HB 1718 Pushes Online Courses

HB 1718 would create a database of online courses in Pennsylvania

Legislation was introduced last week to create a clearinghouse of online courses for students in public schools, nonpublic schools and home education programs, says State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129). The bill seeks to offer greater course choice, enrich educational opportunities and offer a more customized learning experience for Pennsylvania students.

House Bill 1718, the Online Education Initiative, would make the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)  establish a database of online courses available to public schools in the Commonwealth. Sixth through 12th graders would have the chance to choose courses selected by their school district.

The bill ensures school districts have maximum flexibility to develop their own courses, contract with online course providers and/or use courses available on the clearinghouse.

The bill has been referred to the House Education Committee for consideration.

HB 1718 Pushes Online Courses

HB 1718 Pushes Online Courses


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