John Kane Supports Paul Mullen

John Kane Supports Paul Mullen
Lawn signs for “Republican” Paul Mullen outside John Kane’s home on Villanova Circle in Swarthmore. Kane was the Democrat candidate in last fall’s 26th District State Senate race.

John Kane, the Democrat who ran a vicious campaign last fall for the 26th District State Senate Seat ultimately won by Republican Tom McGarrigle, has taken a position regarding the Aug. 4 special election for the 161st District Pennsylvania House Seat.

He is supporting the Republican nominee Paul Mullen as per the signs outside his home on Villanova Circle in Swarthmore.

Kane remains a D.

Now, why would a Democrat who ran on extreme liberal positions nine months ago now support the man the Republican Party picked to fill a vacated State House seat?

Has John Kane changed his thinking?  Hardly. He does, however, appear  confident that the GOP candidate supports those same extreme liberal positions and will keep the gravy flowing to benefit the special interests of which he is part.

Wonder how the official Democrat who worked so hard for Kane feels.

Anyway, the traditional Republican voter has a choice as do those Democrats who see their standard of living dropping and their fear of the future rising.

Penn Delco School Director Lisa Esler is running a vigorous write-in campaign that is getting much traction.

Lisa’s reasons for running can be found in this “dear neighbor” letter:

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Lisa Esler and I am the WRITE-IN candidate for State Representative in the special election that will be held on August 4th. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, certified optician, and a school board director. Why am I doing this? Because in my role as a school board director, I have seen how Harrisburg has become tainted with special interest groups and lobbyists, leaving the taxpayer without representation.

If elected, I will be a Representative who speaks for the people in this district – not for the special interest groups with deep pockets who use money and power to stifle any meaningful reforms. As your voice, I will push hard for common sense solutions for the problems we face. For example, we have a looming pension crisis that drives your property taxes up every year and will cost taxpayers dearly for years to come. I want to join with the other like-minded legislators to work toward fixing that broken system.

I am not a career politician and do not intend to become one. I am not seeking this office to become wealthy on the backs of the taxpayers. If elected, I pledge not to take part in the pension system that is bankrupting you and our Commonwealth.

People have lost faith in their leaders and in the system. I hope I can restore some of that faith. You see my integrity and reputation mean a lot more to me than any political office.

Remember, I am not “endorsed” and therefore my name is not on the ballot. That is why I am asking you to WRITE-IN my name on the ballot. “How-To instructions” will be available at the polls on Election Day, Tuesday, August 4th.

I would be honored to have your support and your vote on August 4th.

If you have any questions or would like to help with my campaign, please call me at 484-995-1540.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Lisa Esler

Candidate for the 161st State House Seat

Paid for by Taxpayers for Lisa Esler

DONATE: Lisa Esler, 14 Pancoast Avenue, Aston, PA 19014
Make checks payable to Taxpayers for Lisa Esler.
For legal purposes, please include a separate piece of paper indicating your name, occupation and phone number.

VOLUNTEERS CONTACT: Regina phone by phone at 610-328-2463 or email her at reginamsch@verizon



14 thoughts on “John Kane Supports Paul Mullen”

  1. Paul Mullen is a Democrat, no matter that he’s registered Republican in Delaware County. Did you notice that in the latest rah rah letter written by Jack Whelan that it states Mullen supported LOCAL republicans. Guess the Delco GOP is backing away from the misrepresentation that he always supports Republicans. What’s also very strange is that his campaign can only be contacted through his website–and then they don’t get back to anybody–well, anybody we know. You’d think he’d want to be involved in a voter forum but the GOP is keeping him away with a vengeance. Gotta wonder what it is he doesn’t want to risk being asked, don’t you??

    1. — that in the latest rah rah letter written by Jack Whelan that it states Mullen supported LOCAL republicans. —

      I wonder how our District Attorney feels about Mullen’s support for local Republican Keith Crego, not all that long ago.

  2. It is very disturbing to observe how voting lines keep being crossed. What is the defining line between Democrat and Republican in this race? Even more disturbing is that Mullen seems to be avoiding questions on where he stands on all the important legislation that he will be voting upon should he be elected. How will he vote on Paycheck Protection, Pension Reform, Liquor Privatization, and Prevailing Wage reform. Republicans who are being asked to vote for him have a right to know who and what they are voting for! We see a lot of pictures of Mullen campaigning, but we hear nothing about his positions. Where is Paul Mullen? #whereispaulmullen

  3. Lisa proudly informs everyone that she’s a mom and grandmother in her resume. Bill Lawrence writes about my vicious campaign in my race for Senate against my opponent. I have to say my opponent never crossed the line to take a picture of my house. As would I of his. The reason being we have have children. Have some class!!!

    1. Class?

      Class, John Kane, is defined as decent, gracious, respectable, and noble.
      Me thinks that some where thou may be lacking in class.

    2. John Kane , I just saw this post with your street name on it and I want to apologize. In no way do I condone anyone’s street residence being publicized.
      Again, I apologize, I had no part in this

    3. Paycheck protection, supported and pushed by the carpet baggers called the Commonwealth Foundation who refuse to name their donors talk about special interest.

    4. John Kane, your comment is absurd. If you do not want people to know where you live, do not put yourself out there. If your worried about your children, why would you be in opposition to a stalking bill that benefits unions? Why would you lobby as a union leader for prevailing wage when it takes money out of our schools?

      Give me a break, stick to your liberal bubble and cry somewhere else. You are like a teacher in the summer time- no class!

  4. It is interesting that District Attorney, Jack Whelan, would put his name to an out and out lie to help a RINO, Paul Mullen, in his effort to deceive the voting public. Is it not the primary responsibility of the DA to ensure justice for his constituents? Truth and Justice go hand in hand and there can be no Justice without Truth. Maybe the DA should think long and hard about his reputation before plunging into a cesspool of lies.

    1. RINO?Where the hell do you get off with such a self righteous comment?Because someone doesn’t believe unions should be destroyed or that blaming the poor for our problems?
      The TEA party are the real RINOS.

      1. Unions are important. They must be saved

        And this is why the automatic dues collections must end so the “classy” people running them actually work for the rank and file while collecting their $277,000 salaries.

        Not counting the bennies of course.

        And, FWIW, I betcha you can find a guy to manage the vacation fund for a lot less than $119,213. I mean it only takes an hour a week according to the IRS filings.

      2. Nobody wants unions to be destroyed, just a fair playing field. Nobody should be forced to join a union, and nobody should be forced to have representation if they do not choose. Furthermore, tax payers should have competitive costs in a free market system, not an inflated labor rate decided by unions. The rest of PA has this issue in order, the DELCO RHINOS seem to be in bed with the Unions.

        Why does Reilly list on his business page the IBEW as a client? Seems like we should just be following the money.

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