Pa. Dem Plays The JournoList Card

Manan Trivedi, the Democrat’s choice to take on incumbent Republican Jim Gerlach in Pennsylvania’s 6th District congressional race, accused Gerlach of racism because Gerlach has been describing Trivedi as a far left-winger who “doesn’t
share our values.”

Trivedi, a doctor, was a health policy
advisor to Barack Obama.

Gerlach aide Mark Campbell responded by saying Trivedi was the only one who used race in the campaign which happened when he asked Indian-American groups to contribute to his campaign solely because he descended from emigrants from India.

Trivedi responded by accusing Campbell of racism and demanding he be fired.

To their credit Gerlach and Campbell are sticking to their guns.

What Trivedi is doing is disgraceful and shameful. Rather than discussing the advice he gave Obama regarding health care or this nation’s impending bankruptcy,  he is taking a page from the playbook of the despicable and discredited JournoList .

He should apologized immediately and end his campaign.

America must not be divided anymore by power-seeking wannabees.

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