Jerry Sandusky Gets Pension Back

Jerry Sandusky Gets Pension Back
Getting a $58,800 tax-payer guaranteed pension.

Chalk this up under things that will make you throw up but a Commonwealth Court panel just gave back a taxpayer guaranteed pension to convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky.

The State Employees Retirement Board ruled that Sandusky couldn’t get his $4,900 monthly pension because of his conviction. The state judges said he wasn’t a working state employee when he was convicted of molesting kids so they gave it back to him.

You know a whole lot of working people who never shoplifted a candy bar much less molested a child would be real happy with an income of $4,900  a month.

And you know state pension plans are horrifically underfunded and that Gov. Wolf expects you, the working person, to make up for the shortfall to give money to guys like Sandusky and has no intention of of asking people like this to ante up to share the burden.

Hat tip Bob Small

Jerry Sandusky Gets Pension Back


2 thoughts on “Jerry Sandusky Gets Pension Back”

  1. As a former State Employee and a current state tax payer,
    I find it incredible that this man is getting a state pension.
    When I worked for the State, I was reminded that even an arrest
    for civil disobedience (which I consider everyone’s right and duty as a citizen, whether left or right) could lead to termination of employment and/or pension.

    Someone should start an online petition, if this is legal, to ask that none of their taxes be used for his pension.

    And Jerry, do take it personally.

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