Dave Magrogan Flees Philly Over Regs, Taxes

Dave Magrogan Flees Philly Over Regs, Taxes
Not the best place for business.

Dave Magrogan Flees Philly Over Regs, Taxes — Noted restaurateur Dave Magrogan is saying farewell Philly with the closing of his last restaurant in the city, Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar at 40th and Walnut Streets.

He cites paid sick leave, city wage tax, the soda tax, and other city regulations.

He says he is going to stick to the suburbs.

And Florida, where he open an establishment in Delray Beach around New Year’s.

Only two types let Democrats take control of government — masochists and fools.

OK, three types. There are also soulless liars out to get rich and who know how to take advantage of masochists and fools.

Dave Magrogan Flees Philly Over Regs, Taxes



4 thoughts on “Dave Magrogan Flees Philly Over Regs, Taxes”

  1. Dave Magrogan must be a tool of the beverage industry. That is what Mayor Kenney says about every business person who says taxes and regs are costing jobs. It can’t be the “soda” tax that applies to teas, almond milk, coconut water, cocktail mixers and lots of other things, or the other name –the “sugar” tax that applies to drinks without sugar, or the other name, the “preschool” tax that also goes to pay for outrageous city pensions.

    I guess Pinocchio, I mean Kenney, will say Dave Magrogan is just “greedy” like he says the beverage companies are.

  2. I know Dave personally, we graduated together from SVHS. I have had several in depth conversations with him over the years about politics, particularity voting for liberal politicians who have no interest in protecting the middle class let alone helping entrepreneurs grow a business. To use the phrase “falls on deaf ears” is an understatement.

    Don’t the fourth type of Democrat. The Democrat who helps elect the politicians that cause these problems then leave after the damage is done. Look at California, Maryland, Virginia and other states that once were Conservative strongholds but have been decimated by awful public policy that helps no one but the politicians and their ilk.

    Philadelphia was once the Cradle of Liberty where Ben Franklin famously retorted to the question, what kind of government did you give us, “a Republic if you can keep it”.

    Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

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