Governors Run Alone Notes Gale

Governors Run Alone Notes Gale
Joe Gale

Governors Run Alone Notes Gale — Montco Commissioner Joe Gale who is among those running for the GOP lieutenant governor nomination in the May 15 primary, has observed that that gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango may be on the verge of announcing a lieutenant governor “running mate.”

“If so, this would be the same mistake gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner made when choosing RINO Jeff Bartos to be his so-called “running mate,” Gale says.

Gale notes that there is no such thing as a joint ticket in the Republican primary for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. These are two separate and distinct races.

“Don’t be fooled by fake tickets between now and the May 15th primary election,” he said. “I am the only Lieutenant Governor candidate that can help the eventual Republican gubernatorial nominee defeat Democrat Tom Wolf in November when there truly is a Republican ticket chosen by the Republican voters of Pennsylvania.”

Governors Run Alone Notes Gale

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