Los Angeles STD Boom

Los Angeles STD BoomLos Angeles STD Boom — Sexually transmitted diseases are booming in Los Angeles County reports the Los Angeles Times and the blame is being placed on dating apps allowing those so inclined to connect for a quickie.

Rather than encouraging a little restraint, however, the local public health hipsters are pushing “technology” namely STD tests that can be ordered online.

You think those with the diseases really care about not spreading the joy?

In a totally unrelated matter, unhip health officials are reporting that we are on the verge of an “antibiotic apocalypse”. A new class of antibiotics has not been discovered since the 1980s and the existing stuff is rapidly losing its effectiveness due to overuse.

When antibiotics no longer work, things we take as routine such as appendectomies and hip replacements become rather dangerous.

Los Angeles STD Boom

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