Dems Win Delco Council Seats

Dems Win Delco Council Seats — Tonight was not the GOP’s night.  Democrats won two seats on Delaware County Council, along with all of the line offices.

To our recollection no Democrat has served on the council since it went to a five-person board four decades ago.

As of 11:45 p.m., Republicans Dave White and John J.  Perfetti had 58,712 and 58,454  votes respectively as per the county website with Dems Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden  at 60,657 and 61,695.

Libertarian Edward Clifford had 2,040 votes and arguably played the spoiler for at least one seat albeit arguably not as Dems did better in the races without  a Libertarian candidate.

Jerry Sanders was beating Mary McFall Hopper for sheriff 61,846 to 58,435 with Libertarian Mathew Wallace getting 2,818 votes.

Joanne Phillips was beating Robert W. Kane for County Controller 64,357 to 58,938 and Mary Walk was beating Beth Naughton-Beck for  Register of Wills 62,979 to 57,504. No Libertarian help was needed.

One GOP bright spot was Jack Whelan apparent victory in the Common Pleas Court race. He has beaten Kelly Eckel 63,175 to 61,415 according to the unofficial numbers.

There are GOP bright spots at the state level too.

Sallie Mundy appears to have won election to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ahead of Dwayne D. Woodruff 1,039,470 to 946,363 as of 11:54 p.m.

Ms. Mundy ran as an unapologetic conservative proudly displaying endorsements from the NRA and Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation on her web page.

Also, Christine Fizzano Cannon appears to be the top vote-getter in the Commonwealth Court race as of this writing with  893,973 votes. If the numbers hold she will join Democrat Ellen H. Ceisler on the bench, who appears to have the second highest total at 882,911.

In the race for Superior Court, the four top vote-getters appear to be Democrats Maria McLaughlin, 987,117; Deborah Anne Kunselman, 952,345; Carolyn H. Nichols, 893,489; and Republican Mary P. Murray, 841,035.

The referendum allowing  school districts to end replace taxes on homes passed 924,989  to 782,922 according to unofficial figures.

All judges were retained.

Also Republican Margie Rovinski easily won election to the Springfield School Board beating Caitriona Mulholland 426 to 255.

Dems Win Delco Council Seats

Dems Win Delco Council Seats



8 thoughts on “Dems Win Delco Council Seats”

  1. How about Chester County? A total blowout by the Dems. Not only did every Row office go Dem for the first time in history but by huge margins. And every Republican judge running state wide lost in Chester County, including Mundy. And we must have gotten 20 Repub. mailers and zero Dem. No worries, the “consultants” got paid and that seems to be what matters.

    I guess having party-lackey candidates didn’t work out so well this time. Electing ChesCo boss DiGiorgio as State Rep. chair seems to have been quite an error. Oh well, I’m sure it is no big deal so long as the Rep. State big-wigs keep their lobbying jobs.

  2. Voters are far more angry with the Republican Party than with Trump.

    As noted in the article, Democrats in Delaware County did better in the races that didn’t have a Libertarian candidate.

    And there was a lot of ticket-splitting. Republican Christine Fizzano Cannon was the top vote-getter in Delco in the Commonwealth Court race.

    1. “Also Republican Margie Rovinski easily won election to the Springfield School Board beating Caitriona Mulholland 426 to 255.”

      Let’s get rid of the real estate tax Margie. It’s time to stop driving people from their homes!

  3. You are absolutely right re R voters being more angry at the R Party–especially in PA–than they are at Pres. Trump! And Freedom Lover got it right that Chester County is worthy of note in having lost EVERY Row office for the first time in forever…Is Val DiGiorgio still Chairman of the Chesco R’s as well as the state Republican Party? My household didn’t even bother to vote, as it’s become a waste of time to go and vote for questionably qualified R candidates who are on the ballot simply because their first loyalty appears to be to the Party insiders, not us, the voters. Everybody I know understands what’s going on with the R’s in most places and they’re fed up. Let’s see, first the governorship, now Chester County’s leadership, what’s next before we can expect a change in Republican leadership in Pennsylvania?

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