Comcast Helps Little Guy?

Comcast Building Lobby Comcast Helps Little Guy?

The lobby of the Comcast Building in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia-based Comcast, the world’s largest communications company, wants to become even larger by spending $45.2 billion to buy Time Warner Cable and become even larger.

It is telling those who must approve this monopolizing move that such a merger would be good for the little guy — the independent channels like RFD-TV and Veria Living.

The little guys generally think otherwise.

“It sounds wonderful. But when you peel back the onion . . . it’s really nothing at all,” said  Patrick Gottsch of RFD-TV. “Very few [independent] channels have full distribution, other than BBC World News and Al Jazeera.”

Which leads to another question: why does Al Jazeera, a propagandist site for terrorists, get full distribution?

Wonder if Congress is taking testimony about Comcast’s customer service.
Comcast Helps Little Guy?

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