Ashley Fox And The Banality Of Evil

Philadelphia Inquirer NFL columnist Ashley Fox, today,  expressed approval of commentator Rush Limbaugh being removed from consideration from owning a part of the St. Louis Rams.


She  wrote that he was not qualified to own an NFL team because he was too controversial and that he insulted Donovan McNabb in 2003 when he said he was not a good a quarterback as the consensus opinion and that the media was protecting him because he was black.


What isn’t fine is that an act of extraordinary evil occurred and she refused to express outrage much less even recognize it.

It quite reasonable and defensible to think McNabb is overrated — there were those who thought John Elway was overrated — or was protected because he was black.

It is not, however, defensible to believe that the murderer of Martin Luther King Jr., a decent and heroic man, deserves a medal. It is not defensible to think that slavery was beneficial. One who says those things is despicable.

Rush was reported as saying those things by major media outlets and national political figures. It was that reporting that likely lost him his bid. He never said them. There are those who still believe he did.

Ms. Fox in her column chose not address this wrong — and actually perpetuated a distortion of his statement regarding “Bloods and Crips” She used her space to write a banal column accepting evil and injustice.

What she did was a disgrace.

She should hang her head in shame.

Ashley Fox And The Banality Of Evil

Ashley Fox And The Banality Of Evil

Austin Scott Ghost Of Duke At PSU?

Austin Scott Ghost Of Duke At PSU? — Former Nittany Lion tailback Austin Scott is suing Centre County, Penn State, District Attorney Michael Madeira, former assistant district attorney Lance Marshall, six Penn State police employees and Scott’s accuser regarding his 2007 rape arrest which resulted in his being suspended from the team.

The charges were dropped as the case was about to go to trial when the judge ruled the defense could present to the jury the accuser falsely accused a man of rape four years earlier.

The accuser’s name was not mentioned in reports of the story in the Allentown Morning Call or the Centre Daily Times.

Scott claims unlawful arrest, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, government liability and conspiracy and says the case destroyed his NFL career.

Scott’s attorney, John Karoly, says the law enforcement failed to make a reasonable effort to exclude unfounded allegations.

One difference between this case and the 2006 Duke lacrosse travesty is that Scott is black and his accuser is white, which might explain why faculty did not take out advertisements practically demanding his conviction.


Austin Scott Ghost Of Duke At PSU?


Bearing False Witness: Rev. Jackson And Rush Limbaugh

Bearing False Witness: Rev.  Jackson And Rush Limbaugh — Someone who says that the murderer of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. deserves a medal of honor, or that slavery was beneficial because you could walk the streets at night would be a rather despicable person.

One who would be worse though is someone who says someone said those things yet never did.

And so we get to the case of Rush Limbaugh who is seeking to fulfill a life-long dream of owning an NFL team — in this case the St. Louis Rams.

Alleged  journalists Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star, David Shuster of MSNBC and Rick Sanchez of CNN and others have attributed on air the quotes to Rush as fact without bothering to cite them — they come from Wikiquote and made up out of thin air by a leftist propagandist — or contact Rush to give him a chance to explain or deny.

Alleged Reverend Jesse Jackson also repeated the slander on air apparently unaware that bearing false witness is one of the 10 big ones.

And, if you should be interested, here’s the scrambling going on a Wikiquote.

And for Rush’s response visit here.

Rush airs on WPHT 1210 AM from noon to 3 p.m., weekdays.

Bearing False Witness: Rev.  Jackson And Rush Limbaugh

Gov. X Still Trying To Toll I-80

A  study on the impact of tolling I-80 in Pennsylvania by Grove City College economist Tracy Miller highlights several flawsin the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s plan to toll the interstateunder Act 44.

Among the things the study notes are that tolling of I-80 would result in a large number of trucks diverting to roads like US 422 and 22, which are not designed for long-distance hauling.

You would think that with the global warming  and such enlightened Democratic leaders would not be pushing for things that would create snarls and increase CO2 emissions. Why would they?? Oh that’s right, state jobs. Patronage will trump a crisis each and every time with Ed Rendell.

Obama Wa Nobel-sho Ni Ataeshinai

The cover of the Oct. 21 Japan Newsweek reads Obama Wa Nobel-sho Ni Ataeshinai which  means “Obama Unworthy of Nobel Prize”. The subtitle says “The Idiocy Of Him Receiving Such An Award, With Less The One Year In Office With No Accomplishment”
Can you imagine that being on the cover of the U.S. edition? Of course, the only place you’d probably see it would be in a dentist office.

Obama Wa Nobel-sho Ni Ataeshinai


Holy Crosses In Springfield Pa

A display of crosses has been placed on Springfield Road at Holy Cross Church in Springfield, Pa. with each representing a million surgical abortions that have occurred since attempts to restrict the act were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1973. There are 45 crosses.

French Culture And American Schools

Under no circumstances should one say c’est la vie  regarding what has become of French culture and what President Obama seems willing to do to American Schools.

French Culture Minister Frédéric Mitterrand wrote a book in 2005 in which he described how he paid for sex with boys during a trip to Thailand.  The revelations came to light after Mitterrand condemned the arrest of pervert filmmaker Roman Polanski.

Meanwhile, in Washington, it has now become known that Kevin Jennings, Obama’s assistant deputy secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools is just fine with the North American Man-Boy Love Association.

It Looks Like Charter Schools Work

The Philadelphia Archdiocese announced today that it will be closing Cardinal Dougherty and Northeast Catholic high schools in the city due to declining enrollment.

Apparently, the biggest reason for it is due to the success of publicly funded charter schools in the city.

Hey, here’s an idea let’s turn all the city’s schools into charter schools. Tens of millions in dollars will be saved and tens of hundreds more children will learn to read and right.

We can do the same for the suburbs. Make it so the very-well paid central office gang has to actually do some labor.

Pa. House Passes Barrar’s Amendment To Defund ACORN

What a difference three weeks makes.

The State House, Oct. 7, passed an amendment proposed by Steve Barrar (R-160) to prohibit state money from going to any non-profit organization that

  • are under indictment for violating any federal or state campaign finance or election law, including voter fraud.
  • fail to comply with federal or state lobbying requirements.
  • file a fraudulent form with any state or federal agency.
  • are the subject of a cease and desist order or any order from the
    Department of State to prohibit the solicitation of contributions.

In other words ACORN.

The vote was 157 to 42.

On Sept. 17, an almost similar amendment by Barrar failed on an almost perfectly partisan 102-94 vote with the Democrats, of course, being the ones trying to protect the discredited organization.

Barrar says that he will continue to advocate the passage of House
Resolution 426, which would institute a formal request by the House of
Representatives for the state attorney general to investigate
ACORN. His office has also sent a letter to the attorney general’s
office to request an investigation, and he is awaiting a response.

Barack Obama Wins Cy Young Award

It’s been quite a year for the young man from Illinois (or Hawaii or Kenya or wherever).

Inaugurated as president of the United States on Jan. 20; feats in his first 12 days to garner him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination by the Feb. 1 deadline; beating 204 other worthy nominees to win the award — and its sweet 10 million Swedish kronor — on Oct. 9; and now to cap it off he has been named National League Cy Young Award winner for his performance in this year’s All Star game.

Take that those of you who say he throws like a girl.

The New York Times has asked that the awarding of the Heisman and Super Bowl MVP trophies be moved to December so he can win those as well this year.  Megadittos, I say!! Megadittos!

Tip of the hat to Bob McCarty.