Duranty Winners Announced

Congratulations to Joan Juliet Buck who along with editor Anna Wintour are the winners of this year’s PJMedia.com Duranty Prize.

The piece that garnered the prize was the March 2011 cover story in Vogue magazine “Asma al-Assad: A Rose In The Desert” which made chic synonymous with the totalitarian hell of Bashar al-Assad’s Syria.
The prize is named for Walter Duranty who  served as The New York Times Moscow Bureau Chief from 1922 to 1936 and wrote glowing paeans to Joseph Stalin all the while covering up mass murder. His diligent work would garner him in 1932 the coveted Pulitzer Prize, something about which the The Gray Lady was still boasting last time we checked, despite Duranty’s work as having long been definitively exposed as purposeful lies.
Duranty, by the way, was not a communist but a sex and drugs Satanist.
First runner up went to Bob Simon of CBS for his report “Christians of the Holy Land” which aired on 60 Minutes in April and which white-washed acts of persecution by Muslims in the region.
Second runner up went to Andrew Sullivan of Newsweek and the Daily Beast for a variety of stories including some that sought to prove Sarah Palin was not the mother of Trig Palin.
Congrats to all.
Duranty Winners Announced
Duranty Winners Announced

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