HB 421 Ends Unemployment Pay For Retirees

HB 421 Ends Unemployment Pay For Retirees — With the ballyhooed vote to phase out Pennsylvania’s state stores, a rather significant act slipped under most media’s radar last week.

State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129) that the  House voted unanimously last week to end “triple dipping” by retirees, whereby individuals collect a public pension or private retirement benefit while returning to work, only to collect unemployment compensation when leaving the job.

House Bill 421 would stipulate in the Unemployment Compensation Law that any retiree who voluntarily leaves employment to maintain eligibility for retirement benefits is ineligible to collect unemployment. This also would apply to retirees who are terminated by the employer so those individuals can maintain their retirement.

Current law contains no clear prohibition against an individual collecting unemployment if he or she leaves a job to continue retirement or annuity benefits. However, the law does specify an offset of retirement benefits against unemployment benefits, meaning those individuals who have participated in these activities did not receive full unemployment benefits.

This sort of the thing would not be happening if Democrats ran the place. House Bill 421 now goes before the Senate for consideration.


HB 421 Ends Unemployment Pay For Retirees

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