Irish Smiles Rebecca Warren Means Troubles For Val

Irish Smiles Rebecca Warren — Probably most of our readers would like to tar and feather Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, the Republican who represents Pennsylvania’s 1st District in mostly Bucks County and far too often votes with Democrats.

Irish Smiles Rebecca Warren
Former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick with Rebecca Warren

So imagine our surprise when we learn Rebecca Warren, our gal in the hot Superior Court primary, was at the Fitzpatrick Saint Patty Day’s fete, yesterday (March 10) at Spring Mill Manor in Ivyland.

About 350 people attended the event.

She’s pictured with Brian’s brother Mike who had preceded Brian as the area’s congressman. Note that the area had been part of the 8th District until the state Supreme Court’s power-grab redistricting decision last year.

Anyway, don’t get mad. This is a good thing. A very good thing. It means the powerful Fitzpatricks are not in lock-step with GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio who pulled out all stops to steal the endorsement from Rebecca.

A lot of us suspect that Val is a Democrat wolf in Republican clothing.

Hey, look at the track record. It’s not like we didn’t see it coming.

Irish Smiles Rebecca Warren

One thought on “Irish Smiles Rebecca Warren Means Troubles For Val”

  1. I have known Rebecca for a very long time and consider her a very close friend. She is one savvy woman who works hard and accomplishes a lot. You may not know that she is the first woman elected Montour County. That, in itself, speaks volumes. Rebecca is diligent, professional, and experienced in all aspects of the courtroom. Her qualifications, temperament and experience more than qualify her to have a seat on the PA Superior Court.
    I think it is very important that voters pay attention to judicial candidates as the Judicial Branch of our government plays an vital role in our daily lives. As you have already seen, some judges try to legislate from the Bench. That will never happen with Rebecca as a Superior Court Judge. She knows the law and will follow it.

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