Gay Extremist Gift Gets Wagner Grief

Gay Extremist Gift Gets Wagner Grief
Fun to stay at the YWCA?

Gay Extremist Gift Gets Wagner Grief  — A $5,000 contribution by a gay extremist in 2015 to a political action committee headed by Scott Wagner is getting the GOP gubernatorial hopeful quite a bit of grief.

A lot, lot of grief.

The money was given by Tim Gill to Reform PA PAC,  which Wagner chairs. Wagner won an historic write-in special election in March 2014 to represent the York County-centered 28th District. He campaigned as a Tea Party candidate against corruption, cronyism and indifference by the Republican establishment.

He won a full term that fall.

While Wagner has been outspokenly good on certain issues such as the state’s scandalous pension system, he seems to have managed to get himself most identified with a bizarre crusade to prohibit businesses and institutions from making distinctions based on biological sex.

He has co-sponsored a series of “bathroom bills“, a term with which Wagner wrongly takes issue  as there is no doubt that these bills would  grant by-right access for males calling themselves female to women’s restrooms and girls’ school sports.

Wagner has said that ending privacy for women (and girls) was not his intent and that he merely wants to stop LGBQWHATEVER people from being discriminated by business.

That’s almost as bad, Scott. The elimination of  the concept of “protected groups” should be the goal of decent, thinking people, not their expansion.

Being a member of a “protected group” is not helpful. Business owners — as we’d expect you to understand — base the vast majority of hiring decisions on whether the employee will make life easier. Protected group membership is something that makes business owners walk on eggshells and that is, by far, the main reason protected group members face — understandable — discrimination.

Gays, who are not yet a protected group, certainly aren’t facing economic hardship in this country and that gets us to Tim Gill.

Gill is the mega-rich gay extremist who wants to “punish” those who question his lifestyle choices. This always means stifling debate about legitimate concerns and usually means personal destruction. He is a bad, corrupting man.

Gay Extremist Gift Gets Wagner Grief





5 thoughts on “Gay Extremist Gift Gets Wagner Grief”

  1. Please understand also, that the term “Bathroom bills” does not tell the whole story. If these bills that Wagner supports wholeheartedly (although I’m wondering if he’s beginning to regret that) are passed, schools would be forced to allow students to use not only bathrooms, but locker rooms, showers and overnight accommodations (as on school trips) in accordance with their PERCEIVED gender identities. This means that a biological female who identifies as a male would be able to use all of these facilities with biological males…NOT a good idea! It totally infringes on the privacy rights of the vast majority of students.

    Wagner’s strong support of these bills, in addition to his ill-advised support of HB76 (the passage of which would have a tremendous negative impact on our public schools and also severe limitations on local control) make it impossible for me to vote for him in the primary. In addition, if he does win the primary, I will not vote for him in the general election but will write in someone else.

  2. Yes Bill you are right , business owners base the vast majority of hiring decisions on whether the employee will make life easier not someone that decides they want to morph into someone else while on the job. And no Joanne he does not regret it. He had the chance to take his name off the bills 1.5 years ago. Which brings me to my last comment-When you put you name one these bills, take money from a gay activist and refuse to back down when common sense should prevail, well, draw your own conclusions.

  3. Wagner ,at that time,didn’t have the benefit of what happened to Target’s sales after their transgender bathroom decision.But there are probably not many transgender individuals working at waste hauling companies.Having had my little laugh,I want to offer my enthusiastic support for Wagner.
    Why??I have read his detailed analysis and reports on the PA budgets.This man gets into the weeds and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty!!I voted for Trump because I wanted him to get to Washington and bust up the “furniture”.Well,I’ll vote for Wagner because Harrisburg and the state needs some serious “furniture” destruction.We have the highest gasoline tax in the Nation,one of the most unfavorable business climates in the Nation,our politicians rank right up there with NJ,NY,MD,and CA politicians as useless.So let the games begin and I hope Wolf (aka “Mr Invisible”gets to face off with Wagner in a debate).Mr Wagner knows how to haul off trash,so my money is on him!

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