Just Vote R On November 8

Just Vote R On November 8 — The Springfield (Pa.) Republican Party pre-election newsletter contains nary a mention of certain candidate whose first name is Donald and last name starts with a T.

Just Vote R On November 8
Just Vote R

We like and respect party Chairman Mike Puppio and we are confident his vote on Election Day will be to keep a traitor from becoming President.  Mike’s the one, after all, who let author and former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne describe to the community the corruption of the Clinton Crime Couple.

Still, it’s a YUGE mistake to not promote the guy at the head of the ticket. Trump signs are popping up in the neighborhood and the vast majority of Republicans are going to vote for The Donald. We fear — and have heard –that some, however, will withhold their vote from Republicans who have come out as NeverTrumpers.

This means you especially Pat Meehan.

Party leaders should keep their message simple and say Just Vote R. It’s a win-win for everybody. Nobody who is not a fool or a thief wants Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Have you seen where South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who had been a vocal anti-Trumper, has endorsed The Donald? Did you know that Democrat consultant Doug Schoen has withdrawn his support for Hillary?

Get on the train now suburban Republicans. Let your message be just vote R on Nov. 8.

Just Vote R On November 8



6 thoughts on “Just Vote R On November 8”

  1. Well said Bill. My jaw dropped when I saw the Republican flyer for the upcoming “Presidential Election” with no mention of Trump! Like it or not, the Republican Party needs Trump…without him our country is lost forever to a Republican Presidency! There will be nothing left when Hillary gets through with us.

  2. Just to set the record straight, the Springfield leader did not arrange the meeting with Gary Byrne- that was done by field staff at the office. I know this for a fact- I’m a volunteer who attended the event. In my opinion, it’s more important for the local party to focus on who controls economic and foreign policy on a national scale rather than to confine themselves to their relatively insignificant Delco bubble. Republicans may continue to collect the trash and grant permits in the county, but it won’t matter much if the most corrupt candidate in modern American politics wins the White House. The newsletter demonstrated a shocking lack of perspective when it comes to the state of our nation and the divergent futures that the two presidential candidates represent. Disappointed.

    1. I find it inconceivable that a former U.S. attorney and Delco D.A. would not be pulling all stops to keep Hillary Clinton from the White House. But Pat Meehan is not. Trump is far from perfect but even if you hate him he’s still infinitely better than someone who laughs at the rule of law.

      And, FWIW, Trump has never been accused of a criminal offense.

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