Ebola Equality Political Correctness

Ebola Equality Political Correctness Thomas Frieden                            Ebola Equality Political Correctness Thomas Frieden

Ebola fear is spreading, a contingency the Obama administration should have been preparing for in August if not earlier.

The big reason for the unease is leadership. Obama said it was unlikely to get here and, well, here it  is.

He apparently thought he was dealing with the  j.v. team of contagious disease.

Thomas Frieden, who directs our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is the man who Obama tapped to deal with matters like this.

As we should have expected, Frieden was not picked  for his skill in dealing with a crisis but for his fidelity to the poison of political correctness.

He was Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene when called to federal service and was best known for distributing condoms to gays and banning trans-fat from New York restaurants.

His brother Jeffrey is  the Stanfield Professor of International Peace at Harvard and critic of free markets.

It’s no wonder why Frieden is fighting quarantines for travelers from West Africa. Equality means Ebola equality as well, after all.

And it’s no wonder  that now Frieden has been compelled to act he is proposing plans that are scaring the pants off of rubber-meets-the-road health workers.

And it’s no wonder that he is giving  blame-ridden explanations without checking the facts i.e. there was no protocol to breach concerning the contagions of those who treated the late Liberian visitor Thomas Duncan.

When your skill set is political pandering that is the thing you do.

The tragedy is that Ebola doesn’t have to be scary, or anywhere near as scary anyway.

The evil, greedy Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. stopped Ebola cold at its 80,000 person rubber plantation in the middle of the Liberian hot zone, it seems and just using common sense and materials at hand.

But then those evil greedy corporate types appear to have treated the issue as crisis and not as an excuse for political posturing and laughable orchestrated photo ops.

Ebola Equality Political Correctness Thomas Frieden



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