Mango Vs Wagner Splits Tea Partiers

Mango Vs Wagner Splits Tea Partiers — A lot of stuff is flying at us concerning the GOP gubernatorial battle. State Sen. Scott Wagner, of course, is being savaged for his strange support of bathroom bills giving a man — among other things — by-right access to Interstate ladies rooms because he claims to feel like a woman.

That he canceled an appearance at a forum, Sunday (Feb. 11) hosted  by the Pennsylvania Family Council has not helped him.

Wagner of York County, however, ended up being a strong supporter of President Trump during his 2016 campaign and has been outspoken in his opposition to Pennsylvania’s cronyism and corruption.

And Wagner is pro life and pro Second Amendment.

His main opponent, Paul Mango from Allegheny County, is being attacked for being a senior partner of the consulting firm McKinsey & Co, which was recently contracted by Gov. Tom Wolf for a study concerning the state budget. Mango is also getting grief for having backed Jeb Bush in the last GOP presidential primary. Mango, however, got on board the Trump train when he secured the nomination.

And Mango, a graduate of West Point who served with the 82nd Airborne Division, has hired Trump strategist David Urban and obtained the endorsement of Trump ally Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

He also is right on the right issues.

For what it’s worth, either man is an infinite improvement over Tom Wolf. We’d back Wagner in a heartbeat but for his backing the bizarre bathroom bills. As it is, we lean towards Mango.

Mango Vs Wagner Splits Tea Partiers

Mango Vs Wagner Splits Tea Partiers




8 thoughts on “Mango Vs Wagner Splits Tea Partiers”

  1. Just read that Wagner will support elimination of school property taxes. His written words also state this will not be a carrot on the stick issue.

    Mango has said nothing on this issue. Did not care for his militaristic ad and outfit.

    1. Wagner is a very strong supporter of SB 76.

      If that is your issue, Wagner is your guy.

      My concern regarding 76 is that it might end up backfiring (see California and Prop 13) unless it is combined with real saving reforms such as banning teacher strike or ending prevailing wage.

      But Wagner is not someone to hate.

  2. I stand behind a man of ethics. Paul Mango boasts morality, integrity, and principle. He supports SB HB 76. Plus, he is a Christian who wants to keep opposite sexes out of our public restrooms.

    Finally, a commonsense TRUE anti-establishment conservative!

    1. For heaven sakes look a little deeper. Do some research. This is how you wake up one day and wonder why those who are elected aren’t what you thought they were going to be. Ethics? Morality?? Integrity? Principle? You have done NO research at all. Those are the campaign themes, data feed back, tell them what they want to hear. There is no “bathroom bill”. Read the bill about HOUSING and EMPLOYMENT not about any other subject, entity, public place. Also note that occasionally a campaign based upon instant data feed back and telling people what they want to hear, backfires when a candidate slips up, tells a moment of truth, and this time to a reporter following the Gov. Candidates Forum held a couple nights ago. Truth slipped out and Mango told the reporter he would sign bathroom bill. Yes, Maam. He did.

      1. I have read SB 613 which Wagner sponsored and it would indeed allow persons to use bathrooms of the opposite sex. It also has a section expressly allowing for wearing the clothing of the other gender on the job. Furthermore, it would facilitate the prosecution of bakers and florists who refuse to participate in the celebration of homosexuality. Please stop lying.

  3. I spoke with Scott Wagner at a function for the purpose of hearing and meeting him last summer.
    He was not at all secure in a pro-life stance and tried to avoid discussing it. He has a very authoritarian demeanor – I’m leaning Mango.


    1. Lean back to get what what you know your getting, not a data feed back campaign telling you what you want to hear and changing the story for the audience. Why you felt Scott Wagner was not a secure pro lifer is entirely baffling as he has long had a firm stand as pro-life. He is not the candidate who told me he was “pro life but didn’t believe a women should be told what to do with her body”. The one who said that directly was your Mango. Different stories for different folks? And, said same candidates (two of them actually) have answered other women I know, and at different times and places the exact same thing. Yes. That was your Mr. Mango and the other women running.

  4. We have been informed that the federal Department of Education is no longer investigating complaints about students who have been barred from using whatever bathroom they want regardless of sex.

    Thank you President Trump.

    Here is a link to the Washington Post article expressing the expected outrage.

    The Post is written by sick people.

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