Merciful Donald Won’t Lock Her Up

Merciful Donald Won't Lock Her Up
Avoiding an orange jump suit.

Merciful Donald Won’t Lock Her Up — Kellyanne Conway confirmed yesterday, Nov. 22, that the Trump administration won’t pursue charges relating to Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized email server and the slush fund that was camouflaged as a charity.

We approve. Trump’s priorities must be health care reform, the economy and ISIS who anyone with an ounce of sense knows is trying to sneak sleeper agents here. As more ballots were cast for Clinton than The Donald, he is wisely seeking to foster unity with a eye to addressing more critical issues.

Still, equality under the law can’t be ignored. Nobody should be above the law. This means that if the Trump Administration is not going to lock her up, they should expand the kindness to others who committed similar crimes. This means that Martha Stewart, who is a felon for lying to James “Shifting Sands” Comey, should be pardoned. This means that basically decent people like Greg Skrepenak and Chris McNair who had been taken down by trophy-hunting feds for graft exponentially milder than what the Clintons practiced should also get their lives back.

And as long as mercy is the meme, Eric Snowden should be told “all is forgiven, come on home”, and it should be let known to Julian Assange that the U.S. has no interest in pursing espionage claims against him hence he is free to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to resolve matters in Sweden.

And if, after the wall is built and ISIS beaten and the bad trade deals fixed and Obamacare is replaced and sane judges are appointed to the Supreme Court, some FBI agent or federal attorney decides to investigate the death of John Ashe, well, that would be nice.

Merciful Donald Won’t Lock Her Up

4 thoughts on “Merciful Donald Won’t Lock Her Up”

  1. Well, just because Trump says he won’t pursue it, doesn’t mean that Congress can’t pursue it and appoint an independent prosecutor. Though I concede, the President-elect in this case sets a definite tone, since his position suggests that he’s not going to encourage or support such efforts.

  2. Although I truly think Queen Hillary SHOULD be in jail, I think this is a wise choice on Trump’s part. The Left is just LOOKING for anything to criticize DT for, and this would be a distraction and impede him from accomplishing more worthwhile goals. Let HC curl up with her dogs and fade away into the sunset.

  3. Hey Joanne, please allow me to do a bit of editing.
    “Let HC curl up with her dogs (on Vince Foster’s grave) and fade away into the sunset.”
    There, now I feel much better.

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