GOP Misogyny Is My Experience In Montco

GOP Misogyny Is My Experience In Montco

By Susan Jane Goldner

GOP Misogyny Is My Experience In Montco
GOP Misogyny Is My Experience In Montco

So, let me get this straight . . .

The former MontCo Chair Vereb, who resigned to take a cushy position created for him under our very progressive liberal state Attorney General Josh Shapiro in ‘15 (year we lost every row office) is allowed to get away with slander and libel against a sitting incumbent Republican Joe Gale running for re-election for County Commissioner and I’m not allowed to critique candidates up for office as a Committeewoman? Got it. But I suppose I’m not allowed to screenshot THEIR posts…

See what’s going on, folks?

The “protection of women” statement by Vereb is remarkable considering I was physically assaulted by one top party leader at the last party convention in May ‘18, called derogatory names as well by the same sleazebag, then five months later told to “shut my stupid mouth” by my State Rep’s husband who also sat on my committee for questioning legislation. Both of these men are in their late years and are why we’re in the God-awful situation we’re in. There is no such thing as protection of women in PA politics that I’ve ever known of.

Vote Joe Gale is certainly not the problem.

The greasy old men in the GOP are the problem, along with the fact that the swamp can’t simply disagree and agree to let the people decide. They have to resort to blackmail, intimidation, and extortion to remove candidates and committeepeople they don’t want. And the women who do not stand up for other women when they witness verbal, sexual, physical assaults are right there beside them.

GOP Misogyny Is My Experience In Montco

2 thoughts on “GOP Misogyny Is My Experience In Montco”

  1. I am not sure what happened or why. I am certainly sorry that anything like that happened…I usually see it from the “tolerant” Democrats.

    But the broad brush thrown on the title makes it sound like every person who would vote republican is a misogynist. I think perhaps “Montco Old Timer GOP leadership are Misogynists” might have been a better title.

  2. Bill selected title but it’s apropos. Serving as a ✖️2 elected young Committeewoman in SEPA and then being removed for having the audacity to illustrate to others examples of failed leadership, perpetuating a divide, blatant ongoing misogyny and intimidation (including suppression, physical manhandling), the selling out of our county by establishment endorsed RINO candidates (county chairs and area leaders help run such candidates)—and when you possess the fortitude to speak out—to keep speaking out—you become a target and are treated with dismissive contempt. Especially by the old boys club which lingers like the plague.

    As if I had done something wrong. When I became deeply engaged and committed to making a difference as an informed, highly trained activist (and asset) while holding this position with vigor, fresh insight and energy.

    Follow my Facebook! You will see all the political events I attend thruout the year, supportive of the conservative Constitutionalist movement. My network is incredible and only growing.

    To the contrary, the swamp dominated GOP has sunk themselves even deeper like the potholes here in PA.

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