New Balance American Made And Loving It

New Balance American Made And Loving It
Guess the shoes we choose to use.

New Balance American Made And Loving It — If you seek footwear and a conscience clean of exploiting underpaid, underage, mistreated workers, we’d like to point out that New Balance has a strong US manufacturing presence and  that we have found their comfort and quality to be far superior to Nike.

Yes, Nike is an oppressor. No, we aren’t cherry picking. You really should be ashamed if you buy their products.

We take warmth in knowing, though, that Nike will always remember murderer Gary Gilmore’s last words as it sports towards its hipster-fueled  corporate demise.

New Balance American Made And Loving It

One thought on “New Balance American Made And Loving It”

  1. Haven’t purchased Nike sneakers since the 1990s when I learned about their sweat shops.

    I have been wearing New Balance sneakers exclusively for almost a decade. They are an exceptional product with the high quality I expect and deserve as a consumer.

    As part of my annual fall clothes shopping I purchased two new pairs of New Balance sneakers again about two weeks ago.

    We vote with our wallets. Be an informed and educated consumer.

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