He found himself displeased with the product provided by the Philadelphia communications giant and tried to cancel.

He went through the sign-in garbage, got hold of a service rep and was put on hold.

He waited 3 hours and 20 minutes before trying on a different phone. What did he find? He found that the office was closed for the day.

Pretty funny, Aaron, huh?

Actually, the joke is going to be on Comcast. This isn’t the first cancellation horror story  circulating the web involving the liberal — it owns MSNBC and its campaign contributions skew heavily to Democrats— corporation.

Violating contracts leads to legal action, and fraud leads to being charged with crimes.

We suspect lawyers will soon be contacting Mr. Spain, and politically astute state attorney generals will start calling for investigations.

If you own stock in the company sell it now.

Here is the video Aaron put on on YouTube documenting his experience.


 Comcast Customer Support Is Criminal

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  1. We had comcast for many years and put with them until Verizon FIOS came in to our area. We signed up immediately and fortunately was not locked into any contract, etc with them. However, the truth be told, we were constantly losing service (home is in King of Prussia so it’s not like it was in the sticks) and suddenly being charged more for things that were included. We finally started to get mostly uninterupted service and the billing became consistent for a change when out of the blue we get hit with an overdue bill and late charges! What? So I call comcast and after some time finally talked to a live body…I explained I was ONLINE and looking RIGHT AT MY CANCELLED CHECK but my word wasn’t good enough. I had to contact the accounting department…I said no problem, give me an email address where to send it, I’ll cut and paste a copy of the check in an email and send it right off. Uh, well, no…you have to FAX it to that department. WHAT? You’re comcast!?! It’s “comcastic” (one of their many rebranding attempts), I yelled! Okay whats the fax number? It was in delaware and not one to waste time I told the lady I would print out the cancelled check, block out the tracking numbers and fax it to them then followed it with “I want reimbursed for $5 for having to send this long distance on a fax and for all the handling of your mistake.” She agreed and I faxed it off to them. Two months later we got a knock on our door…FIOS was coming through…Sign us up! NO issues since except when the telephone line got knocked out in a snowstorm by falling branches.

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