Obamacare Deception Deepens

By Keith Phucas

President Obama’s deception about who could keep their health insurance plan under Obamacare has deepened with the revelation that in 2010 the departments of Health and Human Services, Treasury and Labor anticipated individual plans would be cancelled this year under the new health care law — as well as the ultimate termination of many employer-based group insurance plans.

In a National Review opinion piece, former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy claims the president and his Democrat allies purposely designed the Affordable Care Act so that Americans would be forced off their health care plans, and he calls the president’s latest proposed “fix” to allow insurers to put people back on cancelled plans “transparently political.”

“With each passing day, however, what become more breathtaking is the depth of systematic, calculated lying that went into the extensive — the criminal — Obamacare fraud,” he writes.

Excerpted from Delco Conservative

Obamacare Deception Deepens

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