Elwha Dam Or Why Global Warming Not Happening

Federal workers on Wednesday, June 1, will turn off the generators at the Elwha Dam on the Elwha River in Washington State and begin the largest dam removal project in U.S. history and probably world history since it is hard to imagine any other nation than Obama’s America doing anything this stupid.

Slated to be removed are the 105-foot Elwha Dam built in 1913 and the 210-foot Glines Canyon Dam eight -miles upstream built in 1927.

The cost to remove the dams and cut off greenhouse-gas-free electricity capable of supplying 1,700 homes is $324.7 million.

The idea is to save the noble and endangered salmon which you can buy at the fish counter of just about any supermarket in the nation.

One could sympathize with the dream of rivers filled with good eating game fish running free to the sea but if one really believed CO2 and other gases from the coal and natural gas power plants, which will inevitably be used to replace the hydro-electric ones, are going to destroy Planet Earth, one would think that one might have a different set of priorities.

One would think that such a person would fight to save these dams at least until a wind-powered, solar cold-fusion plant  becomes practical

But no, the same group that insists on privation to stop global warming insists on ripping down these dams.

Global warming is not happening. What is happening is a power play by those who are driven to rule others.

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Elwha Dam Or Why Global Warming Is Not Happening

Elwha Dam Or Why Global Warming Is Not Happening


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  1. Reagan had it right: “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” Instead of protecting salmon, wouldn’t these millions be better spent building a moat on the southern border and stocking it with alligators?

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