Hateful Cold-hearted Hillary

Hateful Cold-hearted Hillary — When Hillary Clinton faithfully followed Bill to Arkansas in 1974 — the smartest woman in history had failed to pass the D.C. bar exam — she became what basically was a public defender. Among the cases to which she was assigned was a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. Hateful Cold-hearted Hillary

She took it with great zeal and destroyed the young victim knowing full-well the accused’s guilt.

The first-degree rape charged was reduced to mere fondling and the child molester ended up doing but two months.

Was the overstepping of boundaries due to immaturity and inexperience? Was it something to which she came to regret?

The video below can be found in Special Collections Department of the University of Arkansas Libraries. She describes the case in an interview about 10 years later with a reporter. She laughs and brags about what she did. She obviously has no feelings for the victim.  She obviously has no feelings for anybody but herself.

Hateful Cold-hearted Hillary

2 thoughts on “Hateful Cold-hearted Hillary”

  1. Because for Hillary, it’s about acquiring power. She wants power over everyone else, and everything-everything-she has ever done, has been a step toward that goal.

    Some people think Trump is dangerous, because he is unpredictable. But Hillary is far more dangerous, because of her ambition to be a dictator and tell everyone else what to do.

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