Inky Finally Reports On The Crisis In Obstetrics

The Philadelphia Inquirer, this morning, got around to reporting about the health care crisis facing expectant mothers and their babies.

“Fifteen hospitals in the eight-county Philadelphia region have closed their labor and delivery units since 1999, including two last year,” the Inky noted.

In the last paragraph, the Inquirer finally gets around to explaining the cause via Ken Braithwaite, regional executive of the Delaware Valley Healthcare Council of the Hospital and Healthsystem
Association of Pennsylvania, which represents area hospitals.

“Hospitals are being squeezed by low insurance payments, especially from Medicaid; the high cost of medical liability insurance; and a shortage of obstetricians,” said  Braithwaite.

Ten years ago the doctors were screaming about these issues especially regarding the need for tort reform regarding medical liability.

The Inquirer dismissed these concerns with stories that could have been written by the trial lawyers.

If they did a proper job of journalism the problems would be much less today.


Inky Finally Reports On The Crisis In Obstetrics

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