Gleason Replacement Battle

Gleason Replacement Battle
Chairman Va DiGiorgio, the bad choice.

Gleason Replacement Battle — That Chairman Val DiGiorgio from Chester County is on the short list to replace Rob Gleason as Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman is now in the open.

This is something about which our readers have known for months.

And they know that this would be a disaster for the taxpayers of Pennsylvania not to mention the Republican Party.

DiGiorgio has a personally beneficial relationship with extremist Democrats and, in fairness, he has treated them pretty well as well.

Gleason Replacement Battle
Respected Attorney Lawrence J. Tabas, the good choice.

Further, he is a lobbyist and place whatever spin you want, a hired gun can’t serve two masters. Either it is the client who pays him that gets the shaft or it is those who trust him to protect them from the types who hire lobbyists.

Obviously, a lobbyist will soon be out of work if he fails his clients and, well, Val still has his lobbyist job.

And let us not forget the 2015  purge of Chester County’s conservative committeepeople who had not been  marching in lockstep with DiGiorgio. The dirty deeds that were required were traced to Ray and Jennifer Zabroney’s State Street Strategies, which is starting to get a light shed on it.

Fortunately there is a good alternative for the Republicans in widely respected attorney Lawrence Tabas.

How respected is Tabas? One of his cases was mounting the ultimately successful legal challenge to Bob Guzzardi’s primary gubernatorial candidacy in 2014.

What does Guzzardi say about him?

“Lawrence Tabas Esq. is an outstanding choice for Pennsylvania State Republican chair; I have the highest regard for both is professionalism and competence,” Bob says. “Several years ago, Lawrence Tabas on behalf of the State Republican Party challenged my nominating petitions for Governor of Pennsylvania. At all times, he was professional and skilled, respectful of the Court and all witnesses. There was no snark, no sneaky tactics, no insults but straightforward, well-prepared legal representation on behalf of his client. The most excellent Commonwealth Court judge hearing the case ran a disciplined courtroom and not once did she have to admonish Mr. Tabas. His representation was first class. Even though he lost in the lower court, he, eventually, prevailed in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  Lawrence Tabas is first class.”

Gleason Replacement Battle 

4 thoughts on “Gleason Replacement Battle”

    1. Minimum — Share this article on Facebook and Twitter and email it to all you think might be interested.

      Almost minimum — Contact your local committeepersons and let them know that you are watching. Do the same for your Republican elected representatives including Congressmen. Contact the state leadership here:

      The actual voting will be done by State Committee people who were elected in 2014. Contact them too but it is probably more important to communicate at the grassroots level.

  1. Is Tabas even interested…or this just some effort being drummed up by anti-DiGirorgio people? Tabas is as establishment as they come. How should he be deemed the “good choice”? There is no good choice here.

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